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Animal Repair System

This system provides players with a means to restore their pets’ stats loss and resistances, which may have been lost due to death. The process to accomplish this is as follows:

How to Learn Animal Repair System

First the player must obtain an “Advanced Veterinary Techniques” book and read it.
Get an “Advanced Veterinary Kit” Then the player must gather/obtain various ingredients from around the world.
Followed by harvesting apiary products such as slum gum. (see Beekeeping)
Followed by harvesting plant products such as Green Thorns and Orange Petals.
Followed by Hunting Restorative Goo from various monsters.

Finally the aspiring pet restorer will need to train in four (4) skill disciplines to the following levels:

Base Skills Needed:

  • Cooking 80
  • Veterinary 55

Ointment Skills Needed:

  • Magery 55
  • Necro 55
  • Poison 55
  • Spell Weaving 55
  • Anatomy 55

Tonic Skills Needed:

  • Taste ID 55
  • Alchemy 55
  • Ninjitsu 55
  • Eval Int 55

See each recipe on the vet tool kit for specific requirements for each skill

Crafting Items

Once the player has achieved all of the previously stated, it’s time to start making some pet restoration items.

The crafting portion is comprised of two sections: Pet Tonics, and Pet Ointments. The items created from these sections affect different attributes of your pet. Each item will require quite a bit of effort to create. The following will describe each section and it's items in greater detail.

Tonics, are permanent stat increasing items.

Ointments permanently increase the elemental resistances of your pet.

All of these pet repair items will require gathering ingredients from many sources

The crafting system requires the player to be standing next to a heat source (Campfire, oven, or stove). The recipes for each item can be found on the following tables.

Pet Tonics

STR Tonic: +1 STR, Perm.
DEX Tonic: +1 DEX, Perm.
INT Tonic: +1 INT, Perm.

Strength Tonic Ingredients

  • Spring water 15
  • Restoritive Goo 1
  • Dark Sapphire 5

Dexterity Tonic Ingredients

  • Spring water 15
  • Restoritive Goo 1
  • Ecru Citrine 5

Intelligence Tonic Ingredients

  • Spring water 15
  • Restoritive Goo 1
  • Blue Diamond 5

Pet Ointments

Physical Ointment: +1 Physical Resist, Perm.
Fire Ointment: +1 Fire Resist, Perm.
Cold Ointment: +1 Cold Resist, Perm.
Energy Ointment: +1 Energy Resist,Perm.
Poison Ointment: +1 Poison Resist, Perm.

Physical Ointment Ingredients

  • Dragon Blood 30
  • Green Thorns 5
  • Bandages 100

Fire Ointment Ingredients

  • Dragon Blood 30
  • Red Leaves 5
  • Bandages 100

Cold Ointment Ingredients

  • Dragon Blood 30
  • Orange pedals 5
  • Bandages 100

Energy Ointment Ingredients

  • Dragon Blood 30
  • Orange pedals 5
  • Bandages 100

Poison Ointment Ingredients

  • Dragon Blood 30
  • Slumgum 5
  • Bandages 100

Armor Rating

Weapon damage inflicted by an opponent would be modified by the target's AR to calculate the final damage inflicted. This was increased in complexity with the introduction of resistances.

It reduces damage from physical attacks even further, and does stack with physical resist

Armor rating is a formula that is used as part of the hit chance / evade formula

Think of armor rating as the "defense chance increase" of all mobiles

Monsters and pets still have AR and can be increased to a max of 75

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