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Automated PVP Tournament System

(Disabled for rescripting)

This is a fun system that allows you to enjoy and train your PvP skills without being looted. When you are killed in the tournament you do not actually die and do not have to spend time re-equiping your gear. You also do not get any kill or death counts.

This system alerts the players, through a series of messages that a tournament is about to start. There is a 5 minute window to join. When you see the green message asking for players to participate, type [joinpvp and you will be teleported to a waiting area until the timer counts down to zero. This waiting area is a safe place with a region controller that prevents negative actions and spells.

The PvP system is automated and will teleport you automatically to the starting location and pair up each match randomly. The winner of each round will move on to the next round, the loser will be teleported out safely to a neutral location.

Please to not leave the area while you are in the tournament or you will be removed from the PvP tournament

The winners of each round receive 1000 gold, the winner of the entire tournament receives 10,000 gold

The system is set up to announce a tournament every 4 hours at the moment and can be changed depending on the popularity.

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