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Surprise Bomberman tournament! SultanofPwn came out as the winner for the night! Congrats and good job to all that came and played their first matches. Now you know the enjoyment that is Bomberman! ...

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How to Connect

If you want complete details on how to connect read the “How to connect” section of the wiki

UO Evolution – How to Connect Guide

If you have experience with other Ultima Online shards and patching you can follow the quick steps below and get right in the game.

In order to connect to our shard, you must first have a couple of programs installed, along with the .net framework.

UOE Custom Client+Patch Auto Installer
Full Download, Classic Client+UOE Custom Patch

** Once downloaded please be sure to extract it using WinRar or any suitable archiving software. The usual extraction directory is:
“C:\Games\UOEvolution Custom Client\”

However, you may extract the patch/client anywhere on your hard drive as long as you point your assistuo (or Razor) client to the correct location. ( and port 2593)

Recommended Client Download: (Download and install the Redistributable first)
1. Visual C++ Redistributable
2. AssistUO or Razor

Once you have downloaded and extracted our client you will then need to Run AssistUO and make sure that your “Client Options” and your “Ultima Online” Directories are pointed to the right locations.


You can see that our UO Evolution Custom Client folder is located in the C:\Games folder on our hard drive. Make sure that you change this according to where you extract the client.

Once you have finished configuring AssistUO you can simply click the “Start” button located at the bottom of the client and create your account/login.

If you have any issues with the setup process of our custom client please feel free to come into our Teamspeak channel, our staff team would be happy to assist you in getting everything configured.

See you in game!

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  1. NEW Player Scavenger Hunt hosted by Domino

    February 24 @ 12:00 PM - March 27 @ 12:00 PM
  • Re: Is It Time To Return
    Welcome back=)
  • Re: Is It Time To Return
    I am happy to say that things have changed for the best, Kane (the new and truly professional scripter) as done wonders, fix and cleaned a lot of things, added a whole lot of new content and is realy open to suggestions and ideas. All and all, it is a ...
  • Is It Time To Return
    Alot of people wont remember me, i have given eveything i owned in this game away 2x over again for reasons being my own. I was wondering if anyone still remains that can tell me. If anything has changed for good or bad.
  • Re: 50 Shades of Soulsunder
    Didn't you also star in the movie ''Cum in 60 seconds''?
  • Re: 50 Shades of Soulsunder
    QuoteOr mine and Pumpkin's film Debut in:'Romancing the Bone'ROFLMFAO
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