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We have added the Peerless Quest back in game and updated all of the items to collect. The new peerless display room has been added onto the moongate and there is updated info on the wiki. The prize for completing the quest will be a choice of an Evolution Cloak or an Evolution Ring!

We will be giving out a 500 Evolution Dollar prize to the first player to complete the quest from now through September 31st!

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Shard Updates

Shard Updates

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UO Evolution Updates

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IRC Chat/Other Updates

I just added the IRC chat to the forums today. You can connect to the IRC chat just by clicking the new chat tab on the forums. It will connect directly to the game’s IRC chat. Meaning you can chat with people that are in-game this way, without even being on the shard. This will allow me and our staff here to help everyone on the shard a little easier. As I can access the IRC chat from anywhere using my phone.

Remember…if you plan on visiting the irc chat often. I suggest that you register a nickname, so no one else can use it in the future.

Shard Highlights

UO Evolution – Custom Free Shard

*2 houses per account.

*We also have a custom Town House system that lets players rent buildings and shops in cities.

*5 player characters per account. Only one character is needed due to the unlimited skill cap, but role playing the other characters is encouraged.

*300 Stat Cap, 350 Stat Cap with Power Deeds you get from events and champs

*No Skill Cap (Max ALL skills on all characters)

*Original OSI Maps, All Facets Fully Spawned including Ter Mur, Underworld and Stygian Abyss

Custom Crafting
*Custom Crafting including Runic Crafting, Enhancing, Skill Points, Sockets/Augments

*Dozens of Custom Resources

5 Custom Ores
7 Custom Logs
7 Custom Leathers
Custom Craftable Magic Clothing
Custom Craftable Weapons
Custom Craftable Furniture [Elven & Gargoyle]
Custom Craftable Deco Items

New Systems
*Player Leveling System/Skill Points/Ranking
*PVP available for consensual players
*PVP Point System
*Chat/PM system
*Spells System including Druid, Cleric and Spellweaving
*Bio Engineering System
*Animal Breeding System
*Gold/Token System with ledgers and Evolution Dollar currencies
*Reward Systems for Experience Points, Veterans, and Voting

New Mobiles
*Standard and Custom Champion Spawns 24/7
*100′s of Custom Monsters
*Dozens of Custom Tameables

Dynamic Custom Quests
*We have added many quality custom quests to enhance your gaming experience. We currently have 50+ Custom Quests, 9 Standard Quests, 90+ Mondain Legacy Quests installed on our Shard.

Weekly Staff Hosted Events
*Helpful Friendly Community
*Experienced, Mature and Dedicated Staff
*Role Playing Encouraged (Good vs Evil)
*Players are encouraged to run events
*Challenging Gameplay from novice to expert

Check out the wiki and the forums for detailed information and how to connect.

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  • Selling a few 120's *Cheap*
    I've got 120 Provocation, 120 Alchemy, and 120 Fencing to move.  I'll take either 10ED each, or 1.5m each.  Thanks!  (I will edit the post when they are sold)
  • Re: New Custom Breeding System
    Kane.I saw"Pet Freezing Potion" on the wiki.  I waited a few days in hopes someone would ask before I did, but no one has.  What does this item do? Clarification would be awesome!I keep looking for some way to grow a new tamed pet to max level, then ...
  • Pet Greater Heal Potion (Small non-pratical bug)
    The Pet Greater Heal Potions, when stacked, can not be unstacked. When you try to drag and drop the stack, no GUI appears and you take the whole stack (like if you were maintaining shift while dragging). Plus, when stacked, this items has not a double ...
  • Re: Twitch TV for PVP Events?
    I have a twitch account, in fact I posted on here my details when I streamed a bit.I have not been able to log in much lately but I am sure I can remember to turn on my stream when I do get back into it again.Great, post your link here and...
  • Re: New Custom Breeding System
     The system was flawed and the new update will improve it. It will just take time i'm sure.  I lost some good pets but i agree with the change. It's for the best. Taming was a dead art before this. Only people I ever saw taming was young players. Now I...