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UO Evolution Special Christmas Auction
Sunday December 21st at Noon Pst

Please log in early, we are going to take a holiday screenshot of everyone at brit bank before the auction. We expect to break our online record of 310 players!

This auction will be the biggest one of the year. I anticipate the auction to last about 3 hours and will cover Gold, Tokens, Evo Coins, and Evolution Dollars.

We will have several estates for sale along with the special custom items, holiday deco and then the mystery boxes at the end!

We will be giving out staff gifts to every player at the auction, you MUST be online at the auction to get a gift!

After the auction, the players that participated in the Secret Santa Gift exchange will meet and trade gifts!

The staff will then run several Christmas Events

Merry Christmas!


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PVP tournament every Friday, safe event, learn to pvp, fun for all ...

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  • Re: We hit a record 309 online!
    Let's break the record tomorrow!  Log in all your accounts at brit bank at 11:30am pst for a group screenshot and then we will have the grand Christmas Auction at noonMerry Christmas!
  • Thank you Dable for defending your shard!
    DableONE•Mar 12 2014 at 9:23pmThank you Dable for defending your shard!  I found some griefers trying to write negative posts on my advertising, and as I read it, Dable had already jumped in and wrote this:It might not be everyone's cup of tea but th...
  • Selling stat scroll and bios!
    Selling these items;+30 stat scroll (pm offer)+40 stat scroll (pm offer)Bios, taking orders!Pm Thorgal Pain in game for more info on bios prices.  
  • Re: Ideas , Sugestions & Problems
    Im cant say im a big fan of the pet losing stats upon death but that is something that was always around so i learned to live with it, the one thing i must say i am displeased about is that since they redid the caps on pets, all old donation elder ww t...
  • Ideas , Sugestions & Problems
    A lot of topics in this , PLEASE  respond to any or all of it.Some mobs have been beefed up beyond what most can cope with. the Minotaur Capt. for one not some thing one would expect from a lower level mob . it is now both a  ANTI PET mob and a real h...