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Custom Treasure Map System

Old maps will still work to get the old loot drops. You must find new maps after the system update to trigger the special themed encounters and loot.

We have customized the Tmap system and now you have a chance to encounter these monsters at each level of Tmap/chest

1 No Drops/Themes
2 Skeleton, Lizardman, Ratman, Orc theme
3 Solen, Brigan, Savage, Ettin, Ogre, Frost Troll , Jukas, Spider
4 Undead, Pirate, Ophidian, Terathan, Reaper, Fey, Minotaur
5 Dragon, Skeleton Dragon, Titan, Dead, Ice
6 Demon, Lich, Shadow


Each theme has an exclusive artifact only found in this system

The special Magic Genie Bottle can drop randomly on any themed encounter

Basic Treasure Hunting

Thank-you Eldricha for this Guide

1. What you will need

To treasure hunt for the old and new systems you will require the following skills/items.

Treasure map - Maps vary in difficulty as follows:

Plainly 1 < Expertly 2 < Adeptly 3 < Cleverly 4 < Deviously 5 < Ingeniously 6

Cartography Skill – Not really needed to dig the treasure up, but the maps must be decoded before use, at this time 100 cartography will decode all maps.

Lockpicking Skill – The chests all need to be picked, 100 Lockpicking should be sufficient for all, however, higher skill reduces the chance your picks will break.

Shovel - To dig up the treasure

Recall/Sacred Journey

2. Useful skills

Hiding/stealth – On normal treasure chests and some of the custom enhanced ones, you can hide before the monsters lock aggro. You can pick chests whilst hiding too.

Ninjitsu (Mainly for shadowjump) - Shadowjump allows you to get right next to the chest without the fear of stealth breaking by a monster running in your path.

Mining – On some occasions it is nice to dig up the chest far away

3. Basic Treasure Chests.

Ok here is the way all treasure chests are done.

Decode the map – Just double-click the map to decode it, if you fail just keep trying. Go to this website You will see an interactive map of Britannia.

Next click on the location on the Britannia map that corresponds to the graphical location on the decoded map. The site is pretty straightforward and helpful if you get stuck and also has a users guide.

You’ll be taken to another screen with pin locations. Choose the pin that is the closet match to the one on the decoded map and record the number. If there are many pins around your location just choose all of the closest and go through them.

Go to any public moongate and go to Public Library via CUSTOM AREAS.

Inside the library on the left-hand side are two treasure map runebook archives. If your map is in Felucca it is the red books, if it is Trammel it is the green books. Use the number you got for the location and recall/sacred journey to that location. Move 1 tile (you can’t dig up treasure if you are standing on it)

Double-click the shovel, click on the treasure map then click on the ground in the tile you just vacated.

Your avatar will now start digging, if you get the message that there is no treasure, go back and choose another matching pin number from the website.

On ‘Expertly’ and above treasure maps monsters will now spawn. Hide immediately, if you can and pick the chest. You can always fight them first of course.

Mobs will now have a chance to randomly spawn every time you take something from the chest.

Once you are finished remove the chest by right-clicking on it and choosing ‘remove chest’.

Please do this, if you leave the chest there it blocks the t-map location until it despawns naturally.

Custom Enhanced Chests

Alright we got the basics out of the way, now onto the new chest system.

Essentially everything remains the same until you dig up a level 2 chest (Expertly) or higher. There is a chance you will get a themed spawn.

These spawns are easy to differentiate from the regular spawns for two reasons.

1. There will be more monsters, usually 8+ in comparison to regular spawns of 5-7.

2. They will always be of one or two particular mob types (go to the wiki to see which themes go with which chest level).

If you get a themed spawn, you can’t always hide before they aggro, you may have to leg it hide then equip your fighting gear then go back.

From what I can see the system will put the themed loot in the chests first, this means that they are pretty much guaranteed to be under everything else. When you take loot there is a chance 2 mobs will spawn rather than 1. This is the final and definitive check to determine whether they are enhanced or not.

There is an element of ‘Real Life Luck’ with getting the spawns. High luck may help in getting the spawns but I believe it is marginal at best, if it is involved at all with the actual spawning. There may be a luck check when you pick and open the chest, if in-game luck is playing a part, I would expect this to be the point. For certainty though I do wear a luck suit to pick the chests, hence why I sometimes have to make a run for it to re-equip

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