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Here are a few UO Evolution tutorial videos posted on YouTube from Paladin Tim.

UO Evolution - Weapon Training Video

Baracoon Champ on UO Evolution

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UO Evolution adds New Samurai Empire Expansion

UO Evolution Ultima Online free shard has added an extensive amount of New Samurai Empire content to compliment the original SE:UO expansion.

The UOE team has been working on creating new buildings, monsters and systems to enhance the limited content from the original UO:SE expansion that was released by UO back in 2004.

The original reviews about the Samurai Empire expansion were not great, so it was always our intent, as developers, to make this new addition have engaging, relevant content that enhanced the Asian theme.

There are no other UO freeshards that have this expansion and this exclusive content is what sets UO Evolution apart from the other free shards

———-Original Samurai Empire Expansion Features———-

Samurai Empire is the sixth expansion of Ultima Online. It adds unique Japanese-themed content, such as the new Ninja and Samurai professions, as well as a new land mass, the Tokuno Islands

*Become a Samurai Master
Dedicate yourself to the art of Bushido, with powerful new skills and
deadly new weapons.

*Join an Elite Ninja Clan
Submit to the discipline of Ninjitsu, mastering stealth, deception, and the art of assassination.

*Adventure on a New Continent
Explore a new Japanese-themed land filled with scenic housing areas,
mythical creatures, monsters, dungeons, and more.

*Lay Claim to Exotic New Treasures
New weapons, armor, clothing, house tiles, magic, and more will reward the adventurous.

*Powerful New Guild Systems
Create a guild, set up ranks, declare wars on other guilds, and set win conditions. Recruiting guildmates and increasing your power have never been easier.

———-New Samurai Empire Expansion Features———-

New Temples and Dojos
There are 8 new dojos/temples to locate and explore

Dojo 1 – Mount Sho
Dojo 2 – Fandancer
Dojo 3 – Undead
Dojo 4 – Bushido
Dojo 5 – Bridge
Dojo 6 – Garden
Dojo 7 – Forgotten Desert
Dojo 8 – Abandoned

There are also some unique defenses including fire traps, breakable doors, and hidden foes that you must strategically defeat!

New Warriors/Monsters
There are 8 new warrior/monsters to defend each area, each with new special abilities and defenses.

*Sohie (Temple Guards)
*Yamabushi (Temple Guards)
*Temple Samurai
*Temple Monk
*Temple Priest
*Temple Archer
*Temple Warrior
*Temple Weapons

Breakable Doors
The doors at each dojo are “breakable doors” and must be attacked and broken down to enter the area. The doors each have hit points and regenerate over time.

Emperor’s Palace
The Emperor palace was inspired by Qin Shi Huang and the
Terracotta Army

Belt of Tokuno – Blackbelt System

This unique Black Belt System is exclusive to UO Evolution. You start by hunting and collecting ancestral cloth, then craft the basic white belt. You then journey to each dojo and defeat the opponents to earn experience that will change the color of your belt from white all the way up to the black belt.

As your belt increases in power, the belt color will change at each stage as follows.

Stage 1 = White
Stage 2 = Yellow
Stage 3 = Orange
Stage 4 = Green
Stage 5 = Blue
Stage 6 = Red
Stage 7 = Purple
Stage 8 = Brown
Stage 9 = Black

It is a very powerful system and is designed to be an end-game item. The Belt IS intended to to take months of challenging game play to achieve!

Enjoy the journey, grasshopper!

UO:SE News and Articles
Ultima Online: Samurai Empire – Designer Diary #1
PC News | Sep 19, 2004

The world of Ultima Online continues to expand year after year, fueled by fan support and an ongoing sense of community. The latest expansion, Samurai Empire, adds more than just samurai and ninja professions. Indeed, it adds substantially to the Ultima mythos itself: a new virtue will be rolled out, “Honor.” How did it come about, and what’s the process this new game addition goes through from start to finish? Game Programmer EvilMantis tells us in his own words how it all went down.>>>Read More

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire – Designer Diary #2
PC News | Oct 14, 2004

In our last Ultima Online: Samurai Empire designer diary, we looked at how the new “honor” virtue was integrated into the game. This week, as the expansion is preparing to ship, we’ve invited art director Walter Ianneo to talk about the artistic decisions made with the new expansion. Unlike much of the Ultima universe, Samurai Empire is rooted in a specific history and culture. Does feudal Japan mix with Ultima Online as smoothly as peanut butter and jelly? We went straight to the source!>>>Read More

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire – Designer Diary #3
PC News | Nov 2, 2004

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire has at last gone gold, meaning that it’s on its way to store shelves as you read this. Over the last several weeks we’ve been tracing its progress from a gleam in a game designer’s eye to the finished product. In the first diary we looked at how the new “honor” virtue was created and implemented. From there we talked to Art Director Walter Ianneo about the artistic style of the game. And now, this week, Game Designer Jennifer Lane ties it all together by describing for us the (sometimes painful) process of rolling a game out. Read on to discover just what keeps the team going during the long hours>>>Read More

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire Q&A – Overview

Ultima Online, which was launched in 1997 and continues to draw in devoted adventurers night after night, even to this day. EA Games and the recently relocated Ultima team are now hard at work producing the next expansion pack for the game. Samurai Empire will add all-new character classes, housing options, and lands to explore.>>>Read More

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire – PC – Review

The Land of Feudal Lords, otherwise known as the Takuno Islands, serves as the new territory for this expansion to the Ultima universe. It was hinted at in the first Ultima title, and expanded upon with new classes, a new guild system, as well as the usual array of new territories to explore and new monsters to kill.>>>Read More

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Shard Updates

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IRC Chat/Other Updates

I just added the IRC chat to the forums today. You can connect to the IRC chat just by clicking the new chat tab on the forums. It will connect directly to the game’s IRC chat. Meaning you can chat with people that are in-game this way, without even being on the shard. This will allow me and our staff here to help everyone on the shard a little easier. As I can access the IRC chat from anywhere using my phone.

Remember…if you plan on visiting the irc chat often. I suggest that you register a nickname, so no one else can use it in the future.

Shard Highlights

UO Evolution – Custom Free Shard

*2 houses per account.

*We also have a custom Town House system that lets players rent buildings and shops in cities.

*5 player characters per account. Only one character is needed due to the unlimited skill cap, but role playing the other characters is encouraged.

*300 Stat Cap, 350 Stat Cap with Power Deeds you get from events and champs

*No Skill Cap (Max ALL skills on all characters)

*Original OSI Maps, All Facets Fully Spawned including Ter Mur, Underworld and Stygian Abyss

Custom Crafting
*Custom Crafting including Runic Crafting, Enhancing, Skill Points, Sockets/Augments

*Dozens of Custom Resources

5 Custom Ores
7 Custom Logs
7 Custom Leathers
Custom Craftable Magic Clothing
Custom Craftable Weapons
Custom Craftable Furniture [Elven & Gargoyle]
Custom Craftable Deco Items

New Systems
*Player Leveling System/Skill Points/Ranking
*PVP available for consensual players
*PVP Point System
*Chat/PM system
*Spells System including Druid, Cleric and Spellweaving
*Bio Engineering System
*Animal Breeding System
*Gold/Token System with ledgers and Evolution Dollar currencies
*Reward Systems for Experience Points, Veterans, and Voting

New Mobiles
*Standard and Custom Champion Spawns 24/7
*100’s of Custom Monsters
*Dozens of Custom Tameables

Dynamic Custom Quests
*We have added many quality custom quests to enhance your gaming experience. We currently have 50+ Custom Quests, 9 Standard Quests, 90+ Mondain Legacy Quests installed on our Shard.

Weekly Staff Hosted Events
*Helpful Friendly Community
*Experienced, Mature and Dedicated Staff
*Role Playing Encouraged (Good vs Evil)
*Players are encouraged to run events
*Challenging Gameplay from novice to expert

Check out the wiki and the forums for detailed information and how to connect.

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  4. Daily Champion Spawn Event

    April 17 @ 8:00 AM - June 30 @ 5:00 PM
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    Where can we see these Shame Ironforge items? They are not at the museum.
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    Tried adding manually but it cant find the client its not here even though i downloaded it
  • Re: Connecting
    if it's set on auto detect, then just choose folders and files manually. afaik it can detect only when the client is installed using original installer, i.e. with path added to registry.
  • Connecting
    Hey guys. Ive had some problems with my laptop so am using a 64 bit sony vaio while my other gets fixed. I follow the instructions how to connect but when i try connect using razor or auo it can not find ultima online client. Any suggestions would be a...
  • Re: Shard Update April 19, 2015
    Pretty solid updates. Nice!
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