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UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard added 7 new photos to the album: Mistas Homebrew Festival 2015 - Cook-Off Competition. ...

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UO Evolution BLACK FRIDAY House Drops are going on right now! Don't miss out on the treasure and the fun! ...

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UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard added 2 new photos to the album: IDOC Weekend Memories. ...

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! ...

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The Mistas Homebrew Festival is coming back around and the first event will be the fabled COOK-OFF COMPETITION! What delicacies will be served up? The Chefs won't know until the event!

Come watch or participate in this scavenger hunt style cooking event on Saturday, November 28th at 8pm EST!

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Many players asked for an expanded hue file with more color choices, so we made this new file for you to add to your existing patch.
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  • How to Play Ultima Online – UO Evolution
    The Begining of Ultima online As far as online games go, Ultima Online is considered the granddaddy of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs). Back in 1997, before the days of voice chat, in the dark age of dial up, Ultima Online (UO) was paving the way for a whole new genre of entertainment, bringing […]
  • Pirate Month on UO Evolution!
    Pirate Month on UO Evolution! We will be adding some new pirate content next month for “Talk Like A Pirate Day”! We have fun with this every year. Instead of just one day, we have extended the fun to all month! We will be doing a pirate theme all of the month of September “Talk […]
  • The Return of the Shadowlords! – UO Evolution!
    The Blackrock Dungeon Reopens! New monsters, new items and the return of the Shadowlords! New events and RP storylines will be added weekly to the adventures, so watch the forums and in-game announcements. Update: The Shadowlords were no Match for the brave citizens of UO Evolution! They were driven back, deep into the Blackrock Mines […]
  • Jurassic Park Island Event!
    New Jurassic Park Island Event in Termur, Scary new Dinosaurs and Monsters to run from! New area is on the moongate and events are announced daily! Jurassic Park Island Event Added new Jurassic Park Dinosaurs and Monsters *Velociraptor *Raptor *Tyrannasaurus *Tyrannasaurus Rex Boss *Indominus Rex Boss *Giant Crocodile *Giant Lizard *Giant Iguana *Minisuarus *Dino […]
  • YouTube Video Trailer Contest! – UO Evolution!
    YouTube Video Trailer Contest! This month we are going to give prizes and evolution dollars to players that make video trailers about the shard and post them to YouTube 1st Place = 1000ED 2nd Place = 500ED 3rd Place = 250ED Every submission that meets the criteria and is used will be given a prize […]
Upcoming Events
  1. Pet Wars at noon CST

    December 5 @ 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Re: Scheduled Interruption/Downtime
    Slightly confusing post... ooh or is it a new quest that we have to figure out?- Reside
  • Song of the day Weekly Contest
    Today started our weekly contest.Mon-Fri we will have a song of the day during my nightly show.  The person who knows all 5 of them at the end of the week wins 10 ED.  If more than one person has the right answer a winner will be drawn (to prevent che...
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    There will be maintenance on one of its routers between 2am and 5:30am CST on 12/3 and between midnight and 4am CST on 12/4. This maintenance may cause brief periods of connectivity loss or increased latency for your server.This is all we know but fig...
  • Scheduled Interruption/Downtime
    Scheduled Interruption/Downtime[/size]An upstream provider will be performing maintenance on one of its routers between 2am and 5:30am CST on 12/3 and between midnight and 4am CST on 12/4....
  • Big Game Hunter?
    Hi guys. I`m back after.. I dont know... 4-5 months?Welcome back!Anyway I was running around setting all of my macros and stuff back when I ran into what is probably the gayest mob in UO history: a Pink Unicorn [paragon] [/b...
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