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*Triple Champ Spawn at noon and 7pm daily
*2 Town Invasions Daily – Random Times
*2 Non-PVP Champion Spawns daily
*2 Single PVP Champion Spawns Daily!
*New Player Event
*Grand Auction 3rd Sunday of each month at noon cst
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily

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5 hours ago

UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard

5 hours ago

UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard

UO Evolution ship challenge – Ultima Online

Here is some old cool uo wallpaper
Can you identify all the monsters in the pic?

Pirate Champion Spawn

This Pirate Champ is a custom spawn on UO Evolution
Pirate Spawn

Level 1 – Diseased Rats, Storm Wind, Crabs
Level 2 – Pirates and Skeleton Pirates, Harpy
Level 3 – Sea Serpent, Siren, Sea Elemental
Level 4 – Kraken, Jellyfish, Tenticles

Champion – Pirate Davy Jones

This boss drops a powerscroll or a special pirate coin, used to level up the Admiral Pirate Hat. The boss also has a chance to drop a rare Davy Jones’ Locker pirate chest. The special chest can contain an augment, or Admiral Pirate Hat