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*Triple Champ Spawn at noon and 7pm daily
*2 Town Invasions Daily – Random Times
*2 Non-PVP Champion Spawns daily
*2 Single PVP Champion Spawns Daily!
*New Player Event
*Grand Auction 3rd Sunday of each month at noon cst
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily

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Legend of the Evolution Dragon!

Legend of the Evolution Dragon

“Tonight we dawn our armour, sharpen our blades, and dust of our spell books. This Dragon has been terrorizing this kingdom for long enough!” – screams the king on his throne. His audience of warriors cheered. “No longer will we live in fear, no longer will we starve. For you, the strongest and fiercest warriors, will take up arms and rid this land of the foul Guardian Dragon!”

“Quit writing boy! You heard the king, gather my things”
“Yes sir.”

We marched up the mountain. The air was still, the night was quiet. The men knew most of them wouldn’t return. As we neared the top there was a massive explosion. A fireball rose from the path ahead of us, the sky itself seemed to be on fire. It has begun. I handed my father his sword and I hid.

Already there were bodies strewn about. All I could hear was the screams of men and the chanting of spells. They fought valiantly. It was a bloody battle, but in the end the mighty dragon fell. I raced out to find my father.

“Father! Where are you father?”
“Cough, Son”

His voice was feint. He was struggling to call to me. Finally I found him behind the dragon, clinging to life.

“Son. You are safe. Take care of your mother.”

He passed soon after. He had delivered the deathblow to the beast. But his wounds were mortal. In His clutches he held an egg. It was a soft white glowing egg. It was warm, it began to shake. It was hatching! Out of the egg slithered a snake. I was afraid, but it clung to my leg, huddling for warmth.

“Kill it!”
“Yes Kill it, we will end this beast’s line once and for all.”
“No! Look at it, it’s harmless. I will raise it. I will keep it”
“But this will grow into a beast as foul as the one we have slain tonight.”

A voice speaks up from the back of the small crowd of survivors,
“But what if we could command such a beast! The boy will keep it.”

It began killing rodents on the farm for us. But as time went on it grew bigger. The more it killed, the bigger it grew. No beast ever threatened our kingdom again. We traveled the land in search of foes worthy of my might “Evolution Dragon.” We vanquished many evils, and found many treasures. But most of all, this friendship lasted a lifetime.

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*Task System Event power weekend April 20th-22nd

*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily
*Triple Champ Spawn around noon and 7pm daily
*2 Town Invasions Daily – Random Times
*2 Non-PVP Champion Spawns daily
*2 Single PVP Champion Spawns Daily!

UO Evolution Content Update 232

*Item Binding Added: Interface for binding players/accounts to items. Also allowing for limited duration binding, rebinding of items, binding delays and permanent binding(Like the black belt). Relax this is not going to become a normal thing, just a few things I want some limited kind of binding on which is called minor binding, not perm.
*BaseJewels Updated: First base to get binding added to it, just want to make sure things go smooth.
*Power Crafting Updated: Added new powder (1 while we test this new code)
*Event Traits Added: 2 new traits for Easter
*Enchanted Easter Egg Added: Randomly applies one of the new traits that deal with tasks for 3 hours, can be used once per 2-8 days (Random). Costs 50 Lep Gold per use
*Package System Updated: Can now select from a list of hues
*Task System Updated: Expanded the staff command for more information
*Glimmering Flint Added: +5 Archery Augment (1 Slot, Armor and Jewerly)
*Dispater’s Iron Shield Added: +5% Spell Damage Increase Debuff (This is a defensive prop that will lower the SDI of someone casting spells at you directly (1 Slot, Shield)
*Pet Power Skulls Added: Select a Pet PS for 105, 110, 115, 120
*Wild Practitioners Essence Added: New powder used to increase the armor set (Morsax’s quest gear). I only released one of these while it gets tested and we make sure the math is right. I did not do the quest and the info I had to work with has been limited. help me get this right and the other gear sets will get powders done.
*Ring of the Guardian Added: Copper and Bronze, rings that provide bonuses with crafting these special powders and using them. (These have minor binding)
*Spell System Updated: Now handles the new augment, I am slowly going to roll out the new system in pieces so we can very specific parts at each step.

*Grand Auction is on Sunday Apr 15th at noon cst – TODAY!

*Task System Event power weekend 20th-22nd
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily
*Triple Champ Spawn around noon and 7pm daily
*2 Town Invasions Daily – Random Times
*2 Non-PVP Champion Spawns daily
*2 Single PVP Champion Spawns Daily!

The Grand Auction is today at noon!