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UO Evolution Shard Highlights

UO Evolution shard is the #1 ranked custom Ultima Online freeshard and has been online with continuous development for over 8 years! We have friendly, mature staff and a professional scripting team that updates content each week.

  • UOE Ultima Online is for Adult Players Only - We allow MATURE 15 years and older, but prefer 18+
  • 3 houses per account, More house slots available through donation.
  • 5 player characters per account. Only one character is needed due to the unlimited skill cap, but role playing the other characters is encouraged.
  • 300 Stat Cap, 350 Stat Cap with Power Deeds you get from events and champs
  • No Skill Cap (Max ALL skills on all characters)
  • Original OSI Maps, All Facets Fully Spawned including Ter Mur, Underworld and Stygian Abyss
  • Custom Maps/Monsters/Items Several Facets are completely custom with new adventures
  • Custom Areas including Auction House, Vendor Mall, Library, Training Area, Custom Britain Castle, Quest Hall and Artifact Museum
  • Custom Artwork, graphics, GUI, and Mobiles not seen on any other shards
  • Hundreds of New Custom Castles, Cathedrals, buildings and encounter areas
  • UO Evolution is Free-to-Play(F2P)

Custom Crafting Items

Custom Crafting including Daat99's OWLTR, Crafting, Enhancing, Sockets/Augments
Kane's custom Craft system including Title System, and Badge System

Dozens of Custom Resources

  • 5 Custom Ores
  • 7 Custom Logs
  • 7 Custom Leathers
  • Custom Craftable Magic Clothing
  • Custom Craftable Levelable Weapons
  • Custom Craftable Furniture [Elven & Gargoyle]
  • Custom Craftable Deco Items
  • Wine Crafting
  • Wood Crafting
  • Marble Crafting
  • Wax Crafting
  • Rug Crafting
  • Custom Golem Crafting

New Systems

New Mobiles

Dynamic Custom Quests

We have added many quality custom quests to enhance your gaming experience. We currently have 50+ Custom Quests, 9 Standard Quests, 90+ Mondain Legacy Quests installed on our Shard.

Weekly Staff Hosted Events

  • Games and Events
  • Helpful Friendly Community
  • Experienced, Mature and Dedicated Staff
  • Roleplaying Encouraged (Good vs Evil)
  • Players are encouraged to run events
  • Challenging Gameplay from novice to expert
  • Monthly Auctions

Rare Gifts and Prizes

Rare Gifts Available for Evolution Dollars (ED). See the Donations page for a list of these items.

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