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  • Re: Shard Update September 19, 2014
    Any timetable on Ice Hounds working again?
  • Re: Shard Update September 19, 2014
    1.  There were tons of trees that did not work with lumberjack, so that should be resolved or closer to it anyways.2.  A new property, that allows me to augment the poison level from items worn.  On the short term this is allowing for a completely dif...
  • Re: Shard Update September 19, 2014
    Nice!  Good call on the swapping of Minotaur from lvl 4 to lvl 6, those guys are nasty!  And the return of the Grizzled Clasp, cool!  Can you elaborate on the changes to Poison and the Tree Tiles though?  Thanks for changing back the Genesis too!
  • Shard Update September 19, 2014
    Version 33Treasure Maps: Changed Minotour from 4 to 6.Treasure Maps: Moved a few of the themed loot items.Expo Event MobsNecklace of Genesis Fixed (This was completely my fault)Tree Tiles added to the lumberjack harvest array.Dark Father: Skull d...
  • Re: Shard Update September 12, 2014
    You are all doing a great job under a very difficult situation and I very well appreciated the effort as do all of us that are playing!! Keep up the excellent work and I hope to be playing more soon. School and responsibilities of being caretaker of my...