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Vendor Systems

Public Vendor System

You can add a public vendor to sell your goods at many of the marketplaces. Look on the moongate to locate a market, then seek out the mall manager. You need to purchase a vendor deed from the mall manager and then look around for an empty vendor space with a white tile. Double click the deed and target the white tile to set your vendor in that space.

Add gold to your vendor by dropping it on him. You must have gold on your vendor at all times or he will quit. They take a percentage of all of the items you are selling. Always make sure you have plenty of gold on the vendor and read the gump to see the status of your vendor.


Make sure you pay your vendors, if they run out of money they will steal all of your items and disappear!

If your vendor is empty or has been labeled "restock" for over two weeks the vendor may be deleted for inactivity

Private Vendor System

You can buy this type of vendor from the bank. These vendors can be placed by players inside of a house. Many players use this option to create a player-run vendor shop.

You must make your house open to the public on the House Sign Gump to place the vendor

We have a list of the large vendor areas on the moongate. If you would like to be added to the gate, you must recruit at least 5 individual player run vendors at your location and be well maintained and stocked. (5 of your own personal vendors do not meet the requirement)

A gate will be placed to the front door of your vendor house if you qualify

Player Vendor Mall Rights & Responsibilities:

  • You cannot ban players from your mall. Once you agree to be a public vendor mall you agree to open your mall to ALL players of UO Evolution. Exceptions will only be made after discussion with staff.
  • You are responsible to make sure Merchant vendors are named within the bounds of Evolution Rules.
  • You are responsible for ensuring Merchants are not engaging in scams and/or any other behaviour that is in violation of Evolution rules.
  • You are responsible for vendors meeting the restrictions and requirements for the Vendor Mall category which you are under.
  • You do have the right to select Merchants any way you like. YOU choose who sells their wares at your shop
  • You do have to right to set rules regarding pricing, types of goods sold and inventory levels.
  • You do have the right to charge a fee to Players holding vendors at your mall.
  • You do have the right to remove any vendors not meeting your mall requirements.

To have your Vendor Mall Added into one of the following Vendor Mall Categories Page in Game. Staff will review your mall and ensure you meet the requirements for the requested gate.

Please note that staff reserves the right to remove without notice any Vendor malls not meeting the minimum requirements for that Category.

  • # of Vendors|Gate Required |Banker Required |One way gate |Inventory Monitored |Bonus Spawn
  • Gold Malls 20| yes| yes| NA| yes| yes|
  • Silver Malls 10| no| no| yes| yes|
  • Bronze Malls 5| no| no| yes|
  • Basic Malls* 5| no| no| no|

Number of vendors owned by unique player (not including alts)
Bonus Spawn are a selection of random items that spawn once a month in the VM vicinity
Basic malls- In testing Beta

Vendor Deletion

Vendors will be deleted once a month. If they are empty for more that 14 days after being marked by a tag "Restock", "Empty", or "Delete" they will be deleted and all of the gold will be lost.

Please only place one vendor in each marketplace. If you have more than one vendor, it may be removed.

It is your responsibility to check and restock your vendor daily

Vendor Stones

Vendor stones are located at Britain Bank, Trinsic bank and various shops in the cities. These stones have many items for sale for gold, tokens and evolution dollars. Many vendors require you to collect special items in game as payment.

Secret Vendor Stones

There are many "secret" vendor stones around the world that allow you to purchase rares. These vendors sell/trade for many different forms of currency such as honey, blackrock, leather and many other resources.

Bio-engineer Vendor Stone - Malas, Umbra
Blackrock Vendor Stone - Trammel, Chasm
Thieving Vendor Stone - Trammel, Buc Den
Honey Vendor Stone - Ilshenar, Savage Camp
Gargoyle Vendor Stone - Ilshenar, Gargoyle City
Sap of Sosaria - Trammel, Tree
Gargoyle Deco Vendor Stone - Ilshenar, Gargoyle City
Dragon Scale Vendor Stone -
Mystery Vendor Stone - Gravestone
Cult Vendor Stone -
Stygian Abyss Cave -
Labyrinth -
Yew Prison - Forged pardon

There are many more secret vendors to discover. The stones may be disguised as other objects so look around carefully

Shop Vendor Stones

There are many systems in game that require the distribution of tools or rewards for the custom crafting systems. These stones are located in the shops and items are on display

Beekeeper Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Vesper
Wax Craft Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Vesper
Aquarium Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Britain
Wood Craft Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Yew
Gold Panning Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Minoc
Rug Craft Shop Vendor Stone - Termur, Gargoyle Flea Market
Flower Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Britain
Monster Hunter Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Britain
Golem Crafting Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Britain
Wine Maker Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Empath Abbey
Bio-Engineer Workshop Vendor Stone - Malas, Umbra
Donation Shop Vendor Stone - Trammel, Trinsic
Thief Vendor Stone - Trammel, Buc Den
Herb Vendor Stone - Trammel, Britain Castle
Socket Vendor Stone - Trammel, Britain Castle
Tailor Vendor Stone - Trammel, Britain

Evolution Coin Vendors

These are "hidden" vendor stones that are in plain sight. They may be located anywhere, but look like a simple deco object, and when clicked on will give you an option to "buy" the object with Evolution CoinsIf you have the proper amount of coins you will see a purchase gump open and you will get the object placed in your pack. These vendors have a limited supply of items and may be moved each month, so always keep an eye out for a new one.

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