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The Return of the Shadowlords! – UO Evolution!

The Blackrock Dungeon Reopens! New monsters, new items and the return of the Shadowlords!

New events and RP storylines will be added weekly to the adventures, so watch the forums and in-game announcements.


The Shadowlords were no Match for the brave citizens of UO Evolution! They were driven back, deep into the Blackrock Mines to recover from their defeat!

Beware, the Shadowlords always return!

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The house drop event has been insane, we are still dropping house today and tomorrow! Log in to get your share of the loot! ...

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HOUSE DROP EVENT starts at noon cst today! Log in early and wait at Britain bank. We will be taking a screenshot of all the players online for the event, I'm sure we will break the server record for the most players we have ever had online! Watch for in-game announcements of events! ...

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Hunger Games tonight at 8pm! Fun for all, anyone can win! ...

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Events Today on UO Evolution Shard!

Free Champ Friday Marathon!
Triple Champ Spawn at noon and 7pm
Battleboard at Noon
Hunger Games

IDOC House Drops on Saturday and Sunday - Watch for in-game announcements

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We Just added Content Update #191 on UO Evolution Freeshard ...

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