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Universal Storage Key System

The Universal Storage Key system is a custom system used to reduce clutter and weight issues for your character and the shard. Items held in keys add no weight or item count to your character. There is also a Master Key that can hold 30+ of the individual keys further reducing clutter in your backpack!

Almost any item can be added to a key and it adds zero weight to your character.

Most of these keys can be obtained by doing minor "collection" quests or purchased from various shops around Britain


There are two types of keys, Deco keys that must be locked down in a house to be used (And generally store larger items such as Armor and Weapons) and Personal Keys which work directly out of your backpack.

Keys held in your backpack will automatically supply items when the game requests them. For instance casting spells with a reagent key will use reagents from inside the key, as well as Crafting lockpicks while holding an Ingot Key will use iron held inside the key.

Not all keys are always obtainable in game, they sneak in and out via monthly events or as loot in puzzle chests or are occasionally placed in the world as purchasable via Evolution Coins! Keep your eyes peeled for deco objects that look “out of place”!

Some Keys also have a filter interface that allows you to quickly and easily locate items contained within.


  • WARNING! DO NOT put ANY custom items into the keys or they will delete or erase properties of the items. The keys were not designed for any non-standard UO items.
  • WARNING! DO NOT use the function on the keys "add to pack" or it will suck up all your custom items and erase the custom stats
  • WARNING! Make sure you use the [keyguard command on your custom items!
  • WARNING! Use these keys AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Also, Keys that are not insured or blessed can be stolen while in PvP Enabled Zones/Facets. Make sure you insure your keys!

Personal Storage Keys

  • Add-on Deed Storage – Quest "Family Ties"
  • Adventurer's Boots – Quest "Exploring Passages" or Provisioner Shop Vendor Stone
  • Armory -
  • ASH Box –
  • Bard's Stand – Quest "Listen to the Music" also at the Music Theater Vendor Stone
  • Beverage Storage – Quest "Tavern Keeper's Order" or at the Tavern Vendor Stone
  • Blood Diamond Storage -
  • Butcher's Hook – Obtainable from the Tavern Vendor Stone in Britain
  • Chef Storage – Obtainable from the Tavern Vendor Stone in Britain
  • Champion Skull Holder – Quest "A Champion Sting"
  • Clothing Hamper - Quest "Saco Pawn and Loan"
  • Druid Codex -
  • Evo Key - Quest "Bookwork Quest"
  • Fish Bucket – Obtainable from the Aquarium/fish Shop Vendor Stone
  • Gardener's Trowel – Obtainable from Gardener’s Vendor Stone in Britain.
  • Gem Storage – Quest "Gem Collector, Jeweled Egg"
  • Goldpan Storage – Quest "Lucky Charms"
  • Herbalist Key - Britain Castle, Herb Vendor Stone
  • Ingot Key – Quest "Unity, the Scottish Tinker"
  • Jeweler’s Key – Quest "Gem Collector, Jeweled Egg"
  • Jewelry Box - Quest "Gem Collector, Jeweled Egg"
  • Monster Contract Book - Monster Contract Dealer Shop Vendor Stone
  • Master Key - Drops as a rare on the Empirial Dragon Spawn in Tokuno
  • McTavish Boots - Quest "Exploring Passages"
  • Peerless Storage Key -
  • Pet Powerscroll Book - Pet Shop Vendor Stone
  • Pet Restore key - Pet Shop Vendor Stone
  • Plant Codex -
  • Power Scroll Book – Quest "A Champion Sting"
  • Potion Storage – Obtainable from the Mage’s Vendor Stone in Britain.
  • Recipe Key -
  • Reagent Keys – Quest "Silly Apprentice" or Mage Shop Vendor Stone
  • Runic Tool Box – Obtainable from the Tinker Shop Vendor Stone
  • Scribe's Tome – Quest "Mystical Order of Sanctus"
  • Smith's Storage – Obtainable by doing a quest
  • Socket Key -
  • Stone Storage – Quest "Stone Mason Trade" also at the Stone Shop
  • Tailor Storage – Quest "Stich in Time"
  • Three-Fingered Jack’s Goldpan Storage – Event Only Item
  • Time Master Key -
  • Tool Box – Quest "The Rebuilding of Magincia" or Tinker Shop Vendor Stone
  • Treasure Hunter's Storage – Quest "Pirate Plunder" or Ship Shop Vendor
  • Ultimate BOD Book – Quest "Vesels Grief"
  • Weapon Rack -
  • Wood Storage – Quest "The Tree Whisperer" or Wood Shop Vendor Stone

Key Guard

You are able to prevent an item from being placed in a key when the “fill from pack” option is selected. In order to do this, enter the “[keyguard” command and then target the item you wish to remain outside the keys. This works on most storable items including reagents and materials. Beware however, that after a server reboot the name of the item will still say “Storage Entry Guarded” but will not work. You will need to reset the keyguards each time the server reboots.

For Example: A custom artifact item like Skull of Vecna, if keyguarded, would not be autolooted into the armory key by accident.

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