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There is still time to collect all of your Eggs for this month's quest! We will be adding more power hours in the morning and evening to help you complete your collection and get your prize before the end of the month! ...

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Many players asked for an expanded hue file with more color choices, so we made this new file for you to add to your existing patch.
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Upcoming Events
  1. Easter Egg Hunt

    April 14 @ 8:00 AM - April 30 @ 5:00 PM
  2. Trivia with Domino!

    April 17 - April 30
  3. Town Invasions

    April 17 @ 8:00 AM - June 30 @ 5:00 PM
  4. Daily Champion Spawn Event

    April 17 @ 8:00 AM - June 30 @ 5:00 PM
  • Re: What events would you like to see in May?
    I personally have loved the Destard bunny invasion thing that Kane has done the past two days. There are daily town invasions and champ spawns that are great, but for the players that are geared up there is little challenge in those. The Destard events...
  • Re: If you would like to help with shard advertising...
    Im still looking for a few more players to meet with me in teamspeak and help me with advertising each week.  Contact Dante if you are interested
  • What events would you like to see in May?
    I am making an event calendar for May and wanted some player input!What are you favorite events?Ideas for new events?How do I inspire guilds/players to plan Player-run events?Do events make you log in and participate?  Do you specifically plan tim...
  • Lots of Items For Sale
    I am selling a bunch of decent items below PST Kartonian in game if interested in anything.  Will entertain offers for both gold and ED. DexRoyalSteed - Brand new never used so no stat loss Stats are- 864 Str, 1173 Dex, 848 Int, 100 wrest, 100 tactics...
  • Re: Shard Update April 19, 2015
      I like the stone... and it makes me want more types...  Like one to get ingots  one for leather  one for lumber  However, I'd suggest different ways to play... Ecoins gold and tokens... ED's maybe...     All I have... great job Kane.   --Sturge...
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