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Publish 1

Kane begins as head developer June 2014

Players can follow the daily development of the shard here in these update logs

Archived the previous 3 years of development logs

Revert May 19th 2014

  • Updated Wiki
  • Updated Forums
  • Updated Website
  • Updated Email

Publish 2 - June 2014

Shard Update 6-06-2014

Update 1 (Exploit fixes)

Shard Update 6-06-2014

  • Token Bag: Exploits are removed
  • Level Deeds: Removed the 10k token reward
  • Evo Dragon: Are no longer breedable when they evolve
  • Taming Bods: Require the bod to be completed when turning in.
  • Enchanted Grove: Low karma casters no longer hurt other players
  • Bank Crystal: Required to be in backpack to be used.
  • Trade Channel: Trade channel added. use [trade or [tr in chat
  • Reduced save times back down to 6 seconds
  • Removed and disconnected old databases

Update 2 (Quest Improvements)

Shard Update 6-07-2014

  • Red Tunic: Completely recoded, no longer will require to be unequipened and then equiped again after restarts. The tunic now has a chance of being +5, +10, +15 and +20. It also will randomly select a skill from 2 spell casting related lists and between 2 different stats as well.
  • Green Tunic: Completely recoded, no longer will require to be unequipened and then equipedagain after restarts. The tunic now has a chance of being +5, +10, +15 and +20. It also will randomly select a skill from 2 combat related lists and between 2 different stats as well.
  • Zelda (NPC): Will now reward the new red and green tunics.
  • Worm Jar in the fisherman's quest (Empty): Added some more descriptive text to help explain things.

Update 3 (Spell Cleanup)

Shard Update 6-08-2014

  • Cleric Spells: All of the cleric spells now have a casting delay, these delays are currently based on the circle.
  • Blend with trees Spell: Squelching was set to true but never returned to false.

Update 4 (Way too much gold)

Shard Update 6-08-2014

  • Naruto Quest: Mobs were dropping some hefty gold.
  • Several Gold exploits fixed

Update 5

A new, complete Breeding Coming soon (Not finished)

See Update 24

Update 6

Shard Update 6-09-2014

  • Crafting: Everything resource related has been changed so it has steady growth, no longer will a lesser runic provide greater results then a superior runic.
  • Runic Hammers: Now have a skill requirement to use, the better the runic the higher the skill needed.
  • Ore Elementals: A few changes to the loot system in an attempt to balance it out.
  • Crash Log Fixes: Move Item, Travesty, Monster Contract Gump, Breeding Cancel Menu, Gold Ledger, Loot Bag, Interior Decorator, Chat General, Item Experience Gump
  • Blessed bags: When a player dies all of the items in a blessed container will now remain untouched inside that container. (Minos: )
  • Cleric Spell Casting Delay Changes: Restoration, Banish Evil, Dampen Spirits, Sacred Boon, Smite.
  • Token Reward: I did not lower the maximum possible tokens however I did expand the range which will change the mean.
  • Token Parties: Based on the number of party members the token reward will diminish. It should be noted that if a token party has all members hunting and bringing in tokens it will still be successful, if however you have members of your party sitting by the bank doing nothing then they will become more like sponges rather then partners.
  • Dryad Allure: Restricted the creatures it applies, blocked use on bosses. Fixed Medusa
  • Trapped Ice/Fire Hounds: A few issues repaired

Update 7

Shard Update 6-11-2014

  • Added Doom Gauntlet
  • Added Doom Daemon Bone Quest
  • Added Astro Daemon Quest
  • Added Vampire Slayer Quest

Update 8 & 9

  • Stat Cap: For some reason this was set to 300, now set the normal number.
  • Red and Green Tunic: Altered based on feedback.
  • Token Party System: Raised the mean a notch and changed the Party factor from 5 to 3.
  • Token Bag: Improved the clean up, restricted items that can be dropped inside for tokens
  • Giant Recluse Spider: Damage Toned down, loot reduced
  • Magi Ore and Scroll: Dropped on death with percent chance increase
  • PowerSkulls (105,110,115,120): Added Spellweaving;
  • BOD reward were repaired, customized, and added new rewards

There are a ton of bods to be tested by both players and staff, we now can finally say bods have taken a huge leap forward.

I will start posting the reward charts for all the skills, also look for new rewards being added as I look to expand this well beyond anything seen before. We also did a complete backup this morning, given the size of this monster you can imagine that took a moment.

Update 10

Shard Update 6-18-2014

  • PowerSkulls (105,110,115,120): Now working as intended, Throwing will be added by other means soon
  • Iron Golem Crafting: New pet crafted by tinkerers with the special ability to mine ore. (Testing Phase)
  • Iron Clockwork Assembly: This is what the tinkerer crafts to create an Iron Golem. (Testing Phase)
  • +100 Luck Deed added
  • +300 Luck Deed added
  • Evo Dragons: Pre-set the required items so it can be hatched from the egg and no need for staff assistance. Added a new breeding check as well.
  • SocketScrolls: Recoded how the object is created, now you can provide the number of sockets and by pass the random number generation them. Previous functionality not removed.
  • Small Tink Bod: When combining it will not take the entire stack, only 1 item off the stack.
  • Tinker Bods: Cleaned up alltinker,cfg and carp3.cfg
  • Small Bod: When combining it will not take the entire stack, only 1 item off the stack.
  • Small Bod: Coded to handle instruments.
  • Taming Bod Tools added and in some places recoded to resemble the other bod systems.
  • Bod Rewards Changes: Blacksmith now have level deeds, tailor has magic cloth deeds and tinker has sockets
  • Socket Hammer: There is now a hammer for armor, weapons and golems (Test Phase)
  • Weapon Socket Hammer Added (Testing Phase)
  • Armor Socket Hammer Added (Testing Phase) (Includes Talismans)
  • Golem Socket Hammer Added (Testing Phase)
  • BaseTalisman: Added socket flag.
  • Mithril Dragon Talisman: Socket Flag set to false.
  • BaseGolem creature type added
  • Pharoah's Burial Mask: chaanged the special attack and damage

Note to Breeders:
Due to fixing some Evo Dragon issues I had to put in phase 1 of the breeding code. It was not my intent, so if you breed right now you will enter the life cycle pet system. Please excuse me while I get the rest of this system finished, give me a week max to have breeding working, better and remove the exploits that are causing issues.

Note to Crafters:
Special rewards based on skills:

  • Tailoring: Magic Cloth Deeds
  • Tinkering: Socket Scrolls
  • Blacksmith: Level Deeds

Update 11 & 12

Shard Update 6-20-2014

  • SmallBodGump/LargeBodGump: Code clean up to make sure specific vendor events were being called.
  • BaseVendor: Cleaned up some of the multi bod system code, hopfully catching the remaining issues with getting a new bod after you turn one in.
  • Token Bag: Updated to handle latest exploit
  • Training Shield Added
  • Training Weapons/Shield: All are cursed now.
  • Corrected Spelling issues.
  • Bag of Magic Cloth Deeds Added
  • Tailor Bod Rewards: Upper large bod rewards have a chance for a bag of multiple magic cloth deeds (Good luck).
  • Iron Golem: Added a few tile ids that were missing.
  • Runic Hammer, Sewing kit, Fletching tools, Toolkit: All recoded to better space out functionality and handle new features.
  • Added Vecna Quest

Update 13

Shard Update 6-22-2014

  • Golem Crafting:
  • Pet Level: Added BaseGolem to the "No Breed" list
  • Iron Golem: Max level now determined by the skill of the tinkerer up to the max of 30.
  • Iron Clockwork Assembly added to the tinker toolkit craft menu under Custom(Requires 100 skill minimum, 1 Clock Part, 1 Spring, 25 Iron Ingots and 5 Blackrock)
  • Craft Iron Golem: Double click the Iron Clockwork Assembly to craft an
  • Iron Golem (read the wiki for materials needed)
  • Iron Golem: New commands are "Start Mining" and "Stop Mining"(Requires a normal shovel in the Iron Golem's backpack before it can mine)
  • Peerless Updates: Completely recoded the Peerless System
  • Peerless Region created: Some spells will not work, Druid spells were restricted
  • Travesty Keys: All old keys are useless and all new keys will expire over time.
  • Travesty will now spawn if you gather the three needed keys and then double click the table. If you have everything you will be given a Peerless Key, this key will be good for 24 hours. Double click the Peerless Key and if room is available you will be teleported there. You will have 30 minutes to defeat the Peerless Boss and then 10 minutes to loot. If either duration is exceeded you will be ejected from the room and returned to the place you left from.
  • Medusa: Handles summoned creatures better.
  • General Improvements: Resolved a few balancing issues
  • Pop/Population Command: Removed from Player Access
  • BaseCreature: Expanded the Teleport with Pet functionality.
  • BaseCreature: The ability to increase stats based on party size.
  • Special Fishing Nets: Tweaked the water validation code, should be more appealing to water house owners.
  • Treasure Maps: They now have a chance to drop Magic Cloth Deeds, Level Deeds and Socket Deeds.
  • Creature Backpacks: Added the ability for a creature to have a Bag of Holding type backpack.
  • Runic Tools: Donation Level items, they require no skill to use (these do not go into keys)
  • Armor of Kas added for testing (Dex based suit by Tiea)
  • Archery Butte Addon: Due to how arrows were removed as a resource this was causing an exception
  • Pet Level: Fixed some display text issues, no longer will refer to the pet name as a number.
  • Shard Tools:
  • Improved the error checking
  • Commands to help test the BoD system
  • Addon Generator added into Staff tools
  • Champ Spawns:
  • Currently any Champ can drop any Powerscroll, Crafting Powerscroll or Level Deed.
  • Champion NOW drop more random scrolls. (Magic Cloth and Socket Scrolls are coming)
  • Mini Champ System Added: These can be found in the Stygian Abyss and drop crafting resources. Check the wiki for more information.

Update 14

Shard Update 6-24-2014

Wiki Updates

  • Champ Spawns info updated
  • Custom Quests walk throughs added
  • Golem Crafting Added
  • Mini-Champs info Added

Added Secret Vendor Stones

  • Honey Vendor - Savage Camp
  • Blackrock Vendor - Trammel Cave
  • Sap of Sosaria - Tree
  • Gargoyle Deco - Gargoyle City
  • Dragon Scale -
  • Bio-Engineer Workshop - Umbra
  • Mystery - Gravestone
  • Mystery -

Added Secret Vendor Shop Locations on moongate

  • Honey Shop - Vesper
  • Aquarium Shop - Britain
  • Wood Shop - Yew
  • Gold Panning Shop - Minoc
  • Rug Shop - Termur Market
  • Flower Shop - Britain
  • Monster Hunter Shop - Britain
  • Golem Crafting Shop - Britain
  • Wine Maker Shop - Empath Abbey
  • Donation Shop - Trinsic
  • Thief Vendor - Buc Den
  • Wax Crafting - Vesper


  • Champ was not awarding anything if in Tram (Level Deeds);
  • Champs: Awarded Level deeds will no longer be affected by valor;
  • Champs: Justice modifier has been reduced.
  • Champs: Drop math was incorrect.
  • Quest: hercules Quest fixed some spelling stuff
  • Animal Trainer: Can now sell brushes.
  • Iron Golem: Skill Check was not working correctly, gains should be fixed.
  • Iron Golem: Should now notify you when there is no ore left to mine.
  • Treasure Chests: Not happy with drop frequency.

Update 15

  • Champs: Increased the chance of a powerscroll vs (level deed/craft scroll)
  • Champs: Further tweaked level deed drop chance based on collected champ drop reports.
  • Treasure Chest: Increased drop chance of magic cloth deeds.
  • Daat99: Altered command structure (Bod clean up)

The UO Evolution website was updated

  • added facebook feed
  • added forum feed
  • added stats
  • removed dead links
  • removed dead video

Publish 3 - July 2014

Update 16

Shard Update 7-4-2014

Added new content:

New crafting Sockets:

  • Glimmering Feluccian Ruby Added: +5 Tailoring
  • Glimmering Feluccian Marble Added" +5 Tinkering

New Items:

  • Enchanted Ghost Steed: 0 Slot ethereal mount and +100 Luck for the player while riding. The steed can have up to +1000 luck added to the steed!
  • Lich Totem Added
  • Ring of Evolution Added: Ring that is able to be leveled to 100.
  • Tailors Needle Added: When used to cut hides will it increase the amount you received from corpses.
  • BaseCreature: Added IsDonation and NeverBreeds flags to assist with managing code for pets gained through means other then taming
  • Gargoyle Spawn Rate: Slight increase
  • Damage Eater Props removed from 2 known weapons (These weapons will be removed)
  • Automated Gift Giver: Set to give 1 gift per account
  • July 4th/Canada day Gift bags

UPDATED HUE FILE: Hue File Download

Watch Video if you need instructions on how to intall the hue file

Update 17

Shard Update 7-11-2014

  • Fixed Daat99 Control Center Serialize error
  • Fixed Global Chat System: Improved error catching
  • Added the order list to Balzon Marcos - Quest Issue
  • All Tree deco made into deeds
  • Storage Keys moved to new shop locations, collection quests added
  • New Deco Added in shop locations
  • Updated the Vecna Quest, wiki story updated, Kas added, Kas armor added
  • Added Undead Gargoyle Horn Collection Quest
  • Added all the herbs to the stone vendor
  • Solved the house drop crash issue and removed offending item
  • Updated Wiki
  • Updated website

Added New Donation Bonus/Pet of the Month

  • Advanced Iron Golem: Bonus ore when mining
  • Advanced Iron Golem: Chance for bonus granite when mining
  • Advanced Iron Golem: Better chance at granite then normal iron golem.
  • Advanced Iron Golem: More ability points then normal Iron Golems
  • Advanced Iron Golem: Stats and Resists set accordingly
  • Iron Golem: Math error when figuring out if Smelting is Enabled.
  • Iron Golem: Can now mine for granite (The chance of mining is based on the skill of the tinker that crafted it)
  • Iron Golem: Color on and Color off will cause the golem to not change color based on ore found. This will allow you to keep the backpack open.
  • Iron Golem: Stats and Resists changed for any new creation.
  • Containers: Added GolemBackpack, this mob pack allows for providing an int for the weight
  • Runic Fletcher Tools: Now displays name properly
  • Runic Tools (Donation): Now display they are [Donation], they require no skill to use unlike normal runic tools.
  • BaseChampion: When champs die outside of Fel there is a chance of either nothing or level deeds (To be expanded) Fel is still the only place Powerscrolls drop from champs
  • Serpents Fang High Executioner: Key drop chances increased.
  • Agahnim(Fel Version): Has a chance of dropping the mirror shield, fairy sword, nothing.. and you
  • Ancient Dragons: Each now broken off into an individual mob, this prevents the stealing design flaw and allows for customization in the future
  • Ancient Dragon Skulls added
  • Stealables: Added 6 new ones
  • Pet Info Gump: If the NeverBreeds flag is true there will be no option to breed
  • Magic Cloth Deeds: Now allows for an optional arguement for individual item creation
  • Greater Magic Cloth Deed: There is no chance for an item to be created less then +5 (Will be added to rewards in the next update)
  • Sockets: Removed the talisman check from the armor function and created a new socket talisman function.
  • Socket Hammer for Jewelry added (Testing)
  • Socket Hammer for Talisman added (Testing)

Update 18

Shard Update 7-18-2014

  • Added additional props to the new stealables
  • Treasure Map Chests: Tweaked the level deed function based on user input
  • Advanced Iron Golem: Tweaked a few stats
  • +1 Pet Slot Deed: Will not go above 10
  • Bounty Board (Crash) : Error checking during then world save
  • Server Status: Permission changed, this is due to some people using then information in less then friendly ways.
  • Evo User Manager v1.0: This should save Dante a few hours so he can do other things.
  • Evolution Dollar Raffle Stone: Buy your tickets for 100k gold per, at the end of the raffle 1 lucky winner will receive Evolution Dollars. The more tickets purchased the more ED's that will be won.

Bulk Order Deeds Changes

  • Bulk Order Deeds - Tinkerer Rewards: Reworked most of it, removed sturdy axes and replaced with different levels of garg pickaxe and axe. Added Tinkering 120 powerscroll
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Tinkerer Rewards: Added Tinkering powerscroll
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Tinkerer Rewards: Tinkering hammer available
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Fletching Rewards: Added Lumberjack powerscroll
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Fletching Rewards: Replaced Sturdy Axe reward
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Carpentry Rewards: Replaced Sturdy Axe reward
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Tailoring Rewards: Replaced Sturdy Sewingkit reward
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Tailoring Rewards: Added Tailoring powerscroll
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Blacksmith Rewards: Replaced the Sturdy reward
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Blacksmith Rewards: Added Mining Powerscroll
  • Bulk Order Deeds - Blacksmith Rewards: Added Blacksmith Powerscroll

Vendor Changes

  • Vendor Cook: SBInfo Updated
  • Vendor Baker: SBInfo Updated
  • Vendor Tanner: SBInfo Updated

Socket System Changes

  • Socket System: All the checks are in place for Staff to be able to offer 100% success services.
  • Character Creation: Changed starting area to Brit Bank
  • Auto Save: Now goes back 24 saves rather then the normal 3 for added security versus potential data loss
  • Socket System: Modified chance for success (Still working on the math)
  • Socket System: When failed added the functionality to deaden the sockets.

New Items

  • Armor of Kas: Updated after 1st round of testing, added 3 new pieceas to it.
  • Talisman of Fortune Added
  • Phase Spider Silk Robe Added
  • Phase Spider Silk Wrap Added
  • Mirror Cloak Added
  • Boots of the Soul Walker Added

New Deco/Shops

  • Added New Deco
  • Added Art Museum
  • Added Monster Shop
  • Added Antique Shop
  • Added Fishing Shop
  • Added Wine Shop
  • Added Blackrock Vendor
  • Added Blackrock Cave
  • Added Monster Contract Dealer Shop
  • Added Thieving Secret Vendor


  • Resolved 2 script crash issues
  • Resolved 2 player-caused crash issues

Update 19

Shard Update 7-21-2014

  • Added One-Handed Weapon Deed
  • Added Self Repair Deed
  • Added ED Raffle Stone
  • New Items Added
  • New Deco Added
  • Loot Updated
  • Handler Updated
  • CliLoc Handler Updated
  • Storage Key OnResponse Updated
  • Autosave Updated
  • Removed Honey from NPC, now player made only
  • Resolved 2 player-caused crash issues

Update 20

Shard Update 7-25-2014


  • Armor of Kas updates
  • Armor of Kas quest objects: Skull of Kas, Sword of Kas and Axe of Kas
  • Armor of Kas quest NPC added: Disciple of Vecna


  • BaseChampion: Skull will now drop outside of Fel.
  • Dawn's Music Box should now adhere to the item permissions set by the house.


  • Glimmering Feluccian Onyx Added: +5 Carpentry

New Mobs:

  • Lesser Phase Spider Added (Testing)
  • Phase Spider Added (Testing)
  • Infectious Phase Spider Pet Added

Pet Update:

  • Iron Golem Update
  • Advanced Iron Golem Update

New Items

  • Nystul's Magical Shirt Added
  • Added One-Hand weapon Deed
  • Added Self Repair Deed

Publish 4 - August 2014

Update 21

Shard Update 8-1-2014

Updated Website

  • Added facebook feed, forum feed, visitor flag widget

Updated Wiki

  • Donation Page/Items
  • Quest walk throughs
  • Added more donation subscription options
  • added "History of Sosaria"

Updated Forum

  • Updated Schedule of Events
  • Weeded out old irrelevant posts

New Items

  • Added Balance Bow Deed
  • Added Velocity Deed
  • Enchanted Ethy Charger - Zero Slot Mount with +100 Luck - You can add up to 1000 luck
  • Nystul's Apprentice Added
  • Imprisoned Soul of Vecna
  • Belt of Fortune Added
  • Boots of the Trinsic Knight Added
  • Added Item Raffle Stones
  • Added +1 house slot deed

New Pets Cockatrice Pet Added (Energy Aura Attack/Heal itself/Heal Master/3 Slot)

Deco Additions

  • New Deco added to Britain
  • New Deco added to shops/vendor stones

Breeding System - working on it daily


  • AutoSave: Recoded how the save functionality works, it should cut the IO down 75% compared to the current method and allow us to have a safer window in case of corruption.
  • Level Up Deeds: Improved checking the target object
  • AnimateDead Spell Updated
  • SpellHelper Updated: Added Labyrinth to the TravelCheck
  • Treasure Chests Updated: You can now find Greater Magic Cloth Deeds, Socket Scrolls, Boots of the Trinsic Knight and Belt of Fortune in these chests as special loot.

Fixed 2 crash issues

Added Core Launcher/auto reset

Update 22 (Crash Fixes)


  • XmlDialog: A check function relied upon exception catching rather then using code to check for null properly
  • UOGPS: Someone has this pointing to the original test shard they were working on and not changed for the production server.
  • Pirate Captain [1]: Removed the IO function and moved the data into an array
  • Pirate Captain [2]: Removed the IO function and moved the data into an array
  • Universal Keys: The primary gump has a design flaw that caused exceptions over a 5 hour period. Improved the error checking

Working on moving the shard to a new server with updated hardware and operating system


Complete Server Upgrade
New operating System Upgrade

Fixed several crash issues
Fixed Blue Screen Events
Fixed Dropped Console Issue
Resolved Operating System Incompatibilities with upgrade
Solved Stack Overflow Exception

Update 23


Removed all Rock Dungeon Content
Removed Lloth/Drow Elves Pack - Corrupt Content

  • CrashGuard: The crashes seem to have been resolved completely now. CrashGuard is turned back on and will automatically restart the shard.
  • Treasure Chests: Updated the drop chances of the new items.
  • Treasure Maps: Updated the drop chances and added Greater Magic Cloth Deeds to the level 6 maps
  • Velocity Deeds Updated (Working)
  • Resurrection Timer set to 45 seconds (was 30 seconds): This is not extra time to talk, this time is used to gear back up or leave. With a 45 second time limit there is basically no such thing as res killing because you have 45 seconds.

Update 24 (Breeding System)


Organized the roleplay guilds and events

Added Roleplay Elven Order Guild
Added Roleplay Gargoyle Guild
Added Roleplay Orc Guild
Added Roleplay Pirate Guild

Added deco and cities to siege for the RP Guild war events, coming soon

  • Loot Bag: Unusual issue with out of bounds. Improved the error checking by validating the number
  • SpellHelper Updated: Added Labyrinth to the TravelCheck
  • Level Up Deeds: Improved checking the target object
  • BaseHouse NullException issue.
  • Labyrinth: Overhaul of some of the mobs/champ
  • DungeonRegionLockDown Region Added
  • Regions Data Updated
  • Harrower: Protection no longer applies
  • Harrower: Powerscroll reward recoded

New Items:

  • Phase Spider Silk Gloves Added
  • Bracers of the Serpent Added
  • Shield of the First Sword Added


  • Animate Dead Spell: DeleteCorpseOnDeath flag set for true
  • BaseCreature: Expanded the DeleteCorpseOnDeath flag
  • BaseCreature: ResOwner Property Added.
  • BaseCreature: Death_StatLossAmount Property Added.
  • BaseCreature: Death_StatLossChance Property Added.
  • BaseCreature: DNA_Strength Property Added.
  • BaseCreature: HealStr Property Added.
  • BaseCreature: RestoreMax Property Added.
  • BaseCreature: RestoreCurrent Property Added.
  • BaseCreature: RestorePurchase Property Added.

New Breeding System:

Kane opted to entirely rescript the breeder system and scrap the old FS Taming System due to all the flaws and exploits we have encountered over the years. This new custom breeding system has new features including life cycles, breeding, leveling and pet repairing. It also has balance now with hard caps, random breeds, and limited time frame to breed.

Pets: When spending ability points pets cannot go above the Max Hit Points per Control Slot
Pets: When spending ability points the resists now compare against the correct property to prevent exploits.
Players found using exploit pets will incur permanent pet penalties.

NPC Info Gump: Now checks for the IsDonation and NeverBreeds flags (Checks are also made on the target as well)


  • Overbreeding (Multiple Accept Gump Exploit), attempting to breed to soon after previous breeding attempts will result in an additional 6 hours to the mating delay.
  • Restore BaseTonic: Added checks to ensure the RestoreMax + RestorePurchase cap is not exceeded.
  • Restore Foods: Each pet food checks to ensure the RestoreMax + RestorePurchase cap is not exceeded.

Animal Taming: Enforces the HP per slot check Animal Taming: Enforces the Max Resist check

Pet Leveling: 1-30 can is from the initial mob, breeding or + Pet Level Deeds , 31-40 can be attained thru breeding or + Pet Level Deeds , 41-50 can be attained from + Pet Level Deeds

  • BaseCreature: All creatures have a RestoreMax of 50 - 150.
  • LifeCycle: Changed, no longer will effect if a creature can breed or not.
  • LifeCycle: Will now add points to the RestoreMax rather then Ability Points.
  • PetDeath/StatLoss: The chance of stat loss and the amount of stat loss is now tied to the pet's LifeCycle
  • Evo Dragon AI Updated: Turning issue resolved but want to revisit this because we could do some things better with time.
  • Donation Pets Updated with new flag
  • NPC Animal Trainer Updated: Breeding System
  • Shrink Item Updated: Breeding System
  • Put Leveling Gump Updated: Breeding System
  • Pet Info Gump Updated: Breeding System
  • Ilshenar Phoenix Added
  • Imprisoned Ice Hounds Updated
  • Imprisoned Hell Hounds Updated

Breeding System [Phase 1]

First let me state this, anything you have heard or think you know is only a rumor and therefore wrong. Even as I stated about LifeCycles, that was merely the first attempt at something that would be subject to change and the only reason it was going in was we were fixing other bugs in the same file. Now, tons of people have been using several different exploits in breeding please do not scream it wasn't me we do not care at this point. My sole focus is cleaning up the junk and creating a fair usable breeding system. I do not expect it to be perfect, I am still going through the vast number of possible combinations looking for flaws (and find some) but as I find them I will be updating the system.

Breeding System Changes:

The over all method of breeding has not changed much, you take a male and female pet of the same type and stand next to a animal trainer. Every pet in the game has a limited number of times it can breed, each time it is breed this number will decrease until the pet can no longer be breed. Each time a pet is breed the babies will increase in generation by 1 up to a maximum of 10.


1. Pets must be raised the max level before they can breed
2. Pets must be a male and female and both must have at least 1 breed left
3. Cannot be donation, crafted, evolved pets


This is nothing more then a counter as the pet goes through different phases of life. Pets will get some bonus ability points and restore points when younger. The primary purpose of this is to determine the chance of stat loss upon death and the degree of stat loss inflicted upon the pet. Pets now are limited in the number of restore potions they can take before they lose effectiveness.

Pet Levels

Pets may be found in the wild a levels 10-30, all donation pets start at level 30. If you wish your pet to increase from 31-40 you will either need to breed them or use +1 pet level deeds. If you wish your pet to increase from increase from 41-50 then you will need to use +1 level deeds. Your pet may breed at anytime during this process as long as the current level of the pet is the same as the max level of the pet.

Breeding System [Phase 2]

Coming Up

This will deal with the other half of the restore systems, items that can effect the values within the breeding system and method of finding some things in game.

Update 25


  • Evo Dragon Eggs: Correct Breeding flags
  • ShrinkItem: Now checks for donation pets and sets flags for older pets
  • AnimalTrainer: Now checks for donation pets and sets flags for older pets
  • ShrinkItem: Correct displays the Sex, Generation and Breed Count of the pet
  • BaseChampion: Skulls now have a random chance of being dropped
  • Container: Added error checking in the check function
  • TreasureChests: Moved over to a loot table (Complete retesting: first step to making luck a factor)

Update 26


Bug Fixes:

  • SkillBall: Error checking on the gump
  • Corpses: You no longer can put blessed or insured items on corpses.
  • Chat BroadCast: Error caused due to the way the array structure was designed, temp solution is to trap the error
  • LevelUpScroll: Error when you selected the same target.

Pet Restore System Updates:

  • Pet Freeze Potion: Freezes the LifeCycle and makes the pet sterile
  • Pet Level Deed: Increases the pets max level by the amount on the deed
  • Pet Restore Points Deed: Increases the amount of restore points that may be applied to the pet
  • Pet Youth Potion: Reduces the pets LifeCycle by 1 but never lower then 3.
  • Pet Youth Potion (Greater): Reduces the pets LifeCycle to 1
  • Pet Restore Crafted completed recoded
  • Pet Claim Tickets: All current pets in the system will come out sterile.

Breeder System Updates:

  • Animal Breeder: Now checks for Breedable flag on the claim ticket
  • Pet Summoning Ball: Now enforces the same pet exploit standards as the stable and shrink item.

Added the Ilshenir Phoenix Pet


All old pets will become sterile to prevent breeding exploits and overcap issues
All old pets will be automatically modified to conform with skill/stat caps
New pets will will now have a lifecycle, 0-4 breeds and hard caps

Update 27


  • Taming: Max hits were not properly being set
  • Storage: Quality control function needed tweaking.
  • Serpents Fang High Executioner: Slight increase to key drop rate
  • StatCapScroll: Something odd is going on so first goal is to get both systems in sync
  • Spirilix: Breath weapon (Test 2: Damage and Timer modified)
  • Treasure Maps: Level Deeds math function recoded
  • Pet Display Message in sync with correct information

Update 28


  • Talisman of the Moon: Added a timer
  • Talisman of the Moon: The para is now properly handled
  • Breeding Gump: Fixed the placement of the breed counter, now breeds will only be reduced upon success.
  • Breeding Gump: Improved error catching.
  • Updated Minotaur mobile AI package.
  • Corpses: work correctly now for items not blessed or insured.
  • Treasure Chests: Loot table modified

Peerless Boss Quest was added back, see Peerless Monsters

Publish 5 - September 2014

Update 29


New Evolution Coin System

We added an Evolution Coin ledger in your bank, this is what is used to store the new currency. You get Evolution Coins by simply being online, one per hour. You cannot trade or sell them and are bound to your account. There will be unique things for sale with these coins on special vendor stones and at the auction.

Breeding System Update:

Breeding System - Breed Count: Even though this should be a simple RNG it does not do what I desired so it is now changed, I also moved this to phase 2.

When you tame a creature, if your taming, lore and the breed count is zero. The creature will get a second breed count generation. If your luck is high enough and the breed count is zero you can also get another breed count generation. Finally, if you have very high luck.. the breed count will be +1. This means with the right gear you could have a breed count of 1-5 rather then 0-4.

  • Biocreatures should now be created with resist caps in place.
  • Icehound: Now should have the correct damage and resist when created

New Items:

  • Talisman of Osgood Added
  • Elemental Shield Added
  • Helm of Brilliance Added

New Pet:

  • Fairy Dragon Pet: This is a small 3 control slot dragon that has a double strength bandages (Only pet on the shard) to heal itself and its owner, breath weapon, double strike and can resurrect its owner.


  • BaseCreature: Added loot table for the new quest system
  • Evo Custom Stealables: A few tweaks for the upcoming event
  • Steal: No longer can steal specific quest related items from backpacks
  • Claim/Grab: Will not grab specific quest related items
  • GenericQuestItem Added
  • BaseChampion: Level deeds will be much rarer
  • Paralyzing Fear: Will now function like normal paralyze spell
  • Bulk Order Deeds: Hopefully this fixes this rare moment when a 0 use garg tool is rewarded
  • Treasure Chests: Updated loot table probability
  • Tiger Claw Thief: Now drops the badge
  • New Monthly Quest System added

Update 30


  • Generic Quest NPC Updated
  • Generic Quest Item: Will not let it target itself
  • Quest Drop Rate: Increased
  • Player vs Player: Started putting in code to check for alt farming to help clean up the leaderboards.
  • Treasure Chests: Updated Loot table and added new loot
  • Treasure Chests: Just as I narrow things down I make a mistake.. gah!
  • Evolution Coin Stone Added: Can be used to purchase items with Evolution Coins
  • Pet Level Deed Updated
  • Shrink Pet: Added more info to the display
  • Base AI: Should resolve the pets attacking owner issue
  • Town Crier: Hopefully will reduce some of the spam
  • Bonus House Slot Deed Updated
  • Gold Panning Updated: Just changed it to how it was pre-revert
  • Stat Scroll: Had a incorrect assignment
  • Harrower: Should now give correct number of scrolls
  • Player: Gargoyle flying should lag less

Update 31

  • Breed Count: Found an issue with the claim ticket
  • Treasure Maps: Exploit removed
  • Evolution Coin Stone: Fixed a comment issue
  • Gold Panning tweaks

Update 32


Tinker Dungeon Opens Today

Homebrew Festival Added in Mistas

  • Treasure Maps: Being disturbed will no longer end the map digging.
  • Gold Panner: Cleaned up display text
  • Fishing: Text issue resolved
  • Tinker Dungeon: Items updated
  • Chat System: RP channel added, use [rp
  • Chat System: Trivia channel added, use [trivia
  • Naruto Quest: Updated loot so it only drops on death and made it random.
  • Necklace of Genesis: Now has a random chance of +5 or +10, instead of just swords skill, it can be any of the combat related skills.
  • Generic Quest Item: No stack message now only appears when they do not stack
  • Stealing: Added additional stealing checks
  • Evolution Coin: You can now combine multiple coins on the same account, just double click and target the other coin.
  • New Evo Coin reward stone added to Kane's workshop in Trinsic (east of donation shop)
  • Reds can now travel to Terathan Keep and Khaldun Dungeons

Update 33


Expo's Festival Event Mobs Added
Festival Deco added to Mistas


  • Treasure Maps: Changed Minotour from 4 to 6.
  • Treasure Maps: Moved a few of the themed loot items.
  • Treasure Chest loot table updated
  • Necklace of Genesis Fixed (This was completely my fault)
  • Tree Tiles added to the lumberjack harvest array.
  • Dark Father: Skull drop chanced slightly increase
  • Serpents Fang High Executioner increased key drop rate
  • Spell: Poison updated for new property
  • Spell: Poison Field updated for new property

New Items:

  • Ring of Iuz added
  • Grizzled Clasp added
  • Phase Spider Silk Skull Cap added
  • Legs of the Royal Guard added

Update 34


  • Explosion Potion now has a timer between throws.
  • Grizzle/Ice Queen acid will now give a better warning message each time an item takes damage.
  • Expo event mobs added
  • Dark Father drop updated

Update 35


  • Generic Quest NPC: Quest NPC that can use the generic quest item
  • Treasure Maps: Resolved loot loop issue
  • Snooping Updated
  • Vender Sell Info Updated
  • Augment Update: You won't notice anything if things go perfect, first step to actual skill checks to using an augment.
  • Working on Halloween Content


New Quests and Events added this Month

  • Added Colored Pumpkin Hunt Event(like an easter egg hunt)
  • House Deco Contest
  • Costume Contest
  • Haunted Hallows
  • Zombie Invasion
  • Klub Karma Halloween Party Deco
  • Dracula Event in Vesper
  • Gravedigger Exposition
  • Great Pumpkin Bash
  • Friday the 13th Crystal Lake Adventure

Publish 6 - October 2014

Update 36


New Monthly Quest

  • GenericQuestNPC added
  • October Hard Quest: Titan Legs
  • October Easy Quest: Batwing Sandals
  • Pumpkin Hunt Quest


  • Reduced the breeding delay for failure
  • PvP Points Reset

Update 37


Sockets Update

Xml Custom Attack/Defense:

Quite a bit of this was recoded, these systems now have a specific skill check that takes place and by default, all augments have a skill check range of 100-160.

The socket system has always had a major problem and that it works 100% of the time, this is no longer the case. The chance to hit is based on skill levels and has a chance to fail.

Be advised that both target skill and skill check range are now in effect

Update 38


Socket System Updates:

  • Sockets - Notes: I never knew how screwed up this was until I started looking and recoding it. I do expect the new system to require some tweaks but from the ground up it should provide a better and balanced system for combat. This will open the door for more augments and new special attacks/defenses
  • Sockets - Special Attacks: Previous standard was to use the max damage of the weapon rather then the damage done during that around of combat, everything is based on the actual damage now.
  • Sockets - Special Attacks/Defense: The difference between the attacker and defenders luck is used to create a bonus modifier.
  • Sockets - Special Attacks/Defense: Actual var is generated from damage award multiplied by the primary stat percent based on the minimal required and maximum needed plus the bonus from luck
  • Sockets - Special Attacks/Defense: All skill checks are currently based on 75 - 175 however functionality is already in place that each augment can have its down skill check now. I previously has the max set for 160 but decided to use the skill cap number instead for the initial system.
  • Sockets - Special Defense: Para Fear used freeze, now set to para prop
  • Kills Display removed
  • XMLPoints Access changed
  • Item Id Skill cleaned up, will not work on mobiles at this point.
  • Town Invasion: Removed final announcement
  • Giant Recluse Spider loot drop updated
  • Removed engraved title from the Mystic Mayhem
  • October Quest Item: Alter drop rates
  • Necromancy spells and related files in sync

New Deco:

  • 30 new deco items added
  • Deco Added - Halloween Themed items (Thanks to Tiea and Domino for going through fiddler)

New Items:

  • Haunted Hallows Talisman Added
  • Dark Hallows Talisman Added
  • Chest of the Hallows Added

Haunted Hallows Dungeon opens!

Update 39



  • Spiked Shield: Slight math issue resolved
  • Property Added: Damage Increase (Spiked Shield)
  • Property Added: Skill Bonus (Spiked Shield)
  • Improved Error Checking to narrow down some long standing issues.
  • Fixed chat issues

New items:

  • Dueling Shield of the Dark Father added
  • Helm of the Dark Father added

New System:

  • Custom Property System: Version 1.2

New Pet:

  • Vampire Bat Pet(Area attack, special move bleed attack, breath weapon and heals itself part of the damage it inflicts upon other creatures during combat)

New Quest:

  • Generic Quest NPC updated: Checks to ensure it was setup correctly and informs the users to contact staff if not.
  • Generic Quest NPC (Advanced) added: Can handle up to 4 items being recovered for a single reward.

New Deco:

  • Harvest Deco added for November/Thanksgiving (Created 24 new deco items based on what Domino found in fiddler)

Champ System Updated:

  • BaseCreature: Added special spawn type flag
  • Spawners now set spawn type flag
  • NoKillAwards Flag is now checked prior to loot generation.
  • NoKillAwards Flag accessible in game
  • All loot generation is now pushed to mob death.
  • Champs: Overhaul of the reward system. (Balance/Bug fix)

Publish 7 - November 2014

Update 40


Crash Fix

  • Chat System Crash: Updated with error handling

New Champ Update

  • Idol of the Champion: Can now use Evolution Coins to restart the champ, current cost is 50 coins

Shard Fixes

  • Pet Level Gump: Now checks for the donation flag so those kind of pets are not effected by the hp rule enforcement
  • BaseCreature: Can now set abilities on spawners
  • GM Dupe command now works for Runebooks
  • Object cleaner updated: Found a hole in the item deletion system, this will resolve that.
  • ShadowJump: If cast while mounted it will be considered a revealing action as if you were attempting to stealth while mounted.

New Properties Added

  • Craft System updated to handle new properties
  • LifeLeechIncrease Property Added: If the weapon has Hit Life Leech, it will increase it the amount on the property
  • StamLeechIncrease Property Added: If the weapon has Hit Stamina Leech, it will increase it the amount on the property
  • ManaLeechIncrease Property Added: If the weapon has Hit Mana Leech, it will increase it the amount on the property
  • DurabilityIncrease Property Added: Increases the Durability of weapons and armor crafted by blacksmiths, by the amount stated on the property
  • Weapon Quality: Expanded to Low, Regular, Exceptional, Superior, Masterwork, Legendary and Mythical
  • Weapons: Virtual Damage Bonus now expanded to handle new quality levels
  • Armor Quality: Expanded to Low, Regular, Exceptional, Superior, Masterwork, Legendary and Mythical
  • ShrinkItem: Pet will now display the current Mating Delay

NPC Updates/Fixes

  • Pet Leveling: Able to breed notice recoded for the current system.
  • AI Mage: Tweaked hoping to prevent the mob from turning on the owner.(This is a test/not sure if solution)
  • Breed Accept: Changed the display number, failing to breed is a 6 hour delay not 12.
  • Gold Nugget Trader: No longer trades up the nuggets, you now sell the nuggest to the trader through the normal vendor gumps. Just step up close and say "vendor buy" or "vendor sell"
  • Kas Quest Items check the NoKillAwards flag
  • Player Vendor: The correct number will be displayed now when you make a purchase
  • Generic Quest NPC (Advanced): Has the "quest giver" tag
  • Generic Quest NPC (Advanced): Flavored text based on movement

New Items

  • Ring of the Elemental Lord added
  • Talisman of Nature Added
  • Gloves of the Minoc Mines Added
  • Tunic of the Master Blacksmith added
  • Gloves of the Master Blacksmith added
  • Pants of the Master Blacksmith added
  • Arms of the Master Blacksmith added

Update 41


  • Champion Spawn: Temporarily Removed Blacksmith Champ(This is only a test for something so will be temp, I am trying to narrow down our shard freeze issue)

Issues Resolved:

  • AI: Pets attacking owner issue resolved
  • XMLSpawner: Incorrect cast when assigning weapon ability
  • Loot Table: Cleaned up some debug code(oops). Nothing bad just messy

Monster Updates:

  • Mob Update (Succubus): Expanded drain ability and tyrant ability modified
  • Mob Update (Skeletal Dragon): Now has the chance to feed of the life of those near by, this ability as a tyrant is increased.
  • Mob Update (Titan): Added weapon ability
  • Mob Update (Daemon): Added ability and weapon ability.

New Changes:

  • Evolution Coin: Better handling of when an char is deleted.
  • Idol of the Champion: When using coins to trigger a spawn the champ selection will be random.
  • Artifacts should be dropping again.

New Deco:

  • New deco added to the shops around town for Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday Content added

Wiki Updates:

  • Started on wiki updates, graphics and screenshots added

Publish 8 - December 2014

Update 42


New Quests:December's Quests

  • Added "Santa's Lost Reindeer" quest
  • Added "Christmas Tree" quest
  • Added "Forged Pardon" quest/secret vendor

New Deco:

  • Added Christmas Deco
  • Old Holiday Deco updated

Wiki Updates:

  • Added new screenshots
  • Updated breeding info
  • Added new quest info
  • Added calendar

New Pet:

  • Abominable Snowman, powerful, throws snowballs and unhides enemies within 10 tiles, ice attack with new graphics, damage is based on level of pet

Pet Breeding Update:

  • Pets can breed levels 1-40, pets are sterile at level 41, add bonus levels 41-50 with deeds
  • Scripted pet level deeds and added to pet stone
  • Pet Breeding Gump: Correctly verifies the level of both pets

Crash Issues:

  • Fixed one of the freeze issues
  • Fixed several player exploits
  • Fixed vendor inventory/removed excess npc items/lowered item count

Update 43


  • Vortex Strike now checks for max followers
  • Mithril Champ spawns again
  • Vendor: Possible error in the buy code that could lead to freeze

Update 44


  • Vendor: Recoded how restocking is handled
  • Artifact Drop System: I added a flag to this and is turned on
  • Socket Hammer (Jewel/Talisman): Merged the two due to how Talismans are created on the server (Testing).
  • Storage Key System: Started working on the system, fishing bucket is working, the old buckets will never work so can toss them. Added new bucket to double test things.
  • BaseChampion: Altered drop chance of scrolls.

Update 45


  • BaseCreature: Artifact Validation should now be triggered upon death

Monster Updates:

  • Ancient Dragons Updated
  • Gem Dragons Updated
  • Special Dragons Updated

New Items:

New System:

  • Staged System Added (Items improve/evolve to have better stats by completing tasks)
  • Socket Hammer (Armor): Now checks for IStaged objects and CanSocket flag

System Updates:

  • Token System: Actually checks for the ledger now.
  • Complete Craft: Now checks for BaseWeapon rather then assuming it was one.
  • Pet Breeding Gump: Fixed math, we had an incorrect check for the level at 39 rather than 40
  • GM Broadcast commands to send messages to each player for events and updates

Wiki Updated


Gem Exploit Fixed

Update 46


Bug/exploit Fix
Wiki Updated
Vendors Cleaned up

Added secret Vendors

  • Graverobber Vendor - Britain Graveyard
  • Ice Dungeon - Trammel
  • Antique Vendor updated

Update 47


  • Holiday Gift Box 2014: Presents from staff to be given out to players, they can only be opened up after December 25, 2014 and can have anything from coal to some of the best items seen in the auction block!

New Pets:

  • Magical Elf Pet Added: res owner, tosses fireballs, bandages himself and the owner if near by, double strike, can also cast the following spells on owner: Cure, Heal and Greater Heal. It also does 200% damage!


  • Harrower: Will display some debug info when done for me to check some things out.
  • Allure no longer can work on Meer Eternals (Temp fix)

New Items:

  • A special +400 luck Increase Deed Added: Special for the 4th anniversary
  • Gender Change Deed Added - Healer Shop
  • Arcane Rune Added
  • Arcane Acid Added
  • Arcane Engraver Added
  • Personal Dye Tube Added - This is a single permanent color/guild dye tub
  • Uni Dye Tub Added - You can select the hue number or sample a color, one use
  • Uni Pet Dye Tub Added - You can now dye your pets without gm assistance

Item Updates:

  • Britannia Dragon Cloak Updated: Added some of the special dragons that were missing into the display and equation.
  • Fishing Bucket Key Completed: Due to code rewrite in this one had to do a new key rather then update the old key. (Updating would of errased the master key holding it)
  • Talismans now have a rare chance of dropping on special dragons.
  • Stygian, Ancient Dracoliche, Samuari Dragons Updated
  • BaseCreature: NoKillAwards flag updated
  • The new random automatic gift box/presents were added and delivered

New Deco:

  • Yard Elf Deco Added - says funny/rude sayings
  • Winter Deco Added
  • Holiday Deco Updated

New Quest:

  • Holiday Gift Hunt Added
  • Secret Santa Event
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