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Publish 20 - January 2016

Update 110


Happy New Year!

Updated the Wiki and the donation page Updated the Website Cleaned up the Forum Upgraded the server with 30gb SSD Added new content for the 5th Anniversary

  • Added new stealable to a Trammel City
  • Added new stealable in Tokuno
  • Added new animated stealable in Britiannia Trammel

In an effort to keep pricing consistent Domino has begun revamping the deco mall. Keep in mind many bigger deco items will still need Staff assistance to place...particularly if you want them outside a house. The following items will be added:

A selection of 5X5 Carpets and 1X5 runners are purchasable at Deco display mall:
Larger Carpets priced accordingly (not including fringe) and must be staff placed:
36 tiles (6x6) 250 ED
49 tiles (7X7) 275 ED
Deco Deeds (purchased at Deco Mall) placed by staff OUTSIDE a players house taking up land are 50 ED per placement
Custom Deco: Negotiated at time of placement with staff member doing deco, note amount of land(if outside house) and detail required, time required, will play a part in pricing

The following ED stones have been added to deco display mall so that players can now purchase deco at their leisure. This process is ongoing and by no means complete yet! I will be working on an expanded deco mall as time permits.

Deco Display Mall ED Vendor stones:

  • Trees
  • Fireplaces
  • Bookcases
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Pictures
  • Gargish
  • Waterworks
  • Carpets

Update 111 & 112


The Royal Hunt has started, you can find the quest NPC on the public gate under Quests & Events. (Look for The Royal Hunt). All of the items on display are available for rewards.

  • Royal Stags Added
  • Legs of the Hunt Added: Armor set
  • Mask of the Hunt Added: Armor set
  • Gloves of the Hunt Added: Armor set
  • Daily Event System Added
  • AutoSave Updated: Removed the after save messages
  • Set Item Updated: Can now show more then one skill.
  • Royal Stags Added
  • Anniversary Talisman Added: Props as displayed, one of three special abilities that are random (Fire or Energy) Damage or paralyzed
  • The Hunt Armor Set Added: 3 piece armor set designed for low/medium players.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 17 New items
  • Luck Increase Deeds Updated: Handles the Luck Cap for the Talisman
  • Daily Event System Added: System to be used to handle a multitude of different events and things we want to happen over a day.
  • Magic Elf Updated: Timer issue with res ability

Update 113


  • AOS Updated: Items can now handle negative skill bonuses(critical step for balancing going forward)
  • Tome of Lost Knowledge Updated: Now has a backpack check
  • Royal Hunt Updated: Poachers are returning...watch yourself
  • TurnIn Quest NPC Updated: Info spam does not show during shard start
  • Bee Hives Updated: No longer deletes entire stacks of potions
  • Base Weapon Updated: Starting code to Bows to have Special Attacks which are based from the original crafting, uses can be recharged. Damage is based on actual Archery skill and not use best weapon.

Trivia Battle Board Area built and opened-hoping to test it today(or tomorrow night). This will replace the regular Saturday night Trivia and hopefully attract individuals who do not consider themselves good at trivia. The game will include some strategy and plenty of luck to win!

Update 114 - 5th Anniversary


Breeding Changes (This is just the start)

When you breed your pets and succeed you will be given the parents in your backpack shrunk. If you look on the display you will notice the mating delay date, the item is locked until that has expired. Please note I did not change the times dealing with breeding success or failure but will in the future. At present I am working out the bugs of the previous system that caused babies and parents to vanish every once in a while.

  • Vendor Info: Removed the items from Create Food from the Sell To option.
  • Base Jewel: Added flavored text line to be displayed if present
  • Base Jewel: Removed the Display call to the base item, display will now look at intended.
  • Base Jewel: Added the Luck Cap Property
  • Runic Hammer Updated: Now required much lower skills to use (Displayed Below)
  • Runic Sewing Kit Updated : Now required much lower skills to use (Displayed Below)
  • Repair Interface Added
  • Craft Repair: Added the check for the Repair Interface to determine if something can be repaired.
  • Breeding Accept Gump Updated: As part of the Breeding Process change over.
  • Pet Claim Ticket Updated: As part of the Breeding Process change over.
  • Animal Breeder Updated: As part of the Breeding Process change over.
  • Shrink Item Updated: As part of the Breeding Process change over.
  • Powder of Invidia Updated: Removed resist from the possible list of choices
  • Powder of Iron Added: Used to recharge the Blacksmith gear, 1 use of this powder can provide 2-5 uses on the armor
  • Sin Mobs Updated: Small serialization issue resolved.
  • Domino Deco Update: 33 new deco items
  • Talisman of the Blade Added: Special talismans available for a limited time and methods in honor of the 5th Anniversary
  • Talisman of the Beast Added: Special talismans available for a limited time and methods in honor of the 5th Anniversary
  • Talisman of the Spell Added: Special talismans available for a limited time and methods in honor of the 5th Anniversary
  • Talisman of the Corpse Added: Special talismans available for a limited time and methods in honor of the 5th Anniversary
  • Luck Increase Deeds Updated: Will now handle the Luck Cap property
  • Earrings of Evolution Added: Earrings that can be leveled
  • Earrings of Evolution (5th Anniversary Edition) Added: Earrings that can be leveled and has a 500 luck cap
  • Purchase Sign Updated: Improved exploit notification
  • Astro Daemon Added: I am not a fan of the tracking issue harded in the reskinned version of this.
  • Special Yard Item: Attend the auction, trust me..
  • Enchanted Apple Updated: Now stacks.. or should say, finally stacks.
  • Grapes of Wrath Updated: See above.
  • Runic Fletcher Tool Updated: Now required much lower skills to use (Displayed Below)
  • Runic Saw Updated: Now required much lower skills to use (Displayed Below)
  • Token Trash Bag Updated: Should resolve the accidental drops problem
  • Heracles Quest Updated: Domino is moving this over to our quest system
  • Ring of Heracles Added: New ring for the quest, this will not replace the old one
  • Tailor Key Updated: Added Dyes

Dull Copper 60
Shadow Iron 70
Copper 80
Bronze 90
Gold 100
Agapite 110
Verite 115
Valorite 120
Blaze 125
Ice 130
Toxic 140
Electrum 150
Platinum 160

Pine 60
AshWood 70
Mohogany 80
YewWood 90
OakWood 110
Zircote 115
Ebony 120
Bamboo 130
Heartwood 140
Bloodwood 150
Frostwood 160

Spined Leather 60
Horned Leather 70
Barbed Leather 80
Polar Leather 90
Synthetic Leather 100
Blaze Leather 120
Shadow Leather 130
Frost Leather 145
Ethereal Leather 160

Update 115


UOE has added 2 new counselors to our staff to help with pages and events

Added to Deco Display Mall:

  • Bathrooms Stone
  • Vanity Large East
  • Vanity Large South
  • Vanity Medium East
  • Vanity Medium South
  • Vanity Small East
  • Vanity Small South
  • Cabinets & Cooking Stone
  • Refrigerator South
  • Refrigerator South
  • Stove South
  • Stove east
  • Burning Sage

Quests were updated and now set up for Auto-Turnin:

Please PM me or Kane if you have a mixture of old and new quest objects. We will exchange the old ones for new ones (for a limited time) so that you may do the auto turn in.

Infamous Pirate Quest - Turn in to Quest giver at Serpents Hold Docks-Reward is now random-no changes to quest mobs or locations. Runebook Updated to include quest giver. Wiki Updated

Hercules Quest - Turn in to King Eurystheus in Serpents Hold. Some locations changed and Quest Lore updated. Reward updated(made better). Runebook updated and Wiki updated (thanks Dante!)

Orc Clan Hunt Quest - Turn in to quest giver outside Luna. No actual changes to quest- this was simply made auto turning. A small lore update will be made but basic quest function and places are the same

Vecna - Vecna mobs are now dropping Quest items- you will still have to page for this turn-in until we add the quest reward. NO changes were made to the spawn rate or locations, I simply added the quest items to current spawners at current spawn rates.

  • Shard Save Updated: In an effort to reduce save times this has been recoded, should reduce IO and offer an improved backup protection.
  • Add Update: Improved functionality for systems that rely up it.
  • Base Jewelry Updated: Should now display prices again on vendors.(Display issue was my fault)
  • Weapon Ability Disarm Updated: Had some useless code that was interfering with desired results.
  • Runic Fletching Tools Updated: Now required much lower skills to use (Displayed Below)
  • Runic Sewing Kit Updated:Now required much lower skills to use (Displayed Below)
  • SeeKills command available to players
  • BroadcastKills command available to players
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • TurnInQuestNPC Updated
  • Pet Breeding Updated: Success to breed is now based on both breeders Animal Taming, Animal Lore and a bonus from their luck. The chance to breed is calculated based on the Taming Score needed for the pet modified then by generation of the pet. This modifier is directly linked to a DNA stat all mobiles have on the shard.
  • Pet Leveling Updated: Ability Points awarded are based off the DNA score of the pet.
  • Investigation of Lost Items was revised

Publish 21 - February 2016

Update 116 - Valentine


  • Disarm Event Code Updated
  • Base Weapon Updated: Handles new weapon attributes
  • PlayerMobile Updated: Items should be forced into the backback during the death/corpse/backpack transition.
  • Repair Updated: New armor set
  • AOS Updated: Added new weapon attributes
  • AOS Updated: New enums for handling additional attributes, previous system had a cap on the max number of attributes based on the type of var used.
  • Dampened Spirits Updated: Shouldn't stack on a player now.
  • Set Item Updated: Handles new armor set
  • Runic Tools Updated: 2 older tools seem to still be out there, both updated to current system.
  • Base Reward Updated: Removed the older runic tools and replaced with the new runic tools.
  • Runic Tinker Tools Updated: New skill numbers are enforced same as smith
  • Luck Deeds Updated: Was not handling the new luck cap property correctly

New Deco and Items

  • Domino's Deco: Added 30 new items
  • TurnInQuestNPC Updated
  • HeartBox Added
  • Valentine Deco Added
  • Talisman of the Rose Added: Special ability is to heal 5 times a day.
  • Dacil's Armor Set Added: Quiver, Arms and Sandals
  • Shirt of Tseramed Added: Archer Flavor
  • Talisman Of Tseramed Added: Archer Flavor
  • Parry Damage Property Added: Currently when parried the % is 0, this property will increase that so when you are parried you will still do some damage. Current Cap is 20%
  • Parry Cap Property Added: This property will lower the parry cap of your opponent only for your attacks with the weapon that has this property. Current Cap is 10%
  • Parry Damage Tool (Gold/Silver/Bronze) Added: Adds the prop to ranged weapons
  • Parry Cap Tool (Gold/Silver/Bronze) Added: Adds the prop to ranged weapons

Update 117


  • Carp Bods Updated: This should be cleaned up, some bods will simply not work though. I am doing my best to fix this old code without losing my mind and simply recoding it all.
  • Base Weapon Updated: How evasion enters the system
  • Evasion Updated: How it calls the parry check
  • Spell Updated: How it checks for evasion
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Custom Mobs Updated: The evasion check was updated
  • BaseCreature Updated: The evasion check was updated

Update 118


  • Pet Breeding - Donation Pets: Donation pets now have their own category for Ability Points (No longer subject to the DNA Score)
  • Pet Breeding - Ability Points: The base min/max random numbers are based on the pets DNA Score (or donation). The following skills will now add modifiers to those numbers: Animal Taming, Animal Lore and Veterinary. High luck can also apply a bonus to the end score. Players can figure out what skill matters where.
  • Pet Breeding - Experience Points: Reduced the amount awarded, holy cow was that explosive. (Willing to debate the current method if you have an opinion)
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Allure Updated: I removed it for the moment, highly exploited and some players cannot seem to do the right thing. (It will be returned when I have a moment to think about what the spell needs)
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 38 new deco items
  • HeartBox Updated: Lets see if this now will do what I intended...
  • Carp Bods Updated: Not working as intended with the larger sample size.. already tested

Update 119

2-21-2016 - Pet Update

  • Pet Breeding - Displays: Loyalty is now displayed on the mouse over gump
  • Pet Breeding - Displays: DNA Strength is now displayed on the mouse over gump
  • Pet Breeding - Experience: Increased the base number and you now get a bonus based on your taming skill.
  • Pet Breeding - Stat Loss: Cleaned up a bug that prevented some pets from having stat loss.
  • Master Key Updated: Caused the crash this week, was a fluke and added proper error checking
  • Carp Bods Updated: Lets try this again...(Small bods)

Domino's Deco Added

  • Cupid's Whisper Added
  • Cupid's Bow Added
  • Cupid's Quiver Added: This will work as a replacement for the quiver of this month's set
  • Stealing Quest Rewards Added
  • IRepair Interface Added
  • Iolo Craft NPC Added: NPC that will repair bowyer items for a fee of 999 gold, owner of the house collects 90% of this fee.
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Powder of Invidia Updated: Added area hits
  • Set Item Updated
  • Prism of Light Updated: Key system will be replaced this week.
  • Shadow Strike Updated: Follows the restrictions of Hiding

New Thief Quest Added:

Domino Designed and activated the Thief Quest today!

I will eventually write up a walk through for the wiki; however for the time being I'd like people to work through it themselves. Keep in mind several NPC's will require multiple items and it was designed so no part could be skipped. You must complete each part to move on to the next part! It is a Felucca based quest and is a QUEST not an event therefore take into account all Felucca rule sets apply (You can be pk'd in fel). I think this is part of the fun of being a thief!

Trivia Token Stone Updated-New Deco Items Added

5 New Stealables for Thief Quest-these are not artifacts but quest items

Just to give you an idea of the rate at which Domino is adding new Deco:

  • February- 61 deco items added
  • January- 80 deco items added
  • December-16 deco items added
  • November- 92 deco items added
  • October- 88 items

Domino added the new "Bookworm Quest"

Update 120

Small Update and minor fixes

Publish 22 - March 2016

Update 121

3-1-2016 - St. Patrick's Update

New St. Patrick's Quest Added

  • Leprechaun Pot of Gold Hunt Added
  • Leprechaun Luck Machine Added: Slot machine focused on the monthly event and uses Leprechaun gold
  • Leprechaun Gold Added
  • Goblin Drink Thief Added: Fast moving drink throwing keg tossing bar crawler
  • Leprechaun Gear Added: High Alchemy and luck pieces
  • Random Luck Deed Added
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 66 new deco items

New Updates

  • Harvest System Updated: AFK Checking now in effect. I do not believe in auto jail, if you fail it simply will not gather the resource. (Simple as that)
  • BOD Rewards: Frostwood kit was coming a bad item
  • Small Bods - Carp: Hopefully a better blend now.
  • Harrower Updated: No more 305 scrolls.. might be a little harder though
  • Player Mobile Updated: Added AFK Info
  • Base Creature Updated: Fixed some display issues
  • Base Creature Updated: Changed how Tamed/Bonded is displayed. Now will also display the bonding date as well
  • Turn In Quest NPC Updated: Added the %Day data modifier
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Ambush Spawner Updated
  • Captcha Added

AFK Checking will be changed in the next update, if you have any suggestions however they are always welcome. We are simply to the point in population where it takes 3 staff members to manually check, that is time we could of been creating new content.

Update 122


  • Captcha Updated: Moved from a time to a count mechanic. (Take 2)
  • Monthly Quest Updated: Few tweaks here and there
  • Self Repair Deed Updated: Checks for Set Self Repair now

Update 123


  • AFK Check System: Started giving Harvest Systems different weights so the checks can be close to equal
  • AFK Check System: Random factors have been moved to the Config System
  • Tomb Raider Teleport Updated: No longer works in combat or in Felucca
  • Tomb Raider System Updated: We started the initial code for a more dynamic tomb system

Update 124


  • BaseCreature Updated: Put the Loyalty bug back in until I can redo that whole system, was causing some issues
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 39 new deco items
  • Leprechaun Luck Machine Updated: Any 3 of a kind result has a chance of giving you new deco items

This is small due to it is just some clean up things, this week has been spent working on the Trait System for mobiles and pets. I expected it to take about 2 weeks and on target.

Update 125


  • Added the Mithril Reward Vendor stone in the quest display room
  • Domino add 66 new deco items

Update 126


  • Acid Attack Update: A few mobs that deal equipment damage from acid, slowed it down.
  • Enchanted Cu Sidhe Added: Up to 1k luck, 0 slot mount
  • Mythical Cu Sidhe Added: As the Enchanted, also provides a +50% bonus to Spirit Speak Channel Healing
  • Wizard Robe Added
  • Dark Father's Wrappings Added
  • Harrower Updated

Update 127


The Pet Trait System is now active on the shard.

Every breeding change over the last few months has been to get to this point. Now we can start to create a new class of tamers and can enjoy as a profession. There will be a list of the traits available at this moment, which is 14. However there are notes for 142 but we need to get the foundation solid first and that is this step today.

I am done coding the base system and now adding/testing the base traits I want to start with so I figure now is the time to start educating. This is a brief explanation of what the Trait System is and does.

Trait System At its core the trait system allows for mobiles to be further enhanced by applying traits to them. A mobile can receive traits from several ways during the course of its existence.

1. When born, either from spawned in the world naturally or from breeding. Breeding can get a bonus based on the breeders Taming, Lore and Luck. At this time the pet can receive multiple traits.
2. Breed: The baby can receive traits based on the parent's trait status. Based on conditions a trait can have a 100% to 0% of being passed on from the parents to the baby. Ability Points will still need to be spent if the trait requires it.
3. As the pet increases in level, every 5th level the pet has a chance of either gaining a new trait or if it has traits, one of them can increase a tier.

Some things to be aware of:
1. Most traits have tiers, the higher the tier the more powerful the trait bonuses are.
2. Most traits will increase the min taming score needed for the pet.
3. Some traits require ability points to be spent as the tier unlocks how far it can be enhanced.
4. While none yet but some traits I see can increase the control slots needed.

I have started adding detailed info on the wiki: Animal Trait System

General Forum Topic Thread Animal Trait System Forum

Here are the initial 14 traits:

  • Hit Point Bonus

Adds Hit Points to the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Stam Bonus

Adds Stam to the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Mana Bonus

Adds Mana to the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Strength Bonus

Adds Strength to the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Dexterity Bonus

Adds Dexterity to the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Intelligence Bonus

Adds Intelligence to the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Cold Resist Bonus

Adds bonus to the resist of the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Fire Resist Bonus

Adds bonus to the resist of the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Physical Resist Bonus

Adds bonus to the resist of the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Poison Resist Bonus

Adds bonus to the resist of the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Energy Resist Bonus

Adds bonus to the resist of the creature. Trait has 3 Tiers and no need to spend Ability Points to enhance further.

  • Poison Attack

Adds a poison base damage attack to a combatant Trait has 6 Tiers and Ability Points needs to be spent to enhance

  • Fire Breath Attack

Adds a fire base attack to a combatant Trait has 5 Tiers and Ability Points needs to be spent to enhance

  • Roar Attack

Adds a physical base attack to a small area around the creature Trait has 5 Tiers and Ability Points needs to be spent to enhance

Update 128


  • Trait System Update: Process had a chance to double the tier
  • Shrink Item Update: Mystery Null Exception, new errors should provide more info in debug log
  • AddTrait Update: Mystery Null Exception, new errors should provide more info in debug log

Publish 23 - April 2016

Update 129


  • Domino's Deco Added: 33 new deco items
  • Animal Trainer Updated: Now uses the stat cap object for pets.
  • Tool Key Updated: Added Weavers Spool
  • Sprink Item Updated: Better error checking for anomalies
  • Trait Added: Min Damage Cap - Increases the potential min damage a pet can do
  • Trait Added Max Damage Cap - Increases the potential max damage a pet can do
  • Trait System Updated: Honestly over the crash do not recall everything I changed.

Publish 24 - May 2016

Update 130


  • Tailor Craftables Updated: Craftable for the current event
  • Harrower Updated: Just something small for some F U N
  • Harrower (Powerscroll Version) Added: This one gives a powerscroll rather then just stat scroll
  • Domino's Deco Added: 39 new items
  • Granite Elemental Added
  • Lightning Elemental Added
  • Lava Elemental Added
  • Harvesting System Updated: Handles new properties
  • Mining Updated: Handled New Properties
  • Sash of The Pit Added
  • New Property - Gargoyle Chance Increase Added: Increases the chance of spawning a elemental when using Gargoyle pick axe (Mining)
  • New Property - Bonus Ore: <Ore Type> - % Chance: Chance for bonus ore when you mine that specific ore

Going to switch things up a bit...normally we do monthly events. While I enjoy them it gets a bit tiring for players I have noticed. Domino and I have discussed this a few times and want to try something different. This event will last for 2-3 months it will evolve: Changes to the storyline, items available, some will no longer be available, some will suddenly start. A good example...even we I did the update today to start it Domino and I already am working on the next layer which will probably hit Friday.

The Retribution of Mother Nature

You will find a new tailor craftable, Sash of The Pit. This is a staged item for this quest, there will be many ways to add points as we evolve the storyline. This event will be based in Shame, at the moment we will focus our efforts on Trammel however you will notice you that you can get points in Felucca Shame as well.

I figured we would start this out slow...Wear the sash, go fighting in Shame. I am starting this slow because when I put out to much it seems to cause more confusion then enjoyment. When the sash levels up a stage the first time, it will change to another item piece. Each stage the item will get a new random property to include increasing the max stage of the item and the new properties. You can only wear one of these items at one time when attempting to add points. This is your chance to create the most unique set of mining gear any shard has ever seen. Be the first to get it!

Watch for special reward drops, power hours, unique event bosses and some surprises...

You will probably see changes taking place constantly as we build the quest and add new elements to et each week, enjoy!

Update 131


  • Harrower Update
  • Shame Updated

Update 132


  • Repair Updated: Handles new repair NPC
  • Everlasting Bandaids Enhanced Added: Bonus to points healed
  • Parry Damage Tool Added: Donation version
  • Parry Cap Tool Added: Donation version
  • Mining cart of Shame (East/South) Added: Will give a few points each day to 1 Pit item worn.. same rules as when killing, can only wear 1 item
  • Sash of The Pit Updated: Layer 1 features added (You don't know what that means, I know)
  • Increase Mas Stage Deed Added
  • Domino Deco Items Added: 10 new addons
  • Blacksmith Repair NPC Added
  • Harrower Updated: Limited the max number of tentacles that can be spawned
  • Pet Leveling Updated: Few small bugs from testing
  • Evasion Updated: There is always a cool down now
  • Evasion Updated: New bonus for very high related skills
  • Name Change Deed Updated: Need to page when using now.. To many children

Publish 25 - June 2016

Update 133


This update marks the 2nd phase of the Shame Dungeon Event Cycle

  • New Property - Granite Bonus: Chance to get bonus granite while mining
  • New Property - Vein Increase Chance: Chance to increase the vein you are mining at.
  • Mining Updated: Handles new property
  • Harvest Updated: Handles new property
  • Iron Forge Gear Updated: Added new properties
  • Elixir of Tinkering Added: Increases the skill cap by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Blacksmithing Added: Increases the skill cap by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Mining Added: Increases the skill cap by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Granite Added: Increases the Granite Bonus property by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Veins Added: Increases the Vein Increase Chance property by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Lord of the Pit Added: Shame Dungeon Boss, only mob to have a chance to drop elixirs related to the Shame Dungeon
  • Thrall of the Pit Added: Minion of the Shame Dungeon Boss, can drop special goodies related to shame dungeon. Lower quality elixirs

Going to start to try to post what I want to have in the next update...

Next Update:

  • Auction related items
  • Tomb raider controller
  • Some taming stuff - Better way to handle trait chance, also want to add traits specifics to pet generation
  • Pet Wars Tag - Even the playing field a bit for pet wars related pets.
  • Look at stat gain for the +300 stage of the game and mechanics related

Update 134


  • Trait System Updated: Found a bug in figuring out the new min skill when a trait is applied
  • Trait System Updated: Better handling if the mob does not meet the requirements for the trait
  • Lord of the Pit Update: Improved the dropped loot, lowered the chance of ore and runics greatly. (Will test to see if this is good)
  • Deco Addon Deeds Added: 5 item items
  • BaseCreature Updated: Pet Wars Tag Added and Displays
  • Pet Wars Tag Added: Pet must be freshly tamed with 0 xps before this can be applied. After which several systems will check against the tag. Ability Points will be soley based on DNA (No skill or luck bonus)
  • Tomb Raider Controller Added
  • Tomb Raider Teleporter Updated: Uses the controller to figure out details needed to move the player to a tomb.
  • Tomb Region Added

Update 135


  • Decrease Command Added (Staff)
  • MoveItem Updated
  • Dump Updated
  • XmlSpawner Updated: Better error handling in the timer
  • Keyed Key Ring Added: Key ring for the Lockbox system, holds up to 20 keys, drops off the Thralls of the Pit.
  • Pet Powerscroll Key Added
  • Augment Added - Broddr Rune: An improved spiked shield augment that requires 3 sockets from the Lord of the Pit
  • Augment Added - Pit Lord Magma: A damage bonus for Hit Fireball, bonus is based on the To Hit percentage from the Lord of the Pit.
  • Jump to next stage Deed added: This will move your Pit item 1 point below what is needed to move to the next stage.
  • Phase Spider Thread Added: Adds to the max item a bag of holding can contain.
  • Pet Leveling Updated: No longer gains XPs from bonded pets
  • Domino/Kronus Deco Deeds: Added 49 new items
  • Harrower (Stat scroll version) Updated: Now has a chance of dropping the Crown of Champions
  • Crown of Champions Added: New staged item for vet content...6 different versions. 2 Tiers, first tier is slaying Ghost Champions.
  • Ghost Champion Added: When a champ is killed outside of Felucca it has a chance to become a Ghost Champion, these will vanish in time.
  • The Pit Gear Updated: The Thralls and Lord of the Pit now provide a very high chance of awarding more points then anything else in Shame.
  • XMLSpawner Updated: Found an issue when setting the times based on Light Years
  • MoveItem Command Updated: Now checks for non-movable items
  • Animal Trainer Updated: Now sells Pet Wars Tag deeds for 25 gold

Once things settle will add some more info on the new Ghost Champion Quest

Ghost Champion Quest

The Crown of Champions can be found sometimes on the corpse of the Harrower. The item has 6 stages and 2 tiers. The first tier involves killing the Ghost Champions, when a champion is killed outside of Felucca it has a chance to turn into a ghost of its former self. There are three crowns; Fallen, Deadly and Merciless. Each crown has a specific stat assigned for it and also determines how the skills will be applied.

An example on one of the crowns the first ghost champion killed and awarded a point for will determine the properties and skills assigned while increasing the stages. Each champion has a specific set of properties and skills. Given time and experimentation you will be able to figure out how to get exactly what you desire.

The following skill sets are available; Bard, Necromancy, Thief, Tamer, Magery and Sword

Update 136


  • Bag of Holding Updated: Just when I think I have seen the worst runuo code possible something like this shows up.
  • Crown of Champions Updated: Removed debug info
  • Pit Lord Augments Updated: Just a few small tweaks
  • Hunger Games Scan Command Updated: Now just does Players
  • Hunger Games Clean Command Added: Removes all corpses from the island
  • Pet Level Scroll Updated (red one): This was a mess, hopefully added some value to it. This will now increase the current level to the next level but not go over the max level. Ability Points awarded does not check for DNA or skill: Simply 10-40.

Publish 26 - July 2016

Update 137


I was going to update the next part of the Tombs but finally figured out how I want the haggle system to work so I pulled it back for 1 week and it will come out next week. This is the last month of the Shame [Iron Forge] Event Cycle, so you will see a cross over this month into the next Event Cycle, Dragon Lords. The idea is to instead of having a hard line from one to another, create a smooth transition of content that lets you play within the event cycle to the next one.

  • Lost and Found Added: Going to move slow to see what I can do about players losing things. Starting with Keys and Shrunk Pets. Only 2 things will be seen by the system at this point: Base keys that are insured or blessed for and only shrunk pets that are donation or above max level/level 30/30.

I have to figure out a way to speed up lost item issues, players ALWAYS think the server did it and yet I find out the item decayed because of their own macros or not looking, they put the item in a different location then originally thought or another player has it. My main focus is to speed up the time it takes me to find out what happened and if I can make things right.

  • Ghost Champions Updated: Vanish timer should work as intended now, breath weapon code updated.
  • Crown of Champions Updated: Needed to make sure points do not exceed the cap.
  • Crafter Champ Updated: Incorrect body value...(strange)
  • Breeding Updated: Now registers the breeder as an Owner
  • Taming System Updated: Correctly checks to see if the pet has ever had an owner before
  • Dungeon Lockdown: Time for all those illegal recall runes to become pointless and will be removed

Update 138


  • Kronus Siege Event Items Added
  • Domino's Deco Items Added
  • Dragon Lords Event Cycle Items Added
  • Base Champion Updated: When a Ghost Champion appears there will be a notice that all players will get in the immediate area.
  • Ghost Champion Updated: Slowed them down a little while I rewrite how regen works.

Update 139


  • New Property Added - Ghost Champion Spawn Increase: This increases the percent chance of a Ghost Champion being spawned.
  • Forensic Eval Updated: Skill is now used for the initial estimate of a priceless artifact. (Item Identification is the secondary skill used)
  • Artifact Fence NPC Added: Say "yes" to interact with him. He will ask you if you wish to sell something, target a priceless artifact (which you have hopefully used forensic Eval on).
  • Haggle System Added: This system uses begging and luck. (Limited attempts to haggle price)
  • Voting Stones Updated: Better handling of bad websites and checking of votes. The stones now Log rewards.
  • Everlasting Fireworks Wand Added: Can be used once per second
  • Everlasting Emperial Firewards wand added: Can be used once per second
  • Domino Deco Deeds added: Trees and Siege items
  • Kas Armor - Added all of the Battle Worn pieces
  • Trivia Tokens Updated: Changed to Game Tokens to be used for other events.
  • Light of Champion Added: Earring slot that look like lenses and have the new Ghost Champion Spawn Increase Property
  • Mystery Chest - Kas Added: Random chance for any Kas armor piece, plus if the piece has a related Battle Worn type there is a 33% chance of it being that rare item.

Publish 27 - August 2016

Update 140


Kane has been working on a few new custom systems that will be truly unique and will be exclusive to UO Evolution. Over the next 90 days we will be adding some of the most exciting content we have had in a very long time.

Kane has been designing, adding and coding pieces of script for the past few months in preparation for these custom systems. We are finally there!

The first system is the Contract System, added today!

This dynamic system will add new contacts(like bods)for players to complete The staff can add and customize them in game without the need for restarts.

We just added the first of many "progressive" monsters...more details to come soon

Next will come a few new custom items...

Then will come the new crafting system, which will start with spellbook crafting. Over the next 90 days expect to see a lot of exciting content and systems added that we have been working on over the past year

  • Contract System Added: The principle is simple. Get a contract from a NPC, do the contract, turn the contract in for a reward. Contracts are broken down into different categories. You can only get 1 contract over a specific period of time for each category and the contract does expire after the time shown on it.

You will have a merchant ledger to keep track of your contracts. This system is in testing this week, we will be asking a few players to help us with this so we can do our best to have this system up and running quickly

  • Dragon Lord Added: First of a progressive mobile, this will be tested this week so I can see how difficult it is at different states.

Repair Updated: Better handling of the Repair NPC code, players won't fail anymore.

  • Red Dragon carved items added
  • Merchant Ledger Added
  • Dynamic Reward System Added

Update 141


As expected, a few updates as we work out the issues and expand the functionality to the new system. We already have players starting to help out with ideas of what they would like to see with contracts, kind of exciting :) Odds are there will be another update in a few days, not sure of any bugs yet but do have some new features to add.

  • Contract System Updated: Added the ability for contracts to require properties being set for items being asked for. Example: A contract could require you to get 10 broadswords each with Hit Leach above 15.
  • Contract Merchant Updated: Issue when the accepted contract expire timer was set.
  • BaseCreature Updated: Modified the IsChamp flag
  • Doom Updated: System summoned mobiles will now have NoKillAwards set true

Update 142


UO Evolution made a server upgrade last night and it went smoothly!

The staff will be moving into test mode on the new contract system this weekend, this will no doubt involve some players. We will then test the new Dragon Lord code. I am hoping to maybe see a shard wide contract test in a few days.

  • Champ Power Hour Added: Staff now have a command to start a champ power hour, you will get bonus gold and weapon experience while champing during this time.
  • Contract System Updated: Cleaned up a few small issues and added a new contract type that allows for both Killing Monsters and Gathering Items on a single contract

Update 143


  • Champ Power Hour Command Updated: Changed access level
  • Mystery Chest - Magi Added: Random chance for any Magi armor piece, plus if the piece has a related Battle Worn type there is a 33% chance of it being that.
  • Battle-Worn Chest of Vecna (Male and Female) Added: Battle Worn item for the Magi armor set
  • Battle-Worn Arms of Vecna Added: Battle Worn item for the Magi armor set
  • Chest of the Magi (Female and Male) Updated: They are now similar, this will not change any of them currently in game. Just new ones awarded.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 44 New items
  • Black Dragon Talisman Added: Now an original in game item.
  • Fire Dragon Talisman Added: Special Feature is Mage Fire Spell Damage Bonus of 10%. This gives a 10% bonus to any fire spells cast when worn.
  • Voice of Champions Added: Bonus to being awarded points when killing Ghost of Champions.
  • Ghost Champion Point Increase Property Added: This is added to the chance of being awarded a point whjen killing a Ghost of a Champion
  • Regen Rate Stam Cap Increase Property Added: This increases the regen stam cap of the wearer by the amount displayed
  • Regen Rate Mana Cap Increase Property Added: This increases the regen mana cap of the wearer by the amount displayed
  • Regen Rate Hits Cap Increase Property Added: This increases the regen hits cap of the wearer by the amount displayed

Update 144


  • Treasure Map Drop Rate for special regions now handled by the controller
  • Contract System Updated: Now ready for initial shard wide testing this weekend
  • Peerless Key Updated: Use time changed from 10 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Dynamic Rewards Updated: Can now handle special cases.
  • Mystery Chest - Magi Updated: Fixed hue
  • Battle-Work Arms of Vecna Updated: Fixed spelling
  • Contract System Updated: Added the features for Breeding and Taming.

New Deco Added

  • Added Deco for Pirate Month
  • Added Halloween/October Section to Deco Display Mall (had no idea we had so much and will continue to add items as we find them)
  • Stones added for ED/Gold/Game Tokens and Tokens will go Live October 1st and be available for October only
  • Added 30 Halloween Stealable spawns which will be live Oct 1st
  • Added 17 new stealable spawners in TerMur and Trammel (live now)
  • Added Doll Shop in Britain - check it out
  • Adjusted spawn rate on the Champion Sting Quest spawners
  • Adjusted (increased) drop rate on some rebuilding Magincia spawners

Domino will be working on the deco display mall.

Update 145


  • Contract System Update: Counting issue resolved
  • Contract System Update: Flavored text is now dynamic
  • Contract System Update: Contract Merchant can now be altered
  • Arrow Spray Updated: Now triggers the correct attack functions on BaseCreature
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Trade Channel Updated: 1 message per 20 minutes now enforced.
  • Pet Death Updated: Now should have balanced stat loss

Update 146


  • Contract System Update: Made a few adjustments to the system
  • Domino's Quest Added: Quest item drops for one of Domino's new quests
  • Peerless Key Updated: Use time changed from 10 minutes to 45 minutes

Update 147


The contract system is working correctly, all bugs have been cleaned up. This week I will be adding more contracts to test out other things and I will slow down on the restarts to resume our normal scheduling. We also added the enhanced carving system into the game, now we can get back to work on the new craft system as our next focus.

  • Domino's Quest Updated: Fixed one of the quest items
  • Contract System Update: Issue the way the data was being unpacked when handling a corpse
  • Enhanced Carving System Added: Allows us to put items on BaseCreatue corpses when carved on the fly.

Publish 28 - September 2016

Update 148


Pirate Month!

  • Parry Cap Updated: Now it should work as intended.
  • GetPet Updated: Fixed the pricing so it displays the actual cost.
  • Pet Leveling Updated: Resolved a few issues.

Update 149


  • Banker Update: Exploit fixed
  • Gold Ledger: Exploit Fixed

Warning! Gold Exploit

The Staff has recently uncovered a major gold exploit being used by several players on this shard. Kane spent an entire day to fix this exploit.

I can't tell you how disappointing it was to have to ban 7 players already over this abuse of the OUR shard!

As a player here at UO Evolution, you should try and protect the shard from exploiters, griefers or any other influence that would ruin your experience

If you have been involved with this exploit, please turn yourself in, before we catch you. We are currently reviewing the logs. Dante will assess the acct and grant amnesty to honest players that come forward. Kane has added code that will report anyone attempting this exploit and deliver the info to our logs. If you are caught, there will be no warning...

If any player has any info regarding other players involved in this exploit, please contact Dante immediately. The info will remain private.

Update 150


  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • New Potion (Dr Doolittle's Protection Potion) Added: This will protect your pet from having stat loss if it dies within 15 minutes of using this potion. Timer on display on the mouse over.
  • Pet Protection Deed: This provides "Dr Doolittle's Protection Potion" for 24 hours.
  • Alchemy Updated: Added recipe scroll for Dr Doolittle's Protection Potion
  • Pain Spike Updated: Now follows normal damage basecreature behavior

New Pirate Champ Spawn!

  • New Champ Added: Pirate Invasion, 50/50 reward for killing the champ is a powerscroll or a Captain's Coin for increasing Admiral's Hats
  • Pirate Mystery Chest Added: Equal chance of Pirate Augs, Emerald Pearl Items or Admiral's Hat (33/33/33). Which sub item is selected afterwards from the list.

Trait System Updates:

  • Trait System Updated: Bonus traits added to available trait list based on the generation of the pet (What this means is some traits are not available until a pet reaches a certain generation or higher)
  • Trait System Updated: Bonus traits based on specific mob type half way implimented, still figuring out the best way to do this.
  • Trait Deeds Added: Decrease Stat Loss Chance and Decrease Stat Amount Chance
  • Decrease Stat Loss Chance Trait Added: Available on Gen 3 and above
  • Decrease Stat Amount Chance Trait Added: Available on Gen 3 and above

New Items

  • Star of Champions Added
  • Blue Dragon Talisman Added: Special Feature is Mage Energy Spell Damage Bonus of 10%. This gives a 10% bonus to any energy spells cast when worn.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds: 37 new items

Update 151


Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 36 new deco items

  • Title System Updated: Required code changes so the system knows how to display for a BaseCreature and Player
  • Dungeon of Sin Updated
  • Special Dragons Updated: Much needed
  • PlayerMobile Updated: Added Event Tags
  • BaseCreature Updated: Trait function call changes

Update 152


  • New Region Added: Vecna's Tomb (Rock Dungeon removed)
  • Vecna's Tomb Dungeon Controller Added
  • Vecna Teleporter Added: Checks for tags and if none present it adds them
  • Vecna Tomb Controller Added: Events triggered based on player actions
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 42 new items
  • Kas Armor Gorget - Battle Worn Updated: Coding issue
  • Kas Armor Helm Updated: Display issue
  • Crafting Updated: Resolved display issue with crafting some custom potions
  • Item Bank Tile Updated: Handles Enchanted Steeds and does not effect staff
  • Base Level Creatures Added: Something new coming, mobs go up in levels as they kill players
  • Gift System Updated: Was generating items that were not needed
  • Pumpkin Hunt Updated: new prizes

Publish 29 - October 2016

Update 153 Halloween


New Halloween Pet!

  • Ancient Nightmare Added: Has firestorm attack that damages things in the area, heals itself and adds a bonus to the riders Hit Fireball damage based on its level
  • Merchant Framework Updated: It wasn't checking for the correct delay tag.
  • Pumpkin Scarecrow Updated: Can be moved when created
  • Criminal Tile Added: When someone walks over the tile it turns them grey
  • Player Mobile Updated: Will display the shard event tag when present on mouse over.
  • Base Creature Updated: Training Elemental should no longer give tokens or artifacts.

Update 154


  • Pumpkin Scarecrow Updated: Can be moved when created
  • Mystery Chest - Magi Updated: Added the new Vecna fragment and increase piece deed
  • Mystery Chest - Talismans Added: 17 of the talismans I have made for events and such.
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 16 new items
  • Crown of Champion Kill Deeds Added: Random and specific
  • Skull of Vecna Updated: All NEW skulls will have a new property on them, "Pieces of Vecna's Soul"
  • Fragment of Vecna's Soul Added: If the Skull of Vecna has an available piece open, you can add a fragment of Vecna's soul. When this fragment is added to the skull, it will add a property or skill(Will not exceed 5 skills on an item) to the skull
  • Increase Max Pieces Deed Added: This deed will increase the number of fragments allowable to add to a skull, the max is 10.

Update 155


  • Contract System Updated: Now keeps track of total contracts completed and contracts per category completed
  • Contract System Updated: Contracts can now require certain amount of contracts to be done before that one being available. First step for other requirements.
  • Craft System Updated: Ancient hammers should now use charges when crafting with them.
  • Player Mobile Updated: Combat Debug info available to me. This will help me iron out any issues faster.

Update 156


  • Animal Trait System Updated: Mana and Stam Bonus traits were not setting correctly.
  • Trick or Treat Bag Added: Reward for the weekend quest, can do once a day. Over 140 possible rewards.
  • Donation Pets Updated: Starting to clean up and make the code consistent

Wiki Quest Info Updated

  • A Champion String Quest
  • Pirate's Plunder Quest
  • Silly Apprentice Quest
  • Unity Quest
  • The Rebuilding of Magincia

Custom Quests

Publish 30 - November 2016

Update 157


  • Turkey Hunt Updated: Over 100 items up for grabs when doing the Turkey Hunt
  • PlayerMobile Updated: Last killer will now record previous owners of released pets instead of just the pet.
  • Plague Beast Updated: Stopping the spawn xp farm
  • Barracoon Updated: Stopping the spawn xp farm
  • Pet Wars Tag Updated: No longer breedable since they are outside the normal system.
  • Interior Decorator Tool Updated: Maybe a few less pages, any problems let me know.
  • Stat Loss for Pets Updated: No longer the static number, now a random number for each and possible nothing. Also logging of stat loss so can provide more information on the system.

Update 158


  • Hunger Games Updated: Prevent the reporting of a murder
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 4 items from working with deco contest winner
  • Restore Points Deed Added: Adds points to the pets restore point max
  • Runic Saw Updated: Constructor issue
  • Bank Tile Updated: Removes Vampiric Embrace
  • PowerScroll Barrel Updated: Will only take PowerScrolls now
  • Level Items Gump Updated: Item now needs to be in the players backpack to spend points
  • Shrink System Updated: Now displays Restore Points
  • Pet Stat Loss Updated: Max and Min checks put in place
  • Wood Elementals Updated: Now has a chance to draw runic saws
  • Scribes Key Upated: Added Druid scrolls
  • Runic Key Updated: Added Runic Saws
  • Potion Key Updated: Resolved Potion bottle issue
  • Carpentry Updated: Can craft Blackstaff

Update 159 Thanksgiving


  • Shrink System Updated: Improved handling of how information is displayed
  • Pet Level Gump Updated: Should close correctly now
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 68 New items
  • Silver Dragon Talisman: Healing bonus to Mage healing spells
  • Chip of Vecna's Soul Added: If the Skull of Vecna has an available piece open, when this item is added to the skull it will add a property or skill(Will not exceed 5 skills on an item) to the skull
  • Fragment of Vecna's Soul Updated: Cleaned up some of the code
  • Cellia, Tailor Repair NPC added
  • Turkegeddon Added: Thanksgiving will never be the same...
  • Spells Updated: Now handles the Silver Dragon Talisman
  • BaseCreature Updated: It will clean up any missing data elements upon start up.
  • Repair Updated: Now handles the Tailoring Repair NPC

Publish 31 - December 2016

Update 160 Christmas


  • Regions Updated: Added the small secret room in the tomb system
  • Region Controller Updated: Resolved a conflict between the 2 systems (Will need to test a few things like Hunger Games, Tomb Systems, Vecna's Tomb to see if this cleaned up some issues)
  • Holiday Items Updated: A few items needed a new staff list or 2016 versions
  • Christmas Tree Axe Updated: Converted over to the new loot system and added a few new items from Domino
  • Santa's Gift Updated: Converted over to the new loot system
  • Christmas Presents Added: Gifts for donations and the 12 days of Christmas Event added
  • Stocking Giftbox 2016 Added
  • Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 122 new items
  • Base Quest Item Updated: Cleaned up a few properties that were being displayed that were not needed
  • Dynamic Rewards Updated: Added function to create an item and hand over to calling function rather then reward to player or container
  • Turn In Quest NPC Updated: (Now at V2) Added the ability to dress and set specific properties in the config file. Also now can do Once per X days
  • Advanced Quest System Added: This allows us to create a series of Turn in Quest NPCs that will change over after a certain period of time, the system will an announcement to all online and will turn off and on any xmlspawners currently being handled in this chain.

Update 161


  • Christmas Quests Updated: Domino and I changed over the configs with the new properties
  • Ninja Deathstrike Updated: Recoded process because can cause a stack overflow with advanced mobiles (Monday's Crash)
  • Advanced Quest System Updated: Removed test numbers
  • Taming Shroud Updated: Cleaned up a taming skill bug

Update 162


  • Regen Rates Update: Funtionality to expose the actual numbers
  • Regen Rate Command Added: Command to display the current regen rates for a mobile
  • Bulk Order Book Updated: Old item not used but when in case can cause crashes, resolved null issue.
  • Treasure Map Chest Updated: Now logs any special items recovered in a chest (Loot table not touched)
  • Archmage Added: Quest mobile
  • Magical Elf Pet Updated: Added needed functionality for new traits
  • Craft Repair NPCs Updated: Limited the speech range to 2
  • Battle Worn Legs of Vecna Added: New Vecna armor piece
  • Christmas Presents Updated: Final loot tables are in.
  • Santa's Everlasting Present Added: On the 25th of each month the owner of this will be given a reward when clicked at your house
  • Glacial Ice Augment Added: Weapon Crafted Material changes to Ice, +25% Hit Cold Area and +5% Chance to getting points for Pit Items (5 Sockets/Weapons Only)
  • Enhanced Candy Cane Augment Added: +10 Animal Taming and +10 Animal Lore (5 Sockets/Jewelry and Armor Only)
  • Iron Forge Mining Gear Added: Now handles new augment
  • Stam Bonus Trait Updated: Handled bonus incorrectly
  • Mana Bonus Trait Updated: Handled bonus incorrectly
  • Pet Healing Trait Added: New trait for the Magical Elf pet. Elves with this trait can also heal the owners pets
  • Increased Healing Trait Added: New trait for any pet that Can Heal (Like the Cu Sidhe)
  • Pet Healing Trait Deed Added: Deed for applying the trait to a pet
  • Increased Healing Trait Deed Added: Deed for applying the trait to a pet
  • Trait System Updated: Put in some sanity checks for the commands to apply traits to a mobile.

Update 163


  • Fishing Event NPC Added: Timed fishing events, player who turns in the biggest fish after the time period wins a prize. (Idea and mods: Kane/Base code: Blue)
  • Big Fish Updated: Added Date/Time to the item
  • Recipe Scroll Updated: Needs to be in the backpack now to use
  • Shadow Strike Updated: Will not work in the Capture the Flag region
  • Murder Report Updated: No counts in CTF
  • Capture the Flag Added: New event game coded from the ground up to fit our needs and vision.
  • Tomb System Updated: Moved one of the chests so it can be accessed
  • Custom Vendor stone Updated: Changed Access level to some functionality
  • AFK Updated: Changed the timer
  • Discord Chat Added

Update 164


  • Stealing Updated: Log entry made when an item is stolen from another player.
  • Region Controller Updated: Error handling (Crash #2)
  • Staff Robes Updated: Cleaned up code, removed code and removed some robes. Not used anyways (Crash #1)
  • Item Bank Tile Updated: Should remove mushroom effects
  • Hide and Seek Event Updated: New way to play this event...There are 3 prizes that are randomized. 1 is gold, 1 is Game tokens and 1 is from the special loot table for that month.
  • Santa's Everlasting Present Updated: Testing code was still there
  • Saffron Ranger Wrap Added: Big Game Hunter Reward
  • Temple Weapons Updated: Set not movable
  • Disarm Updated: Checks for not movable weapons (This is temp)
  • Capture the Flag Updated: Domino will start a new round of testing. We already have some good ideas of where we want to take this event
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