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*Apologies for the multi-post but NOW it is correct*

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  • Re: Old NEW Guildhouse in Serps
    Is there any way for it to be restored to its former design, but then made public then?  It really was beautiful, and made my heart smile because it was so warm and welcoming for new players.  =)
  • tool for sorting jewelry?
    There is an easyuo script called advanced claw.
  • Re: Old NEW Guildhouse in Serps
    Yes it was never meant to get into players hands, but an old guildmaster sold it...
  • Old NEW Guildhouse in Serps
    OMGOSH!  Someone stole it!!!It was soo tastefully done, I loved going there, why, oh why is it being stripped? Please, cant it stay? Pretty please?Sagemoon
  • Re: Where can I find some Daily Rares?
    I am resurrecting this thread because the "old school daily rares" have been added back to the shard. They might be more valuable now, as the spawn timers have been increased (so they're not daily anymore but are in or near the same spots ...