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Publish 56 - January 2019

Update 269


  • Dungeon Treasure Chests Updated: Treasure Level set to 0 in certain situations (This may

solve an outstanding issue with luck based containers, being tested in this form)

  • Crafting Recipe System Added: Glyphs updated to be used with the new craft system (This is in staff testing at the moment)

Update 270


  • Dungeon Treasure Chests Updated: Improved the data validation functionality

Contract System Updated: Allows for laddering contracts after a completion of X amount in a category or total

  • Royal Hunt Reward Added: After the initial hunt count gets to 150, you will start to get a different badge (First player to post in discord dev a screenshot of the badge will get a special reward.)
  • Favor of the Royal Hunt Added: Max 6 tiers, 250 luck bonus and +15% amount healed bonus, +20 Anat and +20 Healing when maxed.
  • Bandages Updated: Handle new badge bonus from traits (Normal and everlasting)
  • Title System Updated: Expanded Run Code to handle direct Badge Code
  • Merchant Framework Updated: Added Marketplace Dollars (These are not physical but rather tied to the account) (You cannot trade or give them away.)
  • Marketplace System Updated: ED Purchases can be made with the use of Marketplace Dollars, the system will always take MPD first before any EDS.
  • Daily Event System Updated: Added PowerHour to the options available. 2 should run each day 10-14 hours apart. This should cover every player. The PH will be random between the many we have available, there will be a gold shield that appears when it starts.

Update 271


  • Storage Keys Updated: Added new functionality for the checking of items in the keys and removing them when needed.
  • Dynamic Consumption Added: Allows checking and consuming gold, tokens and any resource from the char, bank, backpack and keys in a structured format.
  • Power Hours Update: New notice with date and time shown.
  • Power Hours Update: Announcements when it starts, 40m left, 20m left and completed.
  • Power Hours Update: Issue with Black Belt and Dragon PH resolved (Config issue)

Update 272


  • Power Hours Update: Date Time should display correctly now
  • Power Hours Update: Gump logic flaw resolved
  • Merchant Framework Updated: MPD can now be given to all Players online.
  • Market Place Updated: Expanding slot management

Publish 57 - February 2019

Update 273


  • Daily Event System Updated: Can now use the [DESNotice command to tell the system you do not wish to see notice gumps from it. At the moment there is just 1 from Power Hour but this will probably expand and cover additional notices in the future. [DESNotice <Nothing|True/Yes|False/No> This works for all chars on the account.
  • MarketPlace Updated: Expanding slot managament (Should be working now, will clear the daily market info from the account when adding new slots.)
  • Contract System Updated: Two numbers added to the top of the gump when opened at the Contract Merchant. [# Contracts in Cat Completed/Total Contracts Completed]. When viewing the gump from the merchant ledger just the total will be displayed.

Update 274


  • Dynamic Consumption Updated: Ready to start beta testing this on a smaller system to make sure the functionality of the framework is solid (Recipe Craft System Requirement)
  • Vecna Corruption Dice Added: You get to use Vecna Coins to pay for a chance to alter the Daily Task Goal (Prior to completing a task for the day) or lower the delay on a task if used after a task has been completed for the day. (Chance!! because if the results will not favor you, you gain nothing but still pay for the roll). The cost to roll is randomly determined, both coin type and amount, after each roll the next cost will change. (Currently just Iron, Copper and Bronze Vecna Coins). Luck and the higher coin values do have an effect on the end result. (This is in testing, I will probably just lock down at brit bank for the time being)

Update 275


  • Dynamic Rewards Updated: Was not handling sub containers correctly
  • Fishing Reward Chest Added: New reward for the Fishing Contest. Winning will get you Strongbox from one of the Pirate Admirals
  • Fishing Event Updated: Changed to new reward system
  • Treasure Chest Updated: Incorrect data validation with regard to the chest level
  • Vecna's Coin Pouch Added: Key for holding Vecna Coins
  • Vecna's Minters Toolkit Added: Key for holding coins and all of the special materials for minting
  • Vecna Corruption Dice Added: Handles spawning of coins in random cities on random facets
  • Vecna Corruption Dice Added: Will change the price on its own based on events in the tomb
  • Glimmering Aplite Added: +5 Mace Fighting Augment

Update 276


  • Royal Hunter Updated: New task with updated trait awarded correctly at 150.
  • Contract System Updated: Added new command [ContractStatus, this will list the number of contracts you have completed for each merchant type. (Bug: Only lists 1, this is fixed next week my apologies)
  • Contract System Updated: Added additional commands to assist with testing
  • Vecna's Alter Updated: When the Soul Eater trait is awarded it will add additional time if it is already present.
  • Vecna Corruption Dice Updated: Checks for housing when spawning
  • Vecna Corruption Dice Updated: Soul Eater Trait can be awarded with each dice roll. Chance based on Luck, Spirit Speak Skill and Current blessing on the Skull of Vecna if worn.
  • Vecna Runes Updated: Improved location validation.
  • Crafting Recipe System Updated: Entire system is in "Pre-Beta" (Completion State: Front End: 95% - Back End: 80%)
  • Everlasting Bandage - Druidic Updated: Splash healing was being directed back to the original pet.

Publish 58 - March 2019

Update 277


  • Contract System Update: [ContractStatus now displays all of the categories you have at this time.
  • Contract System Update: Handles multiple config files.
  • Fishing Event System Updated: Luck Bonus is now applies for being awarded the Siren's Kiss trait (Will be watching to see if need to change the base chance as well)
  • Fishing Event System Updated: Participation prize mechanic updated
  • Fishing Event System Updated: Added new staff command for me to check on how things are running better
  • Luck Deeds Updated: Players can now use to apply to Enchanted Mounts, no more paging needed (If there is an issue please let me know)
  • Tailoring Craft Update: Brit Dragon Cloak resource correction
  • Rugs Added: 33 Rugs that can be hued
  • Deco Deeds Updated: A few other new things for this the task system this month
  • Vecna Corruption Dice Updated: Timer was doubled up that was spawning coins
  • Recipe Craft System Updated: Now in beta. It crafts the example item (Ring of Gifts) and next week will be expanding for doing Temp Gear
  • Crafting Chisel Added: Increases the durability of an ingredient
  • Crafting Quill Added: Increases the durability of a recipe
  • Vecna's Scribe Rune Updated: Caused the freeze last weekend. Placed back in Hide and Seek for further testing

Update 278


  • Guild Update: Added permissions to the Warlord rank.
  • Craft System Update: Quite a few functionality tweaks and logic cleanups. (Going good though)
  • Craft System Added: New system that handles the bonding of Ingredients/Recipes together to increase the intensity. One of the design requirements of a new craft system is that there are very few wasted components, even the smallest item can be used to create a better item.

Update 279


  • Fishing Event Updated: Improved debugging information provided
  • Fishing Event Updated: New Strongbox for rewards, Admiral Essex (Chance for rare pirate jewelrly being introduced)
  • Base Quest Item Updated: Established default data
  • Nerve Strike Updated: Handled Direct Damage correctly
  • Death Strike Updated: Handles Direct Damage correctly (Max 50 unlike normal DD which is 35)
  • Weapon XP Deed Updated: Added some display information to the mouse over
  • Cloak of the Dragon Claw Added: 2nd item for the new craft system, this item is being used to test introducing the crafting of temp high end gear.
  • Base Armor Updated: Added properties for temp gear. (Temp Gear cannot be socketed)
  • Craft System Updated: Adding the small tweaks needed for crafting temp gear.
  • Trait System Updated: Added first pieces for the new poison system being introduced. Still need to add some additional functionality to get this working smooth and curing poisons but I know what needs to be done now. As I get time this week should be able to clean this up.
  • Poison - Necropolis Fever Added: First poison being added that will be used for Poison Strike spell (Not connected yet)

Update 280


  • Poison System Updated: All of the components to inflict someone with point are in game now, this will be a brief testing period to ensure what these functions normally do has not been altered.
  • Trait System Updated: Now has the methods to handle who the owner of an effect on a trait
  • Crafting System Updated: While some more polished numbers, skills and resources still need to take place think we are getting very close to full testing to start. This week would like to create an 2 additional recipes (1 perm and 1 temp) before starting the next phase of testing.
  • Crafting System Updated: Can now view the finished item in your pack at any stage of the crafting process. This will work much like the Marketplace view item. This is important due to the extremely dynamic nature of this crafting system.
  • Deco Deed Added: Pet Wars Arena
  • Skill Augments Added: Animal Taming, Necromancy, Poisoning

Publish 59 - April 2019

Update 281


  • AutoSave Updated: Previous error handling from original code was incomplete and allowed for a bad save and crash at the same time. This has been resolved and allow for intervention. (Still need to design a better system here with more save guards)
  • Craft System Update: Bonding was not correctly determining between a recipe scroll and an ingredient
  • Craft System Update: Packages created for quicker testing and testing different issues going forward
  • Craft System Update: Started ingredients towards final numbers (Not finished due to crash issues needing resolved)
  • Package System Updated: Will now force items in the pack (No matter weight or item count)
  • Title System Updated: Resolved display issue
  • Title System Updated: Correctly passing the owner of effect
  • Dynanmic Logger Updated: Added instance without mobile info so systems can maintain their own logs
  • Deco Deeds Added: 14 new items from Sayla
  • Staff Runebook Updated: Error handling added

Update 282


  • Deco Deeds Added: 15 new items from GM Sayla and GM Domino
  • Creature AI Updated: CheckFlee updated for new powder
  • Powder of Blood Rage Added: Weapon Powder that prevents mobs from fleeing (Chance to inflict is a base chance plus wielder poison skill bonus)
  • Craft System Updated: Last guess changes on numbers for crafting temp item so we can start testing within a small group, perm item will happen this week.
  • TurnInQuestGiver Updated: Now provides how many hours until next turn in is allowed
  • BaseWeapon Updated: New powder code
  • HouseFoundation Updated: Customizing house now deals directly with the ledger.
  • Wiki Updated,dead links removed

Update 283


  • Powder of Blood Rage Updated: Application duration base is now 20 minutes and the infliction base is 20 seconds. These can both be modified by the craftmenship of the powder.
  • Powder of Blood Rage Updated: Testing new method weapon powders will be inflicted when hit. This has a base of 33% chance + a bonus based on the poison skill of the attacker. At 120 Poison you can achieve the current crafted max of Hit Dispel 50%. Having a Poison skill over 120 will continue to increase the infliction chance. (If I like this, I will consider changing other powders over to this rather then use the Hit Display replacement)
  • Shield of the Rose Added: Uses Blood Diamonds to increase the level(31). Primary Skills: Healing/Anatomy, Secondary Skills: Magery or Spirit Speak, Special Prop: Spell Damage Reduction (Max 10%), Special Feature: Rose Touch - Can increase the strength and uses per day. To use equip item and double click it
  • Pet Tonics Updated: Stackable and will not consume entire stack
  • Bank Tile Updated: Should catch when people are trying to drag things across
  • Deco Deeds Added: 15 new items from Domino and Sayla
  • Dymamic Reward Updated: Expanded error data
  • Detailed Contract Gump Updated: Expanded error data

Update 284


  • Stone Circle Updated: Duration no longer a flat time, now is 10 seconds + 1 second per 5 Animal Taming above 100.
  • Tomb Raiding System Updated: Added new Power Wrist that works with the current set structure (No changes to existing Power Wrist items) You can now get both on the drop list.
  • Parrot Updated: Now has all of the common and rare hues (Rare are 1 in 10 chance)
  • Belt of Tokuno Dye Tub Updated: Name no longer changes name
  • Hide and Seek Updated: Displays map name when location changes
  • Market System Updated: Refresh now accepts Market Place Dollars
  • Mailboxes Added: East and South of a new mailbox added (Sayla/Domino for the image)
  • Saffron Ranger Items Updated: Removed reflect and replaced with new properties better suited for taming (No existing items will be changed or effected by this)

Publish 59 - May 2019

Update 285 Craft System


To say the least this was a massive update, 2 new systems completely unique to UO. Aspects of designing, solving and coding has been in progress for over 3 years working towards updating the flaws of crafting and bring modern play mechanics to a 20 year old game. The key thing is without forcing or removing the original points of UO that many have come to love.

We will not be removing the existing craft system that involves runic tools but instead based on what you desire to craft and create will determine what system is best for you. The New Craft system will allow players to easily access many unique features of Evolution and complete against players during events.

This weekend/Week/Month myself and staff will be testing different things and bringing them online. First will be the Mother's Day event, we have some new deco for rewards plus some very critical components to the recipe craft system that you will need as you explore the new systems. Then as we test new components the reward tables will be updated (No restarted needed if things are approved). If we need to do an update to resolve an issue I will usually wait until the next morning. My goal is to move this along as fast as possible while not interfering with playing. I hope everyone enjoys

  • Base Weapon Updated: Lost and Found qualifications altered, removed the bless check
  • Base Armor Updated: Lost and Found qualifications altered, removed the bless check
  • Player Mobile Updated: Changed the logon process for new systems
  • Flurry Updated: Bad Body and Hue values
  • MOTD Updated: No longer is running at Logon
  • Daily Event System Updated: Now checks for the Today System to see if something needs to be triggered
  • Base Glyph Stone Updated: Expanded functionality to handle crafting ingredients
  • Merchant Framework Updated: Added Today Event tracker
  • Gear Key [Backpack] Added: The ability to hold 1 complete gear suit in a single item. Dress at the press of a button with no internet lag and no chance of items caught in the client buffer.
  • Bank Vault Keys {Ingredients for Gear Key] Added: Ingredients for crafting Gear Key, each can ahve 0-3 layers added to the key when crafting (More info in the discord dev channel)

Gear Key [Backpack] Recipe Added: Crafting scroll for the Gear Key (More info in the discord dev channel)

  • Today System Added: Currently only has 1 event (Taming) but once this is tested more event types will be added. Not only can you earn rewards by doing the event but addition rewards by competing against other players and being a top finisher. Plus has helpful information and easy access to other custom systems. You will see it at logon and can access by the command [today

Update 286


  • Deco Deeds Added: 14 New Deco Items (Team Deco: Domino and Sayla)
  • DynamicChecking Updated: Added *Any* tag to object verification
  • Daily Event System Update: Power Hour notices now go through the Today System
  • Today System Updated: Improved method of handling notices and event changes
  • Today System Updated: Added new event type (Stay Tuned!)
  • Today System Updated: Multiple object hand ins per turn in (Going to have a language issue here, I will clean that up after testing)
  • Today System Updated: Turn In Rewards can now be altered based on number of Turn Ins (Rewards increase based on the number of turns in during the event)
  • Today System Updated: Leader Board clean up
  • Today System Updated: Internal logging (like other systems)

Update 287

Update 288

  • Started work on a new graphics patch

Update 289


  • Deco Deeds Added: A few deeds from Sayla very specific to the holiday weekend

Update 290


  • Task System Updated: Config file conversion is completed
  • Gold Ledger Spam Updated: Removed messages of gold picked up
  • Token Ledger Spam Updated: Removed messages of tokens picked up
  • Self Repair Updated: Added a few addition layers for testing to ensure working correctly
  • Command Changes: [Event = Daily Event/Today - [Task = Task System

Publish 60 - June 2019

Update 291


  • Command Access Updated: Altered a few commands so staff can do a few more things (Deco/MarketPlace)
  • Dynamic Compare Update: Added correct handling of the corpse object
  • Deco Deeds Added: 5 new items from Sayla
  • Today System Updated: Added new Event Type (Kill)
  • Today System Updated: Rewards for turn in will use the last one rather then no reward
  • Today System Updated: Turns number required per cycle can be changed based on turn count
  • Today System Updated: Last winners now displayed after event is over, this data is not saved in game so will vanish after a restart.

Update 292


  • Deco Deeds Added: 89 new items
  • Everlasting Gold Panning Added: This tool has unlimited uses
  • Peerless Anguish Set Added: New set done by Thadius for the new Peerless System
  • Themed Sets Added: Minstrel/Virtuoso (Thadius)
  • Dynamic Checking Updated: Now can handle checking vs a list of objects
  • Today System Updated: Allow for turning in something in group/pool
  • Harvest System Updated: Handling Everlasting tools
  • Base Harvest Tool Updated: Several existing props were updated

Update 293


  • Xen was updated
  • Today System Update: Notice system can now handle multiple notices.
  • Evil Witch Mobile Added: For one of Sayla's projects she is working on. (In testing)
  • Daily Event System Updated: Access to new notice system
  • Peerless Anguish Set Updated: Cleaned up some small issues
  • Deco Deeds Added: 37 new items

Update 294


  • Minstrel Set Updated: New gear set for July
  • Virtuoso Set Updated: New gear set for July
  • Minstrel Mystery Chest Added: Random chance for the new gear set
  • Evil Witch Updated: A few tweaks from testing
  • Today System Update: Added new weapon event
  • Task System Updated: Changed over the daily reward handling funtionality to an improved method to better handle issues and errors.
  • Deco Deeds Added: 12 new items
  • Everlasting GoldPan Updated: Small math issue
  • Peerless Scroll Added: Currency for the new system
  • Peerless Bosses Updated: Reward change over

Publish 61 - July 2019

Update 295


  • Task System Updated: Improved error checking with daily goal rewards (Hopefully this resolves a few outstanding issues)
  • Today System Updated: Schedule parsing issue
  • Deco Deeds Added: 2 new items
  • Turn In NPC Updated: Provides info to staff members if there is an issue
  • Powder Crafting Updated: Weapon powders tribal berry ingredient requirements lowered to 10/5

Modify message

Update 296


  • Task System Updated: Relabeled log identifiers to assist with tracking down issues faster
  • Task System Updated: Additional test commands for daily rewards
  • Task System Updated: Several config issues resolved
  • Deco Deeds Added: 6 new items

Publish 62 - August 2019

Update 297


  • Champion Alter Updated: Old alter system from before my time. Added data validation and error handling to the timer, still investigating a few items regarding this.
  • Kas Bone Powder Updated: Issue how the powder of discovering which Dragon Cloak was being targeted.
  • Dragon Cloak Updated: Data not preserved correctly once cloak is completed (Internal issue, does not effect the cloak)

Update 298


  • BaseWeapon Updated: Process path where the Hit Fireball damage could be physical and not fire
  • Twisted Weald Mobiles Updated: Irk and Eye drops adjusted (This is going to be an on going process with a few Peerless areas until we get it fine tuned)
  • Salya Deco Items Updated: Added 67 new items
  • Vecna's Alter Updated: Clean up some reward paths (This needs recoded)
  • Vecna Controller Updated: Added new Alter flag
  • Powder Grinder Updated: Improved the error handling

Update 299


  • Today System Updated: Can handle multiple events at the same time (Once we get through the auction this will get tested)
  • Task System Updated: Data validation checks added
  • Everlasting Leprechaun Dungeon Chest Key added: Everlasting version of the +5 key
  • TurnInQuestGiver Updated: Now uses the new Dynamic Reward code for handling rewards and increased functionality as it improves.
  • Recipes Updated: Corrected the process of data verification with regard to existing IDs

Update 300


  • Daily System Updated: Correctly calls into the Today System
  • Deco Items Added: 50 new items from Domino and Sayla
  • BaseCreature Updated: New property added
  • Breeding System Updated: You can now spend points to buy down the level needed to breed a pet. There is a new page to the option screen where you spend points as well. This should allow you to skip having to max a pet out before leveling. (Concept: Level up a pet to get some ability points, spend them on Breeding Level Reduction so that instead of a pet needing to be Level 15/Max Level 15, it would only need to be for example Level 10/Max Level 15)

Update 301


  • Advanced NPC Added: (Testing) This will replace the Turn In Quest NPC. New feature added is the ability to talk to mobiles in the area. This can be both entertaining and informative.
  • Belt of Tokuno Updated: Points now displayed (No I didn't change points needed nor change chance of getting points)
  • Unlock Spell Updated: Was not triggering expanded interface method and causing some chests to be empty when looted.
  • Sayla Deco Deeds Added: 26 New Items
  • Augment Stones Updated: Regarding Weapon Speed and Damage Increase stones had display information improved

Publish 63 - September 2019

Update 302


  • Dynamic Checking Updated: Removed console spam for visual verification of the recent functionality
  • Deco Deeds Addded: 11 new items from Sayla
  • Everlasting Leprechaun Key Updated: Resolved Cliloc issue
  • Leprechaun Key Updated: Resolved Cliloc issue
  • Augment Added: Glimmering Turquoise (+5 Vet)
  • Daily Event System Updated: Data validation added to recent event type
  • Remove Task Delay Updated: It was validating against an impossible situation.
  • Today System Updated: Corrected process used to visually determine delays
  • Today System Updated: Cleaned up a ton of little things but I still think there is one outstanding issue, I tested for it and it works so might of resolved the issue while cleaning up one of the other issues. (We will do a small test this week to verify)
  • Death Announcements Updated: Player vs Player deaths will be announced only in fel and if the killer or killed is in fel 100% of the time. Outside of Fel will not see any notices

Travesty Updated: Peerless Quest drop rate increased (We will be watching this to see if other adjustments are needed)

  • Bank Tile Updated: Cleaned up some of the reporting code and process
  • Base Weapon Updated: Evasion bonus was not firing in all situations, bonus now reflects type of weapon used (1h vs 2h)

Update 303


  • Wine Crafting Updated: Extended the base wine object to allow for inherit items to extend functionality
  • Deco Deeds Added: 19 new items from Sayla
  • Bottle of Pirate Rum Added: New exciting drink for all your tavern nights and private parties! Just like Captain Morgan but crafted without regulations or quality control in the way!
  • Endless Bottle of Pirate Rum Added: Like above except the party never ends
  • Eight Inch Cannonball Added: Ever wanted to just toss an 8" Cannonball at your friend, now you can.
  • Twelve Inch Cannonball Added: Has the features of the 8" Cannonball when not charged up, but at a charge of 5 Pirate Gold per shot it becomes a lethal weapon that you can level up with SOS Maps. This may start out slightly weaker than a conflagration potion but as it levels up it will become part of your new arsenal of tricks. This uses both leveling up and throwing skill to enhance features and damage.

Update 304


  • Powder Grinder Updated: Added additional support functionality to determine status of powder related gear
  • Alchemy Gold Powder Updated: (Testing) Reworked the math behind it. This is just to establish a foundation and not completed
  • Twelve Inch Cannonball Updated: Corrected the process and logic for adding items
  • Eight Inch Cannonball Updated: Added a sanity check piece
  • Deco Deeds Added: Added 2 new items from Sayla

Update 305


  • Twelve Inch Cannonball Updated: Added explosion effect that happens shortly after victim takes initial damage, there is a chance to dismount based on cannonball level (Damage based on level as well)
  • Gold Ledger Updated: Tracks new player gold
  • Vendor Stone Updated: Fixed a staff access issue
  • Keyguard Updated: Resolve the serialization/code issue (Failed and will attempt next week)
  • Irk Updated: Nudged brain drop (Creating something to handle this all in game and will move the peerless drops to it)
  • Dynamic Logging Updated: Added a more generic option to logging
  • Blood Ring of Vecna Added: Ring has 5 random +1 skills, all can be increased to +10 through blood diamonds
  • Deco Deeds Added: 34 new items from Domino and Sayla
  • Gloves of the Hallow Added: new item for the hallow suit
  • Fishing Event Updated: A few pirate gold for big fish turn-ins

Update 306

Added Ram and SSD Hard Drives

Publish 64 - October 2019

Update 307


  • Keyguard Updated: Data validation handled correctly
  • Keyguard Updated: Serialization issue resolved
  • Loot Controller Added: Initial code release of a new system that will allow us to modify chances of special loot dropping from a single system
  • Dynamic Checking Updated: Added a string vs list with properties comparison
  • Raffle Stone Updated: Updated the logging to use the current system
  • Halloween Deco Deeds Added: 36 new items from Sayla
  • Marketplace Coupons Added: Takes a % off the price of an item, once used there is no refund or getting coupon back
  • Marketplace System Updated: Item detail interface now has an option to apply a coupon
  • Loot Controller Updated: New system to allow us to handle rare/special drops from mobs in a dynamic method without requiring restarts

Update 308


  • Keyguard Updated: Cleaned up some spam issues (Things looks like they are working)
  • PvP Death Announce Updated: Should be only in Felucca now
  • Raffle Stone Updated: Data validation checks
  • Admirals Hats Updated: The hats will not accept Doubloons once completed
  • Deco Deeds Added: 2 new items from Sayla

Update 309


  • Deco Deeds Added: 3 new items from Sayla
  • Detect Hidden Updated: Can now reveal an hidden stealable
  • Stealing Updated: Will trigger the dynamic reward object to create the desired item if configured to do so.
  • BaseStealableItem Updated: System now allows for items to be hidden and required to be revealed prior to theft and allow for dynamic item creation
  • Stealing Quest Gear Updated: Added 2 new items: Lenses and Talisman
  • Death Lenses Added: New item for Vecna Tomb
  • Secure Container Gump Updated: Any house owner can now have a Guild Member container

Update 310


  • Virtual Market items, pricing and descriptions updated! Use [market command in game
  • Mobile Update: Removed a series of messages some mobs were displaying due to this causing crashes. Once I verify this does resolve the current issue the functionality will be recoded.
  • Deco Deeds Added: 3 new items from Sayla/Domino

Publish 65 - November 2019

Update 311


  • Market System Update: Coupons not deleting after use during testing
  • Glimmering Sodalite Added: +5 Detect Hidden Augment for armor and jewelry
  • Task System Updated
  • Monthly Task Items Added: New reward concept for task system, 2-3 unique items each month focused on the skills for that month.

Update 312


  • Shard Controller Updated: New data entry to handle Stealable Detect Hidden range calculation
  • Base Stealable Updated: Range calculation can now be updated from a config file
  • Deco Deeds Added: 5 new items from Sayla
  • Market System Update: Coupon tracking added, now only 1 coupon per item.
  • Market System Update: Initial work for the upcoming Faction System/Secret Vendor Stones

Update 313

Update 314 - Factions


  • Core Update: Added new faction facet “Feudal Lands”
  • Core Update: Minor Item and Map tweaks
  • Map Updated: Added definition for the new facet
  • Deco Deeds Added: 11 new items from Sayla

Update 315 - Factions


  • Dynamic Reward Updated: Expanded on tag reading functionality built into the object (Consider seperating tags into its own class)
  • Deco Deeds Added: 13 new items from Sayla
  • Detect Hidden Updated: When used it can let the player know if there is a secret vendor in the area. The area searched is based on the Detect Hidden skill and wider than any other means of locating a secret vendor area.
  • Merchant Framework Updated: Market data elements added (Not added to the global market system)
  • Market Stones Added: These can be objects you double click or invisible areas available to the [market command. Instead of the normal global market items you will see new items based on the stone/area setup. These areas can use a wide assortment of currencies, this new system will also be used in the Faction System for any purchasing. (With some additional coding and enhancements this could become a rather unique player vendor as well)

Update 316


  • Deco Deeds Added: 19 new items from Sayla
  • Staged Item System Updated: Added new functionality to the interface (This is for new stuff, no existing items use the functionality)
  • Phase Spider Thread Updated: Improved the error handling
  • Santa’s Good List: New item
  • Santa’s Naughty List: New item
  • Elven Pouch Added: Small bag of holding, holds 12 items, cannot be snooped and when someone tries they become revealed.
  • Elven Sewing Thread Added: Increases Elven Pouch max items up to 25;
  • Bag of Lost Toys Added: A Bag that uses blood diamonds increases to Level 100: Starts out as a weak bag of holding but can become so much more: Max Item Count 7 -: Weight Reduction 100% - Reveal Chance 100% Explosion Chance - 100%
  • Frosty Snow Shoes: Updated
  • Blood Diamond System Updated: Improved the handling of items to a more generic nature
  • The NEW Wiki has been built at www.uoevo.com/wiki
  • The NEW Forum has been built at www.uoevo.com/forum

Publish 66 - December 2019

Update 317


  • Marketplace System Update: Coupon button display always set to false (Conflicting data flags between global and stones)
  • Dynamic Reward Update: Select items can now be set as owner
  • Task System Updated: Config file broken into separate components for easier managing and expanding upon without causing issues in other areas of tasks.
  • Task System Updated: Tasks have been broken down into categories, this should prevent duplicate consecutive tasks and expose the weak points in tasks.
  • Task System Updated: Task turnin counts get modified based on the number of tasks you have completed for the month. I believe the sweet spot hovers around 200.
  • Task System Updated: Skip Task Penalty now has a chart which is loaded from the task system. I believe this will allow for the best way to target the issue areas while not addressing the problem blindly. (This is set for 0 at this time, I have enough areas to test out) My view is for each day a player should get a few “Free” skips and afterwards this will increase based on the number of skips for that day. The skip count number resets each day.
  • Marketplace Coupon Updated: Has the feature to be bound to a player
  • Marketplace Coupon Updated: Gift Card which will give Market Place Dollars
  • Dynamic Checking Updated: Reads a chart from a config and determine the results
  • Stocking Gift Updated: Added 2019 entry

Update 318


  • Task System Updated: Started expanding the craft section of the task config and working out the issues there.
  • Task System Updated: Added the functionality to pay gold to skip a task. Currently this has a default range of numbers which will get better nailed down first. Then each task will have its own based on the difficulty level of the task itself to replace the default number. Number of skips will increase the gold amount much like time. (This is on trial run based on the meeting)
  • Market System Updated: Market Voucher sanity checks should all be in sync now.

Update 319


  • Bag of Lost Toys Updated: Serialization issue resolved
  • Dynamic Logging Updated: Added functionality for general logging
  • Task System Updated: Skipped tasks and all related information now logged for a report
  • Task System Updated: Skip price is now saved once set, resets after task is skipped or completed
  • Pet Level Deed Updated: Sanity checks and verification that is your pet
  • Pet Level Scroll Updated: Sanity checks and verification that is your pet
  • Artifact Repair Deed Updated: Added base clothing with artifact check and Pharaoh Sandals to what it can repair.
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