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The Legend Of ‘Ultima Online’ Lives On In The Open-World Sandbox MMORPG ‘UO Evolution’

The Legend Of ‘Ultima Online’ Lives On In The Open-World Sandbox MMORPG ‘UO Evolution’

Ultima Online has the distinct honor of often being considered the grandfather of MMORPGs. It is certainly the first one that was popular enough to put the game genre on the map. To this day there hasn’t really been a game quite like it that offered such unprecedented player freedom in a persistent online sandbox. A custom free shard called ‘UO Evolution’, is actually built by many of the original RunUO developers and absolutely has the spirit of what made it so iconic over the decades.

In fact, there is an entire custom server named ‘UO Evolution’ that was created to alter the original game mechanics and rules to keep Ultima Online current with the trends of more modern games

UO Evolution has been battle-tested over 12 years now and continues to have a healthy player base and a cult-like following. The development team continues to produce new custom content every week, which is arguably better than the original production shards

The Nostalgia of taking your first step in-game and hearing the familiar theme music still makes my heart pound in anticipation of the thrill of adventure!

When you log into the world there is very little direction in terms of where to go, what to do, and how not to get “murdered”. FYI that IS by design. You are supposed to join the Discord, read the Wiki, and be prepared before you ever even hit that login button. And failing all of that, you should at the very least get friendly with strangers around “safe” towns in the hopes of finding someone willing to help out.

Once you do navigate the GUI and successfully win your first fight, things start to get exciting. There are hundreds of formal quest lines to enjoy to get the feel of the game, but the real fun is doing literally anything you want in a true open world sandbox…you actually create your own story

You can get very elaborate with your storyline and character creation…feel free to roleplay, or not. There are limitless ways to roleplay your character on UO Evolution

The next step on your MMORPG journey is getting set up with armor, clothing and a trusty weapon. The majority of shops are player-run by actual real-life people. It is truly rare to find a self-sufficient, player driven economy. Spread across the world you’ll find shops setup with goods displayed for sale and many of those will be themed with certain types of items like weapons, armor, spell reagents, and more.

That aspect of total freedom, combined with the free-form nature of the player housing system, plus the PvP that’s enabled on the Felucca facet landmass, makes it feel dangerous and untamed like few other games on the market. There are many safe zones and facets to operate on until you build up your character. Make sure you prepare for the Player vs Player aspect of the game. There are lots of professions and combat options including the use of powerful creatures and pets.

The new custom enemies and monsters are more powerful and relentless than ever before, but the real excitement comes when other live players attack you in the open PvP areas of the shard. If you die, your body leaves behind all of your possessions that you had at the time. This is truly a game of risks and rewards.

This sort of exciting, adrenaline-inducing action is something you rarely experience in other games, and it delivers a marathon of everlasting enjoyment

It is FREE to play, just download the shard launcher and start today!

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