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XML Siege Warfare System

NOTE: This is being installed and tested to do large events and monster invasions. This wiki is a work in progress and I will add more info as I test the system.

This system allows objects and structures to be damaged by siege weapons and repaired by siege tools.

ANY non-frozen object can be made damageable - walls, doors, signs, trees, multis, addons - anything. A GM has to tag them with the xmlsiege attachment

Weapons included are the Siege Cannon and Siege Catapult that fire siege cannonballs, and the Siege Ram that uses siege logs.

Hand siege weapons are also supported.

Siege Cannons have a 20% damage bonus and 20% increase in range when compared to catapults using the same projectiles.

weapon damage will be reduced by up to 60% from its max value depending on how damaged the weapon is, and firing range reduced by up to 30%

different types of cannonballs to do different amounts of damage to creatures and to structures

The Siege Ram is for close range attacks on structures. It has a faster attack speed than either the cannon or catapult, and the new Siege Log ammunition can produce heavy damage to structures but is ineffective against creatures and has very short range.

The ram can also be loaded with SiegeLog stacks so that it can attack repeatedly without having to reload after each attack.

Seeing object damage

Once an object is damaged it will change color to indicate the level of damage.

The default colors are:

Green = 67-99% of max
Yellow = 34-66%
Red = 1-33%

Blue is also temporarily assigned to objects that have just had the XmlSiege attachment added to them so that you can see what is damageable.

Once the Hits for an object reach zero, then the ItemID of the object will be changed to the DestroyedItemID propery of the xmlsiege attachment. Individual attachments can have their own DestroyedItemID settings. The default is a lava pool.

Repairing damageable objects

Siege Repair Tool - this is used to repair damaged objects

Using the tool - Just double-click to use and target the damaged object to be repaired. It can be given either limited (set UsesRemaining to a value > 0) or unlimited number of uses (set UsesRemaining to a value < 0).

Repair resources

You must have the required resources to repair the targeted object. The default setting is to repair 100 hits of damage per use.

Objects can require wood, iron, and/or stone for repair. Iron = IronIngot Wood = Board Stone = Granite

Repair time

The speed of the repair will depend on their Blacksmith and Carpentry skills as well as dexterity. With max skill and dex it can be as fast as 3 seconds. With no skill it can take up to 15 seconds.

If you are missing any of the resources, the repair will not be done but any of the other resources that were needed and that you were carrying will be consumed.

Siege Cannon

Changing the cannon facing

Then you can change the facing while it is placed using the 'Previous/Next' options in the context menu that comes up when you click it.

Moving a cannon

To move a cannon you must first pack it up using the 'Backpack' context menu option. This takes time (15 seconds) and you must be next to it at the beginning and end of packing. When finished you will have a crate in your pack that you can place anywhere.

Firing a cannon

To fire a cannon you must first load a cannonball into it. Then double-click the cannon and select the target. The target must be within the cannonball range, and within the firing arc of the cannon. Note, that you can target mobiles as well as structures, and mobiles will also take splash damage from area damage cannonball attacks.

Taking damage

The cannon is configured with an xmlsiege attachment by default, so it can take damage from other cannons as well.


I have added a few different types of premade cannonballs, but you can easily modify them or add your own. You can even create them and change their settings on the fly since all of their properties are accessible.

Cannonballs have the following configurable properties:

Range - maximum range in tiles
Area - number of tiles surrounding the target that will also take damage
AccuracyBonus - mod that affects chance of hitting the target
FiringSpeed - mod that reduces the minimum interval between firing
PhysicalDamage - amount of physical damage delivered
FireDamage - amount of fire damage delivered

The premade cannonballs included are:

  • lightcannonball
  • ironcannonball
  • explodingcannonball
  • fierycannonball

Loading a cannonball

Just double-click a ball and then target a cannon. You must be close enough to both, although you can dclick the ball, and then move to the cannon.

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