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Training From NPCs

When you're a new player, one way to jump start your progress in a given skill is to pay for training from an NPC. To obtain training in the basic professions, go to a shop related to that profession. Then, get physically close to the NPC shopkeeper or tradesman, and say, "[name of NPC] train," or click on the NPC to get a menu of possible interactions, and select Train. The NPC will then tell you the various skills he is qualified to teach. Pick the one you're interested in and say, "[name of NPC] train [name of skill]." The NPC will give you a price to teach you all he or she can. To train in that skill, drag an appropriate amount of gold onto the vendor to pay him or her. You can pay less and get less than the full training the NPC can offer. Also see Skills Defined

New Player Training Room

The New Player Training Room is located under the New Player Gate.

  • Training Dummies
  • Training Elementals
  • Animal Taming
  • Purchase Skills from NPCs
  • Easily Obtain BODs
  • Blacksmith Shop/training
  • Tailor Shop/training
  • Many beginner quests start within the castle
  • Information Library and Rune Books to important locations

New Player Dungeon

The New Player Dungeon is located in Serpent's Hold, just north of the NEW Guild Hall. This abandoned building leads into a dungeon specifically designed for new players. You can do an easy quest of gathering Green Armor Gems to purchase starting weapons and armor. As you progress through the dungeon, the monsters will become more difficult, so don't delve too far until you have learned the basics of combat and survival.

New Player Quests

Many new player quests start around major towns and at the quest Castle. It is important to do some of these simple quests to learn about many custom features of this shard and to obtain certain important starting items.

New Player Guild

There is a NEW Player Guild that can help you get orientated. The guild hall is located on the moongate, in the city of Serpent's Hold. There are some very nice players that will assist you and a very large rune library to help you travel around the shard.

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