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Events that'll shiver your timbers for Pirate month on UOEvo! All times are server time (use the command [time). More events and information coming soon ---> ...

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UO Evolution Grand Auction today at noon shard time (CST) Staff events to follow after the Auction ...

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PVP tournament Event tonight at 8pm shard time! Safe event for all! Join in or just watch. Meet at Red City at 8! ...

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How to Connect

If you want complete details on how to connect read the “How to connect” section of the wiki

UO Evolution – How to Connect Guide

If you have experience with other Ultima Online shards and patching you can follow the quick steps below and get right in the game.

In order to connect to our shard, you must first have a couple of programs installed, along with the .net framework.

UOE Custom Client+Patch Auto Installer
Full Download, Classic Client+UOE Custom Patch

** Once downloaded please be sure to extract it using WinRar or any suitable archiving software. The usual extraction directory is:
“C:\Games\UOEvolution Custom Client\”

However, you may extract the patch/client anywhere on your hard drive as long as you point your assistuo (or Razor) client to the correct location. ( and port 2593)

Recommended Client Download: (Download and install the Redistributable first)
1. Visual C++ Redistributable
2. UO Steam or Razor

Once you have downloaded and extracted our client you will then need to Run AssistUO and make sure that your “Client Options” and your “Ultima Online” Directories are pointed to the right locations.


You can see that our UO Evolution Custom Client folder is located in the C:\Games folder on our hard drive. Make sure that you change this according to where you extract the client.

Once you have finished configuring AssistUO you can simply click the “Start” button located at the bottom of the client and create your account/login.

If you have any issues with the setup process of our custom client please feel free to come into our Teamspeak channel, our staff team would be happy to assist you in getting everything configured.

See you in game!

Upcoming Events
  1. Daily Champion Spawn Events

    August 19 @ 12:00 PM - November 1 @ 7:00 PM
  2. Talk Like A Pirate Day!

    September 19 @ 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  3. UOE Grand Auction at Noon

    September 20 @ 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  4. Friday the 13th!

    November 13
  • Re: Enhanced Parry System
    I am not going to give out the actual math.. at least not yet.  The reason behind this is very simple, this is only the first go at it and I expect to make tweaks here and there to fine tune.  Even as I watched a few people today I noticed some changes...
  • Re: Enhanced Parry System
    Thank you Kane!!!Could you give us the formula used for the parry chance now?And what are the values for the Shield Type modifier?I guess, buckler is less effective than heather shield. Could we have the actual values (mainly for mirror shield in r...
  • Re: Enhanced Parry System
    First let me cover this (Skill+HCI+HLD vs Skill+DCI+HLA): This is used to figure out if you hit or don't hit which is not effected by today's changeSo lets cover what is effected:Yes, you can now have both Parry and Bushido skills on th...
  • Enhanced Parry System
    Quote from: Kane on Today at 06:36:16 AMEnhanced Parry SystemLets start by explaining how parry basically used to work.  Your parry/bushido skill was checked in a black box. It didn't matter if you were fighting a mongba...
  • Shard Update September 01, 2015
    Puzzle boxes will be remaining a part of the shard, I am just going to change the timing.. add some different kind of loot items and such.  This month, Pirates.. the crew of the Salty Dog will be landing some where on the shard, can you collect the 8 ...
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