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UO Evolution Special Christmas Auction
Sunday December 21st at Noon Pst

Please log in early, we are going to take a holiday screenshot of everyone at brit bank before the auction. We expect to break our online record of 310 players!

This auction will be the biggest one of the year. I anticipate the auction to last about 3 hours and will cover Gold, Tokens, Evo Coins, and Evolution Dollars.

We will have several estates for sale along with the special custom items, holiday deco and then the mystery boxes at the end!

We will be giving out staff gifts to every player at the auction, you MUST be online at the auction to get a gift!

After the auction, the players that participated in the Secret Santa Gift exchange will meet and trade gifts!

The staff will then run several Christmas Events

Merry Christmas!


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PVP tournament every Friday, safe event, learn to pvp, fun for all ...

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How to Connect

In order to connect to our shard, you must first have a couple of programs installed, along with the .net framework.

UOE Custom Client+Patch Auto Installer
Full Download, Classic Client+UOE Custom Patch

** Once downloaded please be sure to extract it using WinRar or any suitable archiving software. The usual extraction directory is:
“C:\Games\UOEvolution Custom Client\”

However, you may extract the patch/client anywhere on your hard drive as long as you point your assistuo client to the correct location.

Recommended Client Download: (Download and install the Redistributable first)
1. Visual C++ Redistributable
2. AssistUO

Once you have downloaded and extracted our client you will then need to Run AssistUO and make sure that your “Client Options” and your “Ultima Online” Directories are pointed to the right locations.


You can see that our UO Evolution Custom Client folder is located in the C:\Games folder on our hard drive. Make sure that you change this according to where you extract the client.

Once you have finished configuring AssistUO you can simply click the “Start” button located at the bottom of the client and create your account/login.

If you have any issues with the setup process of our custom client please feel free to come onto teamspeak, our staff team would be happy to assist you in getting everything configured.

See you in game!

  • Re: Resisting Spells...
    Thank you both!
  • Registration
    First, hello and I am glad to finally have registered actually having given up after a week of attempting to register knowing I got the captcha correct, trying capital and non-capital letters with the captcha and the question. I finally found an...
  • Re: Resisting Spells...
    Yes. ie. 140 resist grants 48 in all resist categories. At 170 I had 54. Should continue on from there. If the trend continues (quick guess) about 250 resist to hit all 70s.
  • Re: Resisting Spells...
       The best way to put this answer is think of your 'Skin' as armor...  That being said, compare your skin armor and your material armor; the higher of the two types, in any of the elemental resistances, wins the right to be checked for ...
  • Resisting Spells...
    Hello - I understand that at 120 Resisting Spells it is like having armor with 44 resist. I understand that it is whichever is greater not additive. That said, if I have items that raise my resist past 120 does the bonus go past 44? In theory if I have...