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Pirate Month on UO Evolution!

Pirate Month on UO Evolution!

We will be adding some new pirate content next month for “Talk Like A Pirate Day”! We have fun with this every year. Instead of just one day, we have extended the fun to all month!

We will be doing a pirate theme all of the month of September

“Talk Like A Pirate Day” be celebrated on September 19, ‘n would-be buccaneers who’d be tryin’ t’ natter like a corsair had best learn t’ speak th’ lingo. If ye reckon that jus’ sayin’ “arrrr” at th’ end o’ every utterance will fill yer sails ‘n float yer ship, reckon again, landlubber. It’ll jus’ get ye tossed o’erboard! So don’t settle fer bein’ an imitation pirate, learn how t’ be authentic n’ colorful, like a real swashbucklin’ scallywag o’ th’ sea!

Here is some entertaining links to help you get in character and have some fun with this theme

Learn the pirate language:

Here is some pirate vocabulary:

Expo’s Epic Event Video:

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UO Evolution just added content updates 213 and 214

*Santa's Bag of Holding Added: Holds 75 Items, red color
*Grinch's Bag of Holding Added: Holds 75 Items, green color
*12 Days of Christmas Updated: Now handles 2017
*Everlasting Bandage - Magical Added: 10% bonus to Hits healed and also cures poison at the sametime.
*Everlasting Bandage - Druidic Added: When used to heal hits on your pet, will also heal any other pet you have within 2 tiles.
*Northern Star Added: Any player (Not in guild or ally) that stealth close to by will be revealed and if in Fel will receive a Mortal Strike
*Christmas Glyph Added: Great for crafting all those little toys.

Version 214

*Viserion's Claw Added: 2 socket augment that changes your hit fireball to cold damage, and changes the hue when fired. Also added an animated graphic when the quest is equiped.
*Viserion's Heart Added: 4 socket shield augment that provided 50% resistance to Hit Fireball attacks.
*Domino's Deco Deeds Added
*Morsax Quest Updated: Multi skill selection was not being handled correctly for some of the items

The 3rd day of Christmas events has begun! ...

The second day of the Christmas quest events has begun! ...

The hunt for Santa's Lost Reindeer continues! Keep looking! ...