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The Grand Auction is TODAY at 12pm PST! Many great items will be up for bid including Halloween themed decorations, a rare talisman and more!! Bring your Gold, ED and Evo Coins! ...

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Haunted Hallows 2014 (7 photos) ...

The Haunted Hallows has been around for years but this time it's more creepy, intense and rewarding! It'll be open from 10/17/14 till 11/04/14. More info -->

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  • Re: Private Champ
    This is a cool idea.
  • Donation Page Update - Get FREE Halloween deco!
    Get FREE Halloween deco with every donation, now thru Oct 31st!  See the details...We made a lot of changes to the donation page today.  We added new bonus selections and removed/rotated many items that make more sense for each tier.  Thank you for yo...
  • Re: Rant?
    Actually after logging in , it seems that i have most my stuff.. its odd .. But seeing how i've lost a .. poopload in houses with the items in them then all of a sudden my stuff gets reset.. well its annoying.we did not reset anything, you ...
  • Re: Rant?
    Not sure why you would be "pissed" off?  you were playing on another person's acct...If you want to come back, make a new acct and contact me in game and ill start your char off as a veteran player and make you a need to rant:)
  • Re: lame,
    hrmm, well I thought not complaining to anyone was quietly. Literally all I said in public was "Free house to whoever can gate me" would probably have been back at a later date if I had not been banned..... also I wont get into an argument over Owners...