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Today’s Events!

*Triple Champ Spawn at noon and 7pm daily
*2 Town Invasions Daily – Random Times
*2 Non-PVP Champion Spawns daily
*2 Single PVP Champion Spawns Daily!
*New Player Event
*Grand Auction 3rd Sunday of each month at noon cst
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily

Custom Mobiles
Custom Buildings
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Funny Evolution
Player Nationality
Flag Counter

Upcoming Events

UO Evolution – Upcoming Events

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EVENTS TODAY on UO Evolution!

>>>The Second Day of Christmas Events have started!
>>>The Fishing Tournament starts today at Noon cst
>>>All the Champion Spawns on the shard will be triggered at 7pm


Christmas Tree Quest
Lost Present (random hide and seek)
Candy Cane Hunt
Hunt for the Abominable Snowman!
Hunt Daily for Seasonal Stealables
Enter the House Deco Contest (all month)

>>>The Grand Auction is Sunday!
>>>PVP Event Sunday night, hosted by GM Kahmal

Happy Holidays everyone!

The 12 Day of Christmas Event starts today…Get a different present each day for completing the daily quest! Happy Holiday!

UO Evolution Shard Update 267 was added, read the dev logs on the wiki

List of Ways to Obtain ED without a Donation!

UO Evolution is is FREE to PLAY and the ONLY shard to let players earn donation dollars in game while
playing the game!

*Earn ED from the task system, use [event to open the gump

*ED drops from Daily Reward Chests

*Earn ED from voting on the top list stones at Britain Bank

*Earn ED from the custom T-Maps

*Find Evolution Dollars in Felucca Dungeon Chests

*Evolution Dollars have now been added to the MARKET system for GOLD. Make sure you use
the [market command in-game daily!

*Many top items can be earned in game from quests and sold to players for Evolution

*ED Jackpot drops daily from the Market System

*Look for free ED drops at holiday events

*Earn ED from staff events such as Hunger Games, Pet Wars, Naked Fistfights and Deco

*Buy and Sell items from the Market System for ED and become a top merchant

*Look for opportunities to buy Evolution Dollars from players for Gold

2 days ago

UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard

UO Evolution has a great weekend planned! Enjoy all of the Christmas Quests, Champ Events and the Auction is Sunday at noon.