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UO Evolution - Ultima Online Grand Auction!

We will be hosting our monthly grand auction this Sunday March 15th at noon Central/shard time! Last month we broke the player online record of 354! Try to log in and join the fun!

We will be doing some fun St Patrick's day events on the 17th

The following week, Zarolin will be hosting a player-run auction on Saturday the 21st. If you would like to add an item to that auction please contact her in game

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Surprise Bomberman tournament! SultanofPwn came out as the winner for the night! Congrats and good job to all that came and played their first matches. Now you know the enjoyment that is Bomberman! ...

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Many players asked for an expanded hue file with more color choices, so we made this new file for you to add to your existing patch.
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  • Re: Accounts auto deleted?
    Quote from: Kyn on February 01, 2014, 01:16:40 AMQuote from: Nworb on February 01, 2014, 12:41:28 AMAh man, that sucks :/Sort nworb. Come chat with me and I'll get you set back up.I never saw ...
  • *Yawn* *Stretch*
    Hey all!Long time no see. Whats going on?Plan on logging in again soon! Downloading the client and stuff now. I know my old account is gone so I wont have anything for a while but I will be working on it!See you in game soon!Nworb
  • Re: Can I use a magery weapon to train to 120?
      Spell channeling will be helpful in that you will gain mana back faster. Allowing you to cast/gain more often.  Having high Focus helps those who do not have spell channeling; or mage armor, on while casting/training.  Mage weapons and magery jewel...
  • Re: Can I use a magery weapon to train to 120?
    Quote from: thallos on Today at 10:41:50 AMyou can. magery is really easy to train here.  0 - 30: Train at NPC Mage    When training, target an inanimate object such as anything on the ground or in your backpack t...
  • Re: Housing questions
    can also buy the house deco tool in brit
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