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  • Re: Shard Update August 22, 2014
       Thanks for the quick response.     And as always, your work and dedication are wonderful. Thanks again.  --Sturger--
  • Re: Breeding Update - Bug Report
    Wild Tames are starting with HP maxed out...
  • New Custom Breeding System
    This was a monumental update that I have wanted to do for years.  I want to thank Kane for all his work on making a system that works and makes sense!  Changes are always disruptive, but this was an excellent upgrade and I hope everyone appreciates how...
  • Re: Shard Update August 22, 2014
    @SturgerTreasure Chests are the random chests that appear in Fel dungeons that are named "Treasure Chests", they are always metal. 
  • Re: Codex' Epic Archery Event!
    "With our powers combined, we are CODEXPO!!!"  *lightning flashes from from his (their) fists*