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Shard Advertising

Voting Daily

Voting daily is very important to keep us at the top of all the shard toplist sites. Make sure you take the time to vote and complete each captcha carefully. See the voting section of the wiki for more info and links

Community Advertising Help

UO Evolution has been developing for 9 years, and now is a top custom shard. I now ask for help from the players to take us to the next level. The next step in this process is to invite new players to come experience the server we all love. This thread will cover various methods you can donate your time to help us grow. Remember UO Evolution is YOUR shard and we all share the same goal, to be successful.

New Player Referral Program

We will be rewarding players that help us recruit new players and advertise the shard. It will be rewarded on a case to case basis, by Dante

Please post your info and the player that was recruited by you in this forum post so there is a timestamp of when the player started and who was the recruiter.

Post Referral Info


Facebook is an important tool to add current information and updates. Post you screenshots, make comments and "like" our page!

This first link is our official Facebook page we use to post and advertise our shard:

UOE Facebook 1
UOE Facebook 2
UOE Facebook 3


What is Reddit?

Reddit is a type of online community where users vote on content and discussions that are important to them. Users can create posts, links or discussions based on subjects that interest them. Currently there are two Ultima Online sub reddits or groups.

Ultima Online Reddit Group
Ultima Online Freeshards

This is moderated by staff from many shards, so make sure to keep any comments civil and informative.

Other Sub Reddits that you can post in to draw people to UO Evolution

Games Group
Gaming Group
UO Evolution

What can I do to help?

UO Evolution Players who Post on Reddit can help by clicking on upvote or even commenting on the posts by your fellow players that you like. Here a few threads that we have already commented on. Feel free to start your own post or add to these

All UO Evolution Posts - Up click all of these posts!
UO Evolution Shard Thread
Add Your Shard to JoinUO
New Player, where to play?
Popular Shards?

Take the time to post a blurb about UO Evolution in either an existing discussion or by creating a new one. Simply post a story, a picture or a reason why you feel that players should check out our UO Evolution. Include links to our website or your personal guild recruiting page.

Comment on anything you like and that you think anyone else will like. Simply post your personal experiences and likes, that will always go over better than spam. Of if you find a positive post by a fellow UO Evolution player, post a supportive message or how you agree with their opinion.

Optionally you can simply look for any post or comment that is favorable to UO Evolution and upvote it to make sure it stays visible and read by as many people interested in Ultima Online

Should you create a comment or discussion on reddit, post the link here and I will add it to our important links section for reddit. Feel free to advertise your post on the forums, forum signature and on IRC.

Ask guild members and other UO Evolution players to support your post with comments and votes to keep it relevant.

How can I get started?

Simply make an account on reddit. This is very easy and does not require an email address or verification. Just a simple captcha.

Make Reddit Account Here

Add Comments Here

Add positive comments in these locations

UO Evolution Reviews

JoinUO Comments
UO Evolution Comments
Top 100 Arena Comments
UO Central Comments
Reddit Comments

Forum Posts

JoinUO Forum
ListUO Forum
Ultima Portal Forum
UO Central Forum
UO Evolution Forum
Gaming Craig's List


Start a post or add a comment about UO Evolution

Raptr - Ultima Online Community Posts

Craig's List

Go to Craig's List and find the "gaming" section for your city. Make a post inviting gamers to log into our shard. You can post something like this:

Anyone here play Ultima Online? I'm looking for some friends to play with on this free UO game shard. You can go to the website and make a free acct. My name is Electra, ask for me in-game

Twitch TV

Sign up for Twitch.TV and let people watch you play UO Evolution on a live video stream!

We will be using this to stream live events, pvp battles and tutorials. When you make the acct, be sure to put in key words like ultima online and uo evolution along with our website link so players can find our shard!

Here are a few links to players that stream:

UOE Events
Sultan of PWN
Dark Warrior
Danny Darcsun

Eventually I would like to put together a weekly program guide that lists exact times and dates players will be online and teaching a class, doing an event or making a tutorial so players know exactly when to tune in.


Advertise to your friends what game you are playing!

By adding UOE to your steam game list you friends can see that you are playing Ultima and join you playing here

How to add UOE to Steam

1. Open Steam
2. From the top menu, select games and add Non-Steam game to my library
3. Find your shortcut for razor C:\program files\razor\razor.exe or C:\program files x86\razor\razor.exe for razor
C:\program files\Ultima Online\client_noenc.exe or C:\program files x86\Ultima Online\client_noenc.exe for Ultima without razor.
4. Find the game in your game list and right click on it. Change the name of the game in the list to Ultima Online UO Evolution
5. Right click on the newly added game and choose create desktop shortcut.
6. Now your friends will be able to see when you are playing UOE, like any other steam game

You Tube

How Can You Tube Bring Players to UO Evolution?

Millions of people watch video's online. When they watch any video about Ultima Online, it would be nice for them to see a blurb, comment or link about UO Evolution.

What can I do to help?

Record a video or two using razor or any video capture package and upload it to youtube. Some of our more talented players can also use the footage to create advertising videos for the shard.

Todo: Create a guide for the best ways to record and post videos about UO Evolution. Optionally simply take the time to post a few comments on related videos about your experiences on UO Evolution and why UO lovers should give UO Evolution a chance.

Note: This requires a gmail account, which most everyone has

Should you upload a video about UO Evolution to You Tube or start a comment discussion on a related video post a link here so we can include it in this post. Ask guild members and other UO Evolution players to support your post with comments and votes to keep it relevant.

How can I get started?

Simply make an account on youtube. This requires a gmail account which most everyone has. Click here to sign up for You Tube

Here is a good example created by Sultanofpwn
UO Evolution YouTube Video
Here is a good example created by Palameta
UO Evolution YouTube Video

Video Editing Skills?

Get with the staff if you are interested in donating some video editing/compilation skills. Any Help in this area is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with in-game Evolution Dollars

Gaming Websites & Blogs

Post the info I have provided below on your favorite websites, forums, blogs, facebook or any other public areas on the internet.

UOE Advertising Info

Below you will find some generic statements that you can "copy and paste" to help advertising the server in various locations. Remember personal stories are always preferred over simply copy paste statements.

---cut and paste this---

UO Evolution [DEDICATED SERVER] [ML/SE/SA] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! 550+ players online daily,Online over 7 years! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature/Experienced Staff, Friendly Community

Do you guys remember Ultima Online, the first real MMORPG? There's a great new custom free server designed around the best aspects of the game. UO Evolution is the future of UO. So if you're looking to relive the good times from back then, or just want to play on an active Ultima Online server, check this out

Keep current with all the latest news and updates by visiting the website for info about all the custom shard features

Official Website and Shard Info

UOE News and Events

Shard Updates

Compliments to shard and staff - Read More

UO Evolution - Upcoming Events

---cut and paste this---

The Game has Evolved…UO Evolution!

UO Evolution is the best custom Ultima Online, RunUO emulator, free shard and is ranked #1 by the community in the custom free shard category! We are also top rated on 30 Ultima Online voting sites

UO Evolution has been online over 5 years, 10,000+ accounts and an average of 550+ players online, peaking around 600 during prime time events

We are on an ultrafast new dedicated server. Our ping times are the fastest in the top 10 freeshard lists!

If you enjoy a custom environment, strong community reviews and active staff/developers then this is the shard for you!

---cut and paste this---

UO Evolution is a dedicated custom shard that has been producing professional, well-coded material since it's inception in 2010

UO Evolution is ranked #1 in the custom shard catagory on over 30 Ultima Online top list sites

We have a professional, full-time staff of 10 volunteers and dedicated scripter to produce new, challenging content, never before seen by the Ultima Online community

Here are a few more reasons to play on UO Evolution

•UOE has been online for over 5 years, 99% uptime and a reputation for quality service
•Active Owner and staff on daily to provide customer service 7 days a week.
•Our Professional Staff has worked on RunUO, Orbsydia and JoinUO teams
•Ongoing investment into the shard, hardware, and advertisement to provide the best connection, and best ping times
•Hosted on a Dedicated Server connected by an Ultrafast Backbone with over 150 Gbit / Unlimited Bandwidth
•Full time developer and new content weekly
•Passion for the game - Played since 1983 (Ultima III) and actively developing shards since 1999
•Member of the RunUO Community since Jan 1, 2004
•The staff is dedicated to running Daily Events
•100's of Custom Quests
•500+ players online daily and over 10,000 accounts
•The graphics are custom and updated, check out the UO Evolution Screenshots
•Well developed Wiki and Forum
•It's FREE to play!

Our players really enjoy our shard, but don't just take my word for it, read the player reviews and comments

Want something that offers a truly unique experience never encountered before? Then try UO Evolution Custom Freeshard.

Google Search

If you do make a post, try and use keywords like uo, ultima, online, top shard, freeshard, custom, best, free shard etc to describe the shard in detail. Also make sure you all the website link

Here is what you see when you search for UO Evolution on Google

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