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Publish 32 - January 2017

Update 165 New Year


This January marks UO Evolution's 6th Year Anniversary. I want to Thank Kane for all the great scripting over the years. He has produced new content every Friday, which makes us very unique and successful! Also a big Thank You to Domino for making thousands of new deco items and creating all the new Quests!

Here is a recap of all the quests we just added

Key Quests

  • Bookworms (Evo Key)
  • Rebuilding Magincia
  • Family Ties
  • Exploring Passages
  • A Champion's Sting
  • Unity
  • Mystical Order
  • Silly Mage Apprentice
  • Stitchin Time (in combination with contracts)
  • Pirate Plunder


  • Samhain
  • Spooks & Spells


  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter Ghost


  • Santa's Mishap

Other Nustolkai's Trouble (Thief Quest)

Old Quests rewritten for new quest system

  • Tomb Raiding/Archaeology
  • Big Game Hunter
  • Cursed Pirate
  • Hercules
  • Orc Clan
  • Vecna
  • Contracts: planned and developed a reward table for Cloth Emporium contracts. Added 25 Tailor based contracts. This system is still being watched and will be added to on an ongoing basis. Start looking for Contract Masters to pop up all over!
  • Working on: Re-decoing the CTF Area

Update 166


  • BaseCreature Added: RewardFactor Property
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 37 new items
  • Capture the Flag Updated: Redesigned the activation process
  • Hide and Seek Updated: Will now jump after each prize.
  • Levelable Items Updated: Will now check the RewardFactor Property
  • PetLevel Updated: Will now check the RewardFactor Property
  • GetPet Updated: Disabled in CTF
  • Vet Reward Updated: Disabled in CTF
  • Help - Res Updated: Disabled in CTF
  • Cleaned up Christmas Spawners & North Pole
  • Christmas/December Stealables Turned off
  • Deco Mall Christmas ED Stone removed
  • Added Mondain Priests - they were missing to start The Ancient World quest
  • Level Deeds re-added to Game token stone/Game token stone in Trinsic up dated-All deco was removed. *Deco for Game tokens still avaliable on stone in Deco Mall, so that deco items have room to be displayed.
  • Adjusted Mystical Order Quest spawners

Deco Created:

  • Anniversary_Globe_Red_2017_D01
  • SpiralStairCase_Wooden_2017_D01
  • Tree_SaffronGrace_D01_2017
  • Tree_TangerineTango_D01_2017
  • Tree_BlisteringRed_D01_2017
  • Tree_MuddyGreen_D01_2017
  • Tree_OcherOrange_D01_2017
  • Tree_Yemeni_D01_2017
  • GardenAbor_D01_2017
  • SandstoneGardenSeating_D01_2017
  • Shipyard_DockAddon_D01_2017
  • Shipyard_D01_2017
  • TownWellSandstone_D01_2017
  • TownWellBoard_D01_2017
  • ArcaneTable_BkGr_D01_2017
  • ArcaneTable_RdWh_D01_2017
  • ArcaneTable_GrWh_D01_2017
  • ArcaneTableDeluxe_D01_2017
  • LibraryShelvesEast_D01_2017
  • LibraryShelvesSouth_D01_2017
  • RoseofTrinsicPlanter_D01_2017
  • RoseofTrinsicPond_D01_2017
  • AnniversaryDisplayCase_D01_2017
  • AnniversaryPheonix_D01_2017
  • AnniversaryTable_D01_2017
  • Anniversary_Globe_Red_2017_D01
  • LampWhite
  • LampRed
  • LampAqua
  • LampBrown
  • LampPumpkin
  • LampBlack
  • LampDkPurple
  • LampSkyBlue
  • LampOrange
  • LampDkGreen
  • FireworksStand_D01_2017
  • FireworksSupplies_D01_2017

Update 167


  • Hide and Seek Updated: Corrected display issue
  • Hide and Seek Box Added: A container that can be revealed with the Detect Hidden Skill
  • Detect Hidden Skill Updated: Functionality to reveal Hide and Seek Boxes
  • XML Spawner Attachments Updated
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 34 new items
  • Battle-Worn Shroud of Vecna Added
  • Battle-Worn Robe of Kas Added
  • Enchanted Polar Bear Added: 0 slot ridable
  • Emperial Fireworks Wand Updated: Resolved small logic issue.
  • Powder of Invidia Updated: Added a few new properties to the list
  • Remnant of Vecna's Soul Added: Mage oriented
  • Capture the Flag Added: fixed a few issues
  • Emperer's Decree Added: Weapon Augment for leveling your Belt of Tokuno.. Easier to get points and more points can be gained.
  • Mystery Chest - Kas Updated: Added the new Battle Worn Items
  • Mystery Chest - Magi Updated: Added the new Battle Worn Items
  • Mystery Chest - Augments Added: When opening you will get a random augment from the list of them that featured at Auctions and Events. (You get 1-3 of the same augment)
  • Power Hour Updated: Recoded it all, We now have Champ, Pet, Iron Forge, Dragon Cloak and Belt of Tokuno Power Hours. We will need a little time and testing to get the numbers right. Once we do these will become regular events and we will add new ones.

Update 168 - 6th Year Anniversary


This weekend will start the testing of Vecna's Tombs. From time to time I will be asking or offering people I see playing if they would like to fight something. This will be for players of all ages and sizes so I can get a good idea of where things are or need to be plus use the new commands to gather much needed data.

  • BaseLevelMonsters Added: Can now add the ability for mobs to level up, becoming increasingly harder as they kill players
  • VecnaTombMonsters Added: Base functionality and abilities that all monsters in the tomb will share. Tomb mobs can use augments such as spiked shield, triple slash and such.
  • Vecna Acolyte Added: Mage of Vecna that uses fire
  • Vecna Necromancer Added: Necromancer of Vecna that turns the corpses around him into a new fighting force
  • Vecna Priest Added: Prist of Vecna that heals those forces around him supporting the cause
  • Vecna Archmage Added: Archmage of Vecna that can summon the Sword of Kas
  • Kas Guard Added: Low level troops of Kas
  • Kas Assassin Added: Sneak attacks that make your ability to defend even harder
  • Kas Archer Added: Range support
  • Kas Knight Added: The swords of Kas
  • Kas Royal Guard Added: Just consider this a warning, expect him to level up fast.
  • Vecna's Soul Spike Added: New augment
  • Vecna's Mind Rott Added: New augment
  • Vecna's Grave Leech Added: New augment
  • Vecna's Arrow Spray Added: New augment
  • Tomb Spirit Added
  • Corpse Spirit Added
  • Kas Blade Added
  • Vecnas Tomb Controller Updated: Now can figure out what section of the tomb mobs originate from, the tomb is divided into 5 sections
  • Anniversary Present 2017 Added: Can be opened on Jan 30, 2017
  • Add Present Command Added: Dante can hand out over the weekend
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 76 new items
  • Combat Check Commands Added: New commands that will allow to get a better look at the combat numbers under the hood while in game. This should speed up testing the tombs and anything else we need to look at, also assist me in recoding the rest of UO Combat
  • Evo Hunt Updated: Hopefully cleaned up this code for the last time..
  • Xml Custom Attack Updated: New functionality to allow mobs to use augments
  • Xml Custom Defense Updated: New functionality to allow mobs to use augments
  • Vecna Tomb Region Updated: Just to make things interesting
  • Wildfire Updated: Now follows the UOGuide description
  • Mage Spells Updated: Enable new AI elements to use easier
  • AOS Damage Updated: The math was bad, allowed for negative results which would effect other numbers.
  • Added new Mithril Sea Serpent Spawn
  • Updated Tailor Contract giver! (no more guessing wool colors)
  • Added new Carpentry Contract giver
  • Added Quest Tree Whisperer (starts in Ter Mur Royal City)
  • Updated-rewrote Enchanted Shovel Quest
  • All Trammel Cities designated a City Color Banners and Flags created.

Town Flags and Banners Placed in:

  • 1388(light horror)BuccaneersDen
  • 2162(shaded yellow green)Britian
  • 2134(shaded yellow orange) Cove
  • 1470(jamocha shake)Jhelom
  • 1469(pumpkin)Minoc
  • 1150(white)Moonglow
  • 1161(blaze)Nujel'm
  • 2151(shaded sky blue)NewHaven
  • 2182(abysmal violetblue)SerpentsHold
  • 1475(aquatic shadow)SkaraBrae
  • 2173(Abysmal red)Vesper
  • 1455(Colors of All) Wind
  • 2131(shaded yellow)YewCity Confidential
  • 2958(granite1)Trinsic
  • 2143(shaded dustyrose)Magincia
  • 1446(Greens#45)Papua
  • 1468(Seafoam Wisp) Delicia

New Deco Created:

  • BootlegJenkinsGrotto_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleBritian_D01_2017
  • BannerBritianEast_D01_2017
  • BannerBritianSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleBuccaneersDen_D01_2017
  • BannerBuccaneersDenEast_D01_2017
  • BannerBuccaneersDenSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleCove_D01_2017
  • BannerCoveEast_D01_2017
  • BannerCoveSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleJhelom_D01_2017
  • BannerJhelomEast_D01_2017
  • BannerJhelomSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleMinoc_D01_2017
  • BannerMinocEast_D01_2017
  • BannerMinocSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleMoonglow_D01_2017
  • BannerMoonglowEast_D01_2017
  • BannerMoonglowSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleNujelm_D01_2017
  • BannerNujelmEast_D01_2017
  • BannerNujelmSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleNewHaven_D01_2017
  • BannerNewHavenEast_D01_2017
  • BannerNewHavenSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleNewSerpentsHold_D01_2017
  • BannerSerpentsHoldEast_D01_2017
  • BannerSerpentsHoldSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleSkaraBrae_D01_2017
  • BannerSkaraBraeEast_D01_2017
  • BannerSkaraBraeSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleVesper_D01_2017
  • BannerVesper_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleWind_D01_2017
  • BannerWindEast_D01_2017
  • BannerWindSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleYew_D01_2017
  • BannerYewEast_D01_2017
  • BannerYewSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleTrinsic_D01_2017
  • BannerTrinsicEast_D01_2017
  • BannerTrinsicSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleMagincia_D01_2017
  • BannerMaginciaEast_D01_2017
  • BannerMaginciaSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpoleDelucia_D01_2017
  • BannerDeluciaEast_D01_2017
  • BannerDeluciaSouth_D01_2017
  • FlagpolePapua_D01_2017
  • BannerPapuaEast_D01_2017
  • BannerPapuaSouth_D01_2017
  • BrownSewingShelfEast
  • BrownSewingShelfSouth
  • RedSewingShelfEast
  • RedSewingShelfSouth
  • BlueSewingShelfEast
  • BlueSewingShelfSouth
  • GraniteSewingShelfEast
  • GraniteSewingShelfSouth
  • GreenSewingShelfEast
  • GreenSewingShelfSouth
  • OrangeSewingShelfEast
  • OrangeSewingShelfSouth
  • BrownCarpenterShelfEast
  • BrownCarpenterShelfSouth
  • RedCarpenterShelfEast
  • RedCarpenterShelfSouth
  • BlueCarpenterShelfEast
  • BlueCarpenterShelfSouth
  • GraniteCarpenterShelfEast
  • GraniteCarpenterShelfSouth
  • GreenCarpenterShelfEast
  • GreenCarpenterShelfSouth
  • OrangeCarpenterShelfEast
  • OrangeCarpenterShelfSouth

Publish 33 - February 2017

Update 169


  • Bottle of Rum Added: This item is for Expo's Pirate adventures
  • Vecna Tomb Monsters Updated: Seems ShieldArmor never checks to make sure it is a shield (but doesn't crash on the test server, just the live): Mobs should use correct augments now.
  • Contract Creation Stone Added: Can create, see and test contracts in game now. This should speed things up a lot

Update 170


  • Forensic Evaluation Updated: Adjusted accesslevel and logic to better handle specific sitautions
  • Instant Regen Tile Added: A tile to instantly recover Hits, Stam and Mana for pets (Only)
  • Chat System Updated: Added new shard to the list
  • Watch Book Added: Tool to allow set to have a small group of players in a list and display needed information.
  • Contract System Updated: Version 2 of the Contract Creation Tool, now can handle a longer list of Turn Ins and Rewards.

Update 171


  • Token System Updated: Put a cap on tokens awarded (Only effects a rare situation)
  • Contract System Updated: Allowed for a no gold contract
  • Watch Book Updated: Not handling when player logged out correctly
  • Turn In Quest Giver Updated: Amazing what 1 bracket can do. Now handles the Times per day correctly.

Update 172


  • New commands Added to help handle some of the tasks regarding new players
  • Rite of Exorcism Added: New aug for Ghost Champions
  • Summoning Card Added: New aug for Ghost Champions
  • New augments: Music, Provocation and Discordance
  • Corpses/Curses: Put some markers in place for the moment in an attempt to see if we can do better.

Cupid Quest Update:

Checked Spawners and deco’d Quest starting point. All spawners turned off and Investigation Report posted!

Updated Deco Mall Stones: Deco Mall Living Rooms, Waterworks.

Addons Made:

  • SereneFountian_D01_2017Addon
  • PharaohThrone_D02_2017
  • ShadySeat_D02_2017
  • ChairS_Gothic_RedGold_D02_2017
  • GatePlatform_ValentinePink_D02_2017
  • GatePlatform_ValentineWhite_D02_2017
  • GatePlatform_Carnival_D02_2017
  • SereneCornerSeat_D02_2017
  • SerenePlanter1_D02_2017
  • SereneSmFoutain_D02_2017

Updated contracts for WoodworkersGuild and ClothEmporium. Any Errors found please PM me.

Update 173


  • AOS Updated: Added EvoAttributes (We reached the max of Properties that can be added for AOS and Armor)
  • BaseArmor Updated: Allows for EvoAttributes to be added (Only 1 is on the list and not available yet, dont ask)
  • Mortal Strike Updated: Cooldown code wasn't even there so there was never a delay. Current cooldown time is 5 seconds + a Healing Skill Bonus from the mobile that has the mortal wound.
  • Enchanted Apple Updated: Can now eat an apple at 40 seconds but will cost you 30 mana, 120 is the same as before. Now will remove Mortal Wounds
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 13 new items
  • Purge Spell Note: It is a second circle spell, I will not code for it to remove Mortal Wounds with all that it already does. Balance Decision and a note for players.
  • Vortex Strike Augment Update: The summoned mobs should now vanish when the time expires
  • Gold Panning System Update: Now split between Felucca and not. Better chance for higher nuggets in Fel. In guarded areas you can only get small nuggets. (Over farming is known to happen). It is called Gold Panning, not dredging. No longer will work on boats.
  • Golden Chicken Updated: No longer endless instant eggs.

Deco deeds Created:

  • SenticoresDeluxeDJStand_D02_2017
  • SenticoresDesk_D02_2017
  • MileysPubPoolTable_D02_2017
  • PondNBridge
  • MorningGlory
  • St Patricks Day Deco
  • CloverPlanterSouth_D02_2017
  • CloverPlanterEast_D02_2017
  • LeprechaunEscapeDoorSouth_D02_2017
  • LeprechaunEscapeDoorEast_D02_2017
  • LeprechaunLeftovers_D02_2017
  • Tomb Deco
  • Tomb_Pottery1_D02_2017
  • GatePlatform_Leprechaun_D02_2017

Ongoing Cleanup of the Player Vendor Mall section of the Public Gate

Updated Gold and token stones in Deco Display

Updated Game Token Stone in Deco Mall

Removed duplicate items from stones in Britian Mages and Alchemist Shops

Modified Rules for champ power hour. New Rules take effect Friday March 3rd.

Expo's Update

  • XMLSiege fun times testing
  • Created 29 New NPCs (Classic Feud Expansion)
  • Created 22 New Quest Items (Classic Feud Expansion)
  • Developing 12 New Quests (Classic Feud Expansion)
  • Crafted 9 New Addons (Classic Feud Expansion)
  • Updated the Expositionary Sentry
  • Monster to sway players to leave an area
  • Random Bomberman events
  • Random Discord Hunts
  • PvP promotion “fun for all”

Added to Wiki

  • Training Elemetal
  • Powder of Invidia
  • Talisman of Invidia
  • Powder of Acedia
  • Talisman of Avaritia
  • Talisman of the Eclipsing Flame
  • Talisman of the Eclipsing Moon
  • Evolution 5th Anniversary Talisman
  • Talisman of the Corpse
  • Talisman of the Beast
  • Talisman of ThreeFingerJack

Updated UOEvo Videos section

Facebook Top Posts

  • Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls
  • 481 Reached, 28 Reactions Comments & Shares, 28 Clicks
  • Grand Auction TODAY at Noon 5
  • 580 Reached, 13 Reactions Comments & Shares, 34 Clicks
  • McD’s First PvP Invitation
  • 579 Reached, 8 Reactions Comments & Shares, 23 Clicks


  • Intro to Fishing Part Two - Weight of the World Music Video
  • UO Change Ugly Font to Classic Awesome UO Font
  • The Rum is NOT All Gone!
  • Valentine’s Day Cupid Quest Intro
  • AFK Resource Gathering Equals Mining Jailhouse Rock
  • PvP Despise Kung Fu Hustle Music Video
  • Bomberman Match
  • Stones Remix for the Grand Auction

Richard Garriott aka Lord British enjoyed my dedication to David Watson aka Iolo the Bard and retweeted my video =)

Publish 34 - March 2017

Update 174


  • Goblin Updated: Changed to handle the new monthly event
  • Advanced Goblin Updated: Added to give a twist
  • Powder Crafting Added: Just in testing but as you will notice it does tie into the event.
  • Leprechaun Gold Hide and Seek Added: Changed over to the new format
  • Uisneach's Alchemy Garb: New set of staged gear for different things, requires Leprechaun Gold to add points
  • Leprechaun Slot Machine Updated: Added to the available prizes.
  • Mardi Gras Prizes Added: A few things from Domino
  • New Property - Enhanced Potion Cap Increase Added: Increases the cap above 50
  • New Property - Powder Crafting Min Intensity Added: Used to determine the minimal effectiveness of your powder
  • New Property - Powder Crafting Max Intensity Added: Used to determine the maximum effectiveness of your powder
  • New Property - Powder Crafting Failure Reduction Added: Used to reduce the chance of failure when using powder
  • New Property - Powder Crafting Failure Damage Added: Used to decrease the damage if powder has failed.
  • Evil Omen Updated: Now reduces resists by -70 rather then just to a flat 50. Followed the nature of the spell on a custom server

Update 175


  • BaseArmor Updated: Small quark in the way the new AOS handled during creation
  • Hide and Seek Updated: Permissions updated for Counselor
  • Monthly Event Updated: Added some logic checks and tweaked a few things so it fit the original event design better
  • Battle Worn Kas Robe: Changed requirement from Int to Dex. I won't force the change on existing items but if you want it changed just PM me.

Update 176


  • Champion Spawner Updated: Counselors can now start
  • Breeding System Updated: Starting to collect data when players breed, time to move forward with features and need to know some numbers.
  • Monthly Event Updated: Added Range and LOS checks.

New Quest Added:

The Tree Whisperer

Update 177 St. Patrick's Day


  • Breeding Data Collection Update: Information gathered increased, takes to long to check serials...now just displaying the important elements.
  • Enchanted Apple Updated: Now deletes when consumed.
  • Energy Vortex Augment Added: Energy Vortex for Vortex Strike
  • Energy Vortex Updated: Now summons new Energy Vortex
  • Domino Deco Deeds Added: 12 new items
  • Mystery Chest Added: New chest for the Alchemy Garb and related deeds. All gear from this has a max stage of 10-20
  • Leprechaun Ground Gold Updated: Will now go in your pack rather then the ground.
  • Goblin Trash Keg Added: Toss Artifacts - Weapon, Clothing, Armor and Weapons in it and you have a chance of getting Leprechaun Gold. The chance and gold is based on the amount of luck on the item.
  • Goblin Treasure Keg Added: Every 1-7 Days.. you have a chance at Gold, Leprechaun Gold or Tokens. (33/33/33)
  • Goblin Throwing Mug Added: Toss mugs at players, no damage
  • Goblin Throwing Keg Added: Toss kegs at players, no damage
  • Leprechaun Treasure Keg Added: One use.. You have a chance at 200 - 2000 Gold, Leprechaun Gold or Tokens. (33/33/33)
  • Increase Max Stage Deed (Alchemy Garb) Added: Increases the max stage by 1
  • Jump Next Stage Deed (Alchemy Garb) Added: Moves you 1 point short of the next stage

Update 178


  • Enchanted Apple Updated: Should now delete correctly
  • Powder Crafting Added: Powder Crafting system
  • Leprechaun Gold Event Updated: Now gives more Leprechaun Gold for 1st prize and 2nd/3rd prizes get a small amount of Leprechaun Gold.

Update 179


  • Leprechaun Gold Updated: Decreased the range
  • Uisneach's Alchemy Garb Updated: Resolved slot issue (Had not been discovered yet, just found it in testing)
  • BasePowder Updated: Moved some core functionality to it rather then in the actual powder code
  • Powder of Pyrite Updated: Improved display and resolved a small bug when failed.

Publish 35 - April 2017

Update 180


Hide and Seek Updated: Like most things I code I have in mind a few versions of what I want to see. Hide and Seek is finally here. Hide and Seek is now controlled by a config file that can be loaded when run. There can be more then 1 config file designed by all staff, so each staff can have their own small event. Everything can be changed on the fly including rewards. Also added a new special reward table. In addition to the normal prize you have a percent chance of getting an item from a special loot table. This can be anything from deco, quest items even highly prized and rare things only seen at past auctions.

Pick Up Game Added: Anyone who has been to a Destard Event knows the Lep gold on the ground, this was based off an event idea I have had brewing and has now come to light.

New event with ideas on the ground: double click, solve the gump, get the prize. Anyone can play!! It is also timed and as you will learn scripts may not be your best friend with this so might even out the field quite a bit with players during this event. Look for test events this weekend.

Update 181


  • Sxeh's Ancestral Shirt Updated: Added a different range of numbers and some skills.
  • Golem Rabbits Updated: Completely overhauled.
  • Golem Trash Keg Updated: Recoded the logic. I am happy I held off on this one.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: A few new items
  • Ring of the Goblin King Added: Adds a bonus to the amount of Leprechaun Gold you get when using the Powder of Pyrite
  • Blood Clasp and Necklace Added: New set adding to help teach new staff how we do quests and such.
  • Powder of Pyrite Updated: Now handles Ring of the Goblin King.

Update 182


  • Powder Menu Updated: New Powder
  • Tinkering Menu Updated: New vial for upcoming powders.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 31 new items
  • Blood Necklace Updated: New quest item and feature set (Give us a few weeks to do mobs and teaching)
  • Blood Clasp Updated: New quest item and feature set (Give us a few weeks to do mobs and teaching)
  • Black Belt Updated: Small display tweak I noticed
  • Achilles Heel Added: New sandals feating 1-10 sword skill, cannot be socketed created by Morsax
  • Golden Goblin Powder Added: Used to recharge the Ring of the Goblin King and bonus on the Goblin Trash Keg
  • Vial of the Shattered Arcane Added: Intermediate vial for some upcoming vials
  • Vendor Cleanup Command Added: Speed up the process of cleaning up old vendors
  • Player Vendor Updated: Cleanup function added


  • Yearly Easter Egg Hunt Quest up and ran for two weeks
  • A Bunny's Revenge Quest up and ran for two weeks.

Quest givers will remain for a few days so players can complete turn-ins; Monday all quest items will be removed from server

New Deco Added:

  • BarrelFire_D04_2017
  • Blood_Gateplatform_D04_2017
  • PentagramSacrafice_D04_2017
  • PentagramUncircled_D04_2017
  • SorcererAlter_D04_2017
  • EasterBunnyWarren_D04_2017
  • IslandTikiBar_D04_2017
  • AsianDesign_Waterfall_D04_2017
  • IslandTikiTableEast_D04_2017
  • IslandTikiTableSouth_D04_2017
  • IslandHammockEast_D04_2017
  • IslandHammockSouth_D04_2017
  • IslandHut_D04_2017
  • IslandCampfire_D04_2017
  • HammockSouth (by request)
  • HammockEast (by request)
  • LogTableSmallSouth
  • LogTableSmallEast
  • LogTableMediumSouth
  • LogTableMediumEast
  • LogTableLargeSouth
  • LogTableLargeEast
  • RaspberryBush_D04_2017
  • BlueberryBush_D04_2017
  • MakuahineFlowers_D04_2017
  • FlowerBenchRosesWhiteEast_D04_2017
  • FlowerBenchRosesWhiteSouth_D04_2017
  • FlowerBenchDarkRosesRedEast_D04_2017
  • FlowerBenchDarkRosesRedSouth_D04_2017
  • New Quest added: Saco Pawn and Loan-Starts in Trinsic Pawn shop, located South of the Vendors (Public Vendor Mall)
  • New Pawn Shop created for quest
  • New mini dungeon created off the graveyard vesper tunnels (I had a LOT of fun building this)
  • Corrected a few additional errors in contracts:
  • Sweet Dreams!- Will now accept the bolts of Cloth (formatting error)
  • Clown can Sing!- Will now accept the suits (typo in my cfg)

Update 183


  • Domino's Deco deeds Added: 12 new items Cinco De Mayo theme related
  • Container Updated: Can now find items by type that have specific properties
  • Tinkering Menu Updated: Incorrect requirements for crafting one of the new vials
  • Crafting Menu Updated: Crafting can now require up to 6 ingredients
  • Crafting System Updated: Crafting Ingredients can specify certain properties required.

Publish 36 - May 2017

Update 184


There is a special Cinco De Mayo Hide and Seek event this weekend that has 11 Unique deco items as rare prizes.

The server update seems to have gone well, still trying to narrow down exactly what router or internet issue that seems to be randomly effecting some players. Many providers have reported a really bad week as far as outages go.

  • Combat Config Updated: Added data for Spiked Shield and Advanced Spiked Shield
  • Morsax Scripts Added: Several scripts for his upcoming quest
  • Domino Deco Deeds Added: 6 New Items

Update 185


  • Dr Doolittle's Protection Powder Added: This powder will allow you to combine several of his protection potions to increase the duration.
  • Bomberman Updated: Changed the graphic so it does not interfere with UOSteam and Razor
  • Turnin NPC Updated: New gump, hopefully this looks better
  • Turnin NPC Updated: Can now handle non-quest items as well for turn ins
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 52 new items
  • Morsax Script Pack Added: Looks like some castle stuff in the works *hint*
  • Morsax added 4 new quests

Update 186


  • Rhaegel Scale Augments Added: Passive augment that allows to resist some of the damage done by Spike Shield type augments. Three flavors; 1, 3 and 5 socket Augments. Based on the amount of damage resisted is the amount of Dragon Glass used up. Higher Augments will reflect some of the damage as the glass shatters.
  • Dragon Glass Added: Reagent needed for Rhaegel Scale Augments
  • GlassBlowing Updated: Added Dragon Glass
  • Dragon Glass Recipe item 611 Added: Required to craft Dragon Glass
  • BaseCreature Updated: Added a few Controlled checks
  • Plant Item Updated: Added new constructors
  • Morsax Scripts Updated: A few changed
  • Ancient Nightmare Added/Updated: Tweaked and should be good to go now
  • Kas Knight Updated: Now mounted
  • VecnaTombMonster Controller Updated: Improved error handling and allow for *Augments that are neither Attack nor Defense
  • Hide and Seek Updated: Just some small display tweaks
  • Plant Codex Key Added: Key to hold deco plants
  • Druid Codex Key Added: Complete key for all your plant needs

Update 187


  • Facets Added: Preparation for new event areas, new housing and Vecna tomb
  • BaseChampion Updated: ChampEvent flag added
  • ChampSpawn Updated: ChampEvent Flag added
  • Jail System Updated: No longer will jail staff
  • Item Debug Mode Added: Will let me create debug situations for specific items so we can improve testing and resolving issues.
  • Ancient Nightmare Updated: Small issue with hiding.
  • Morsax Scripts Updated: 2 new shields

Publish 37 - June 2017

Update 188


  • Core Update: Added needed code for new facets
  • New housing facet created called Thyatis
  • Base Generation Script Added: Standard items add to the new facet
  • Domino's Deco Added: 18 new items
  • Morsax Scripts Updated: Resolving a few quest issues
  • Seedbox Added: Sorts and holds 10k seeds
  • House Drop Tool: test run for new management tool
  • Plant Item Updated: Resolved a hue issue with the new constructors

Update 189


  • Champ Spawner Updated: Now records when a player enters the champion.
  • Champ Region Updated: Command to what players were involved in the champ and at what stage.
  • Champ Spawn Timer Updated: Champs no longer spawn based on a specific amount of time, there is now a range.
  • House Drop Tool Updated (and added): Added some color to specific text to alert the user of different situations. (The idea is this will become more then just a house drop tool)
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 18 new items
  • Morsax Scripts Added: Horned Hunter Set

Update 190


  • Champ Spawner Updated: Cleaned up some issues where not all players were being recorded correctly
  • Champ Region Updated: Cleaned up an error
  • House Drop Tool Updated: Created an amazing new house drop tool for staff

Update 191


  • Character Creation Updated: First char on new accounts will get a series of initial messages to help with that first step on Evo
  • Account Creation Updated: Staff are notified when a new account is created.
  • Announce Login/Logout Update: By popular request removed (A few other spammy things will be removed soon as well)
  • Minion Arms Updated: Name was wrong, also forced name change to existing items
  • Breeding Update: All related skills and luck of the breeders will be added to the log entry (Before I start the next phase I need to make sure the system is working as intended)
  • Morsax Scripts Updated: New quest items and mobs
  • Logger Updated: Added functionality to just display info to specific staff and not make log entry
  • SeedBox Updated: Steam could access container which caused an issue (Hoping this fixes since I could not duplicate it)
  • Dragon Scale Augments Updated: Spelling issue
  • Hide and Seek Updated: Small issue it seems in .Net when we updated the server a few weeks ago.

Publish 38 - July 2017

Update 192 Start Vecna Content


  • Domino Deco Deeds Added: 7 New themed items
  • Battle Worn Gloves of Vecna Added
  • Goblin Drink Thief Updated: Lep gold base drop increased slightly but also extra based on player's luck.
  • Vecna Essense Fragments added: These are joined to create a whole Vecna Essense. To join them, double click and target an Ankh or specific secret artifacts/special items (these give bonuses). The amount of needed to create an Essense is determined by the intial item, your Necro skill, Karma, Fame, Time of UO Day/Night.. and a few other things for you to discover.
  • Vecna Essense Added: Used for points with the Bonus Set System that will be coming (Getting the foundation code in this week)
  • Vecna Hidden Chest Added: Luck of the lock picker matters, higher the chest level the more interesting it will get. All kinds of Vecna goodies can be in these.
  • Vecna Scribe Rune Added: Follow the runes for your own personal treasure hunt, when you get to the area use Detect hidden to locate the rune and then off to the next leg of hunt until it ends with a Vecna Hidden Chest. All checks are based on the level of the Rune, higher the rune the higher the skills needed for success.
  • Vecna Soul Slice Added: Taming piece for the Skull of Vecna
  • Alchemy Gold Powder: Used for turning a Alchemy Crystal to Lep Gold. It will give you 1-100 Lep gold when you use it, there is a chance for a bonus which is based off of the amount of Magi Gear items you are wearing and the Luck on those specific pieces (Battle Worn give higher chance). If you get a bonus, then you get an additional 1-100 Lep Gold and another Bonus Chance. Succeed 5 Bonus Checks in a row and get 1 Lep Gold per point of Luck. There will be a powder coming for the "Vecna Essense Fragments" next week.
  • Alchemy Powder Vial: Used with powders based on Alchemy Crystals
  • Alchemy Crystal Added: Special ingredient from Vecna Chests
  • Craft Definitions Updated: Powder and Tinkering
  • Detect Hidden Updated: Added functionality to handle Vecna Scribe Rune and Vecna Scribe Check. Your range for detecting these items is determined by your Tracking skill
  • Unlock Spell Updated: Added a check for the Vecna Scribe Chest
  • Core Update: Added Assemblies to the runtime compile
  • Morsax Scripts Update: New Helm

How the Vecna Rune works

  • You find a rune, they do have a timer on it of a few hours. Your choice if to do it or not. Each has a level, the higher the level the harder to detect and more legs of the journey.
  • Follow the Arrow until you get within 20 tiles of it. Then start looking for the hidden rune. Your tracking will determine your detect range.
  • Once revealed, double click yours and target the new one.. then move onward, until a chest is found.
  • The chests have all kinds of goodies, like a chance at a Mystery Chest, Glyphs, Crystals, Chips and Fragments.. etc etc..

Images to the new Bonus Set System Here is a direct link:

Update 193


  • AOS Updated: Now checks if the player is wearing a complete set.
  • BaseArmor Updated: Added Bonus Set functionality (Clothing, Jewelry and Talismans are next before we go live).
  • Bonus Set System Added: (Testing Phase)
  • Glyphs Added: 7 Flavored glyphs close to how the real ones will look and behave.
  • Vecna Essence Updated: Tweak in the math when doing conversions
  • Vecna Scribe Rune Added: Use these to find a Vecna Hidden Chest in the world. (Testing Phase)
  • Vecna Hidden Chest Added: Special Loot and such.
  • Clean NetStat Command Added: I had a feeling when I resolved some lag/disconnect issues in the core a few situations could arise to cause ghosts. Nothing bad...First step to correcting that bug.
  • Mystery Chest - Magi Updated: Incorrect Display issue

Keep in mind the Vecna stuff is not live yet but as you can see we are getting close.

Update 194


  • Augment Grinder Added: Relax, just in the testing phases..
  • Vecna Settings Config Added: Complete loot tables can be changed on the fly
  • Base Armor Updated: Final Bonus Set changes
  • Base Clothing Updated: Final Bonus Set changes
  • Base Jewelry Updated Final Bonus Set changes (This includes talismans that can be socketed)
  • AOS Updated: Final Bonus Set changes
  • Vecna Tomb Region Updated: Starting functionality for the Tomb
  • Glyphs Updated: Starting functionality
  • Bonus Set System: Starting functionality
  • Vecna Scribe Added: Rune attack and primary drop of the Vecna Runes
  • Vecna/Kas Mobs Updated: A few tweaks here. I am not completely happy with things but the truth is the only thing that is going to iron these issues out is player testing and me watching.

Update 195


  • Vecna Settings Updated: Pushing closer to being open
  • Vecna Tomb Region Controller Updated: Improved Error Handling
  • Base Glyph Stone Updated: Improved Display
  • Vecna Scribe Rune Updated: Initial Delete timer expanded, now 6 hours to start the first leg before it deletes
  • Vecna Scribe Rune Updated: Message logic should be correct now.
  • Vecna Scribe Chest Updated: Selects correct loot lines from the config
  • Vecna Scribe Chest Updated: Look pick chance matches the Level of the chest
  • Vecna Monsters Updated: A few small tweaks

Publish 39 - August 2017

Update 196


  • Train System Update: Improved error handling
  • Pet Breeding Update: Reports of an exploit, if it is happening it is stopped now and will let me know when people are using it.
  • Shrink Item Update: Used MaxLevel instead of Level caused a display issue.
  • Detect Hidden Updated: Added messages to assist with players learning the new system
  • Shrink Item Updated: Display matches if the pet can breed.
  • Vecna Essence Fragments Updated: Added a few new focus items that can be used. (I will not tell anyone, this is for you to discover. Using a focus allows you to convert fragments to essence at an improved conversation rate.)
  • Vecna Rune System Updated: Added some more detailed information and name changes based on where in the process you are.
  • Vecna Necromancer Updated: Some small tweaks.

Update 197

Update 198


  • BaseWeapon Updated: Now handles Ancient Nightmare Traits
  • Ancient Nightmare Updated: Error on Max Damage.
  • Ancient Nightmare Updated: Added new properties to handle specific traits
  • Base Everlasting Object Added: Everlasting Augment Reg base class
  • Everlasting Pig Iron Added: Next in the Everlasting series
  • Augment Custom Attack Updated: Now handles Everlasting Pig Iron
  • Augment Custom Defensive Updated: Now handles Everlasting Pig Iron
  • Domino's Deco Added: 6 new items
  • Rhaegel Claw Augments Added: Passive augment that allows to resist some of the damage done by Spike Shield type augments. Three flavors; 1, 3 and 5 socket Augments. Based on the amount of damage resisted is the amount of Dragon Glass used up. Higher Augments will reflect some of the damage as the glass shatters. This augment will not stack with the shield style augment and can only be applied to 2 handed weapons and not ranged.
  • Base Glyph Updated: Now handles special features for monthly glyphs.
  • Glyph Deeds Added: The ability to create deeds for glyphs
  • Valor Glyph Added: Monthly Glyph - Parry, Anatomy, Tactics, Healing, Chivalry
  • Anger Glyph Added: Monthly Glyph - Sword, Anatomy, Tactics, Busido, Macing
  • Vecna Runes Updated: Now checks for player houses and faction regions
  • Corpse Spirits Updated: Added a duration timer to them
  • Fire Explosion Trait Added: For the ancient nightmare, will increase the high range of the damage it can do with the explosion and heals itself. At Tier 3 if the pet is still a 2 slot pet it will become a 3 slot pet.
  • Fire Intensity Trait Added: For the ancient nightmare, will increase the high range of the damage the rider can do with Hit Fire ball. At Tier 3 if the pet is still a 2 slot pet it will become a 3 slot pet.
  • Fire Intensity Trait Deed Added: For adding the specified trait to a pet
  • Fire Explosion Trait Deed Added: For adding the specified trait to a pet

Update 198


  • Lockpickable Interface Updated: Added functionality to check if the lock can be picked
  • LockPicks Updated: Checks if the container can be picked before
  • LockableContainer Updated: Virtual function to verify if can be picked
  • Greater Artifacts Updated: Tome of Lost Knowledge blessed as per OSI
  • Ancient Nightmare Updated: Spelling issue
  • Title System Updated: Trapping of nulls and if no traits available
  • Fire Explosion Trait Deed Updated: Spelling issue
  • Contract System Updated: Allowing overfill which would then not be considered as completed.
  • Everlasting LockPicks Updated: Checks if the container can be picked before
  • Grey Mousers LockPicks Updated: Checks if the container can be picked before
  • Kas Knight Updated: Mount should fight now when the rider dies
  • Vecna Controller Updated: Loot table now loads correctly for the Kas Guard
  • Vecna Scribes Rune/Hidden Chest Updated: Changes to the general logic for less confusion, can remove chests when completed and need to use the rune to be able to pick lock.

Update 199

Publish 40 - September 2017

Update 200


  • BaseCreature Updated: Added AfterBreed virtual function
  • BaseWeapon Updated: Yes the Hit Fireball math was wrong. I accidently changed a + to a *. I did end up coding it all just to make it cleaner
  • BaseWeapon Updated: Added Ice Steed Hit Fireball resistance
  • Breeding Accept Gump Updated: Now fires off AfterBreed not the baby.
  • Ice Steed Updated: Added Hit Fireball resistance, can increase to 75% (The rider gets 1/3rd of this number as resistance) (Testing this week)
  • Hit Fireball Resistance Trait Added: Increases the natural resistance of a Ice Steed
  • Hit Fireball Resistance Trait Deed Added: For adding the specified trait to a pet
  • Viserion's Heart Added: Shield Augment that gives +5 resistance to Hit FireBall (Testing this week)

Update 201


  • BaseWeapon Updated: Updated the math behind Hit Fireball based on feed back, additionally added a 60 HP Damage cap which is based on the natural resistance of the defender. (Not special resists from items or mounts directly related to Hit Fireball)
  • BaseCreature Updated: Added special functionality to add display info based on the specific mob
  • ShrinkItem Updated: Checks for special info on the mob
  • Ice Steed Updated: Added Hit Fireball resistance, can increase to 75% (The rider gets 1/3rd of this number as resistance). This prop is increased naturally at Gen 4, 7 and 10.
  • Improved Hit Fireball Resist Trait Added: Ice Steeds can start to get this naturally at Gen 4
  • Domino's Deco Items Added: 18 new items
  • Mystery Chest - Pirate Updated: Added the new pirate items
  • Mystery Chest - Storage Keys Added: Equal chance to get any key including Master Keys
  • Powder of Kas Bone Added: Change the Combat skill (Sword to a random combat skill) for the following items: Dragon Cloak, Dark Father Wrappings, Plate Helm of the Royal Guard, Plate Legs of the Royal Guard. (This list will be expanded as new items that fit are found)
  • Black Pearl Earrings Added: Like the Emerald except has Mage and Necro skills
  • Emerald Pearl Necklace Added: Added to the collection of others

Update 202


  • Haunted Hallows Reboot Update: Domino has added a few new rewards and deco items available for the month long event
  • ShrinkItem Updated: null check needed for an odd instance
  • Morsax Quest Update: New quest scripts added
  • Powder of Kas Bone Updated: Logic issue
  • Dynamic Reward Updated: Added a new CreateItem function to handle Config Raffle Stone
  • Raffle Stone Updated: Now only uses the Gold Ledger for source
  • Config Raffle Stone Added: The raffle stone will be run based off a config file, first step to a complete raffle system.

Update 203


  • Dynamic Object Updated: Now has the ability to create mobs and set props by config
  • Domino's Deco Added: 3 new deeds
  • Harvester of the Dark Hallows - 2017 Added: Event and Vecna related reward.
  • Event Deed Items Added: Deeds for rewarding random gen items off the stone
  • Anger Glyph Updated: Naming issue
  • Pirate Glyph Added: Event price for the race:
  • Config Champ Code Added: The initial layer for a new kind of champ system, this will allow us to create new champs on the fly without the need for restarts, in addition to different reward systems.

Publish 41 - October 2017

Update 204


  • BaseChampion Updated: Now has CanSpawnGhost flag
  • Talisman of the Full Eclipse Added: Special feature x charges per day to ignore Curse and Evil Omen spell (5 charges when brand new and recharges every 16 hours)
  • Eclipse Talisman Max Charge Increase Added: Will increase the max charges by the number on the deed, works with all three of the Eclipse Talismans
  • Evil Omen Spell Updated: Now checks for the talisman
  • Curse Spell Updated: Now checks for the talisman
  • BaseWeapon Updated: Added features for handling NecroWeapon (Works like Mage Weapon)
  • AOS Updated: Added the property NecroWeapon to Weapon Attributes
  • Domino Deco Items Added: 6 new items
  • Mage Weapon Deed Added: Adds the prop to a weapon, will not work if the weapon already has UseBestWeaponSkill (This was done due to the priority of how skills are handled)
  • Necro Weapon Deed Added: Adds the prop to a weapon, Will not work if the weapon already has Mage Weapon (This was done due to the priority of how skills are handled)
  • Halloween Glyph Added: Montly Glyph fit for the season: Feates Cooking, Poisoning, Necro and Spirit Speak. Also a chance for a nice batch of points.
  • Glyph Deed Added: New Glyph
  • Soul Cleaver Added: New Necro Weapon

Update 205


  • Minor Update - fixed a few items

Update 206


  • Halloween Costumes Added: OSI versions, look for the weekend event starting this afternoon
  • Custom Champ System Added: This system allows us to create custom champs without the need of a restart and in far less time. Rewards can be custom/specialized and handed out based the work you do for the entire champ, not just the boss. Also a reward for the player who actually kills the boss. Ground rewards can also be modified in addition to a reward for everyone who is participates.

Publish 42 - November 2017

Update 207


  • BaseCreature Updated: Internal method of setting unique corpse name
  • Chat System Updated: Added additional spam data
  • Stone Circle Spell Updated: Checks if a ghost or invuln player is in the area, if so it will not form.
  • Config Champ System Updated: Handles a few new properties, if the private test goes well we will do a public one this weekend
  • Generic Quest Item Updated: Now has an Anyone Tag for owner, this will allow for *Generic Quest Items to be traded in the future
  • Turn in Quest NPC Updated: Now knows how to handle Quest Items with the Anyone tag

Update 208


  • Morsax Quests Updated: Some tweaking and added random factors to parts
  • Config Champ System Updated: Rewards for damage done through out the entire champ should be resolved
  • Blend with Forest Spell Updated: Now uses Animal Taming vs target's Necromancy skill to determine length of duration.
  • Rare Augments added to the socket display room vendor stones
  • Rare Parry tools added to the vendor stones at the fletcher shop in Britain
  • New Alchemy Shop is located in the new player castle with rare powders
  • The masonary shop has moved to East Britain with a new quest

New Quests on UO Evolution

  • Storage Key Quests

Bod Book (see Jin Vesel the rare book dealer in east yew) and Stone storage (See Shem Crow the stone mason in east britian Stone shop) key quests both been added this month!

  • Turkey Hunt Quest

Pay a visit to Angus the Famous Turkey Farmer SE Britian- his entire family showed up for Thanksgiving and he's got a Turkey problem he needs help with!

  • War of Masters quest

Seek out the Guardian of Faith who lives in a monastery that is located far north of Luna in Malas.

Update 209


  • Blend with Forest Spell Updated: Increased the default of 2 seconds to 5 seconds. I will continue to watch this to see if it needs to be changed to altered.
  • Snooping Updated: Now handles new training NPC
  • Corpse Updated: Only corpse that can be looted while Res InVulnerable is on is your own. (AKA: No looting mobs while you have a yellow bar)
  • XMLAttach Updated: Moved Everlasting functionality
  • Base Magical Food Updated: Now handles a string message
  • Base Magical Food Updated: Added new item
  • Magical Blessed Bread Added: Like an Enchanted Apple with a little healing
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: A few new items for the auction
  • Cornucopia of Blessing Added: Once every 18-100 hours gives a free item, amount based on your luck. You can get Greater Cure Potion, Greater Heal Potion, Wrath Grapes, Enchanted Apples and Magical Blessing Bread.
  • Saffron Ranger Talisman Added: New quest reward to go with the wrap for the Big Game Hunter quest.
  • Base Everlasting Reagents Updated: Now handles Supplements count, needed due to some future features that will be added. All current Everlasting Pig Iron items have been set to 3 so handle Spiked Shield at no cost.
  • Everlasting Mandrake Root Added: Will reduce the number of Mandrake Root needed for using an augment based on the supplement count.
  • Bubo the Thief Added: NPC for training snooping skill.

Update 210


  • Domino's Deco Update: unique auction deco to be offered as Black Friday Deals
  • Config Champ System Updated: Rewards for damage done through out the entire champ
  • Black Friday Event

Publish 43 - December 2017

Update 211


  • Champion Spawn Updated: Resolved a spawning check issue
  • XML Custom Attack Updated: Did not have the same code checks as the custom defense.
  • Town Invasions Updated: Changed where certain champs spawn at.

Update 212


  • BaseCreature Updated: Handles loading of the new trait format (Not coded to handle Consumables yet)
  • PlayerMobile Updated: Handles loading of the new trait format and checks for expired traits
  • AOS Updated: Handles how traits are checks for properties
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 23 new deeds
  • Stocking Gift Updated: Added for the 2017 Holiday Season
  • Title System Updated: Correctly handles expiring traits
  • Title System Updated: Added new type of trait Consumables. These are traits that can apply just about any property/skill to the player lasting only a specific duration. The consumable will be display when you mouse over the player and in the char profile scroll on the paperdoll
  • Consumable Added - Iron Shield: I will do write ups below this weekend
  • Consumable Added - Bronze Shield: I will do write ups below this weekend

Update 213


  • Added the 12 new quests for the 12 days of Christmas
  • Added Holiday Deco
  • Added "Santa's Lost Reindeer Quest"
  • Santa's Bag of Holding Added: Holds 75 Items, red color
  • Grinch's Bag of Holding Added: Holds 75 Items, green color
  • 12 Days of Christmas Updated: Now handles 2017
  • Everlasting Bandage - Magical Added: 10% bonus to Hits healed and also cures poison at the sametime.
  • Everlasting Bandage - Druidic Added: When used to heal hits on your pet, will also heal any other pet you have within 2 tiles.
  • Northern Star Added: Any player (Not in guild or ally) that stealth close to by will be revealed and if in Fel will receive a Mortal Strike
  • Christmas Glyph Added: Great for crafting all those little toys.

Update 214


  • Viserion's Claw Added: 2 socket augment that changes your hit fireball to cold damage, and changes the hue when fired. Also added an animated graphic when the quest is equiped.
  • Viserion's Heart Added: 4 socket shield augment that provided 50% resistance to Hit Fireball attacks.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added
  • Morsax Quest Updated: Multi skill selection was not being handled correctly for some of the items

Update 215


  • Aded Consumables
  • Added 12 Days of Christmas Event

This update handled a whole group of test Consumables. I have added them to the presents for the 12 Days of Christmas. We have some big plans for this system and will be the framework for several other systems coming into existence for such things like a new poison system. Please note as I wrote out this first consumables I did see quite a few issues with some props not making sense or wrong values like I had originally desired. I will correct this and update the data when I do.

Currently all of these consumables last for 15 minutes, you can only have one of each type (Craft, Magical, Offensive, Defensive) active at any time but can increase the tiers of one up to 3 as stated.

Update 216


  • BaseWeapon Updated: The math when checking for an augment was based on sockets and not the actual augment itself
  • Resurrection Gump Updated: Checks for similiar gumps and closes if needed
  • Underworld Set Updated: Caused a crash when a player died during testing, this is old code and items but just in case cleaned it up.
  • Consumables Updated: Arrow, Blade, Fencing and Dagger props changed to Attack Chance and Weapon Damage.
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