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UO Evolution Shard – Event Screenshots!

UO Evolution – Ultima Online Top Freeshard

uo evolution mithril dragon champ

UO evolution free shard

uo evolution auction


4th anniversary uo evolution ultima online

UO Evolution Black Belt System Ultima Online

uo evolution champ victory

uo evolution mithril dragon champ

uo evolution record 400+ players online!

uo evolution horror spawn

IDOC UO Evolution

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The 7th Anniversary Auction has begun! ...

UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard updated their cover photo. ...

UO Evolution 7th Anniversary Events start tonight at 7pm cst! Meet at Britain Bank for our Annual screenshot at 6:45pm, hopefully we will break 1000 players online to beat our all time record! Log in to be a part of this epic moment! ...

Safari Event!
Each time you see the staff message call a Safari event, it means that the rare pet tamables have been reset and are currently spawned. Immediately start searching the world for the special animal and tame it!