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Weapon Leveling System

The Weapon Leveling System allows a Crafter to create a customizable base weapon that can gain experience and abilities. It is a good idea to read the Weapon Crafting Guide

  • A Grand Master Blacksmith must first craft an exceptional base weapon with a maker's mark.
  • This base weapon can gain up to 15 levels.
  • The weapon gains experience points as you kill monsters. After the weapon gains enough experience, it will reach level 2 and you will get points to spend to increase the weapon's abilities and attributes.
  • After your base weapon reaches level 15, you will need to apply level deeds (and be near a blacksmith with 120 skill) to increase the max levels above 15. These deeds are available in treasure chests, champ spawns, monster loot, token rewards and Evolution Dollars.
  • With deeds, the weapon can gain up to 100 levels.
  • This allows you to create and customize a powerful weapon that fits your style.

NOTE: If you manually level the weapon, with no experience deeds, donations or max level deeds, you can earn a 50 point bonus, so your weapon can achieve a max of 550 points

If you opt to donate or use a max level deed, the max points will be 500

Legend of the Evolution Items

During a recent excavation in the Stygian Abyss, several diggers discovered these strange items that seemed to pulse with energy. Upon their return to Luna, several leaders of the Order Of Mages were called in to determine the properties of these unique items.

It was discovered that each item had the ability to learn from every encounter it faced and that that knowledge allowed it to evolve into a more powerful artifact.

Some of the vendors in Luna heard about this discovery and smuggled the items from the Luna Vendor Vault and are now selling them, keep your eyes open, if the artifacts are being sold, there are sure to be limited quantities!

Every Evolution artifact gains experience from attacking and killing. You can keep track of how many experience points and the new attributes your weapon has by hovering your mouse over it in your paperdoll. The number in () next to the name is how many experience points the weapon has. The Evolution items can be obtained from doing the Peerless Monsters Quest

Special Evolution Items

There are currently 3 items in game that also have this ability to level

Evolution Cloak
Evolution Ring
Evolution Earrings

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