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UO Evolution Shard – Event Screenshots!

UO Evolution – Ultima Online Top Freeshard

uo evolution mithril dragon champ

UO evolution free shard

uo evolution auction


4th anniversary uo evolution ultima online

UO Evolution Black Belt System Ultima Online

uo evolution champ victory

uo evolution mithril dragon champ

uo evolution record 400+ players online!

uo evolution horror spawn

IDOC UO Evolution

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UOE Daily Events:
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily
*2 Town Invasions Daily - Random Times
*Turkey Hunts - Random Times hosted by Staff
*Triple Champ Spawn around noon and 7pm daily hosted by Dante
*PVP Champ Spawn Event at 7:30pm - Meet at Red City hosted by Dante
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*Kane's quest/event - random weekly during prime time
*Champion Spawn Marathon, every Friday
*New Custom Champ Spawn Events - coming soon!
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UOE Grand Auction - We host an auction the third Sunday of each month at noon cst
Holiday Events every month, watch for announcements!

*UOE Grand Auction - Nov 19th, Join us today at noon cst!
*Events to follow the Auction

*Thanksgiving is Nov 23rd
*Black Friday is Nov 24th
*Holiday Events every month, watch for announcements!

Thank you Dewey for making this video of the Pirate Champ Spawn! ...

UO Evolution added content update 209 today, see the dev logs for details ...