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The Return of the Shadowlords! – UO Evolution!

The Blackrock Dungeon Reopens! New monsters, new items and the return of the Shadowlords!

New events and RP storylines will be added weekly to the adventures, so watch the forums and in-game announcements.


The Shadowlords were no Match for the brave citizens of UO Evolution! They were driven back, deep into the Blackrock Mines to recover from their defeat!

Beware, the Shadowlords always return!

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Even though the Cursed Wildlife ran rampant through Camp Crystal Lake, Expo somehow found the time to play Checkers with Cal-El. This is their story... Chchchch Ahahaha! ...

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Which #UltimaOnline Expansion was your favorite one? Bonus points for why you enjoyed that one!

The Second Age
Third Dawn
Lord Blackthorn's Revenge
Age of Shadows
Samurai Empire
Mondain's Legacy
Kingdom Reborn
Stygian Abyss
High Seas
Time of Legends

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Many thanks to the UOEvolution Staff for their hard work over the Friday the 13th weekend hosting epic themed events, auctions, many pages and more! A special thanks to Zoe and Domino for their Auction handling! ...

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