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PVP Guide for UO Evolution Shard

by Ol'Dirty

Train all 64 skills

Regardless of whatever template you choose for PVP. At some point you will use them all.

Max Cap your Stats

The cap is 150str 165dex 150int. It might take a while to get there but thats what you want to end up with. I always over cap my Dex so that when cursed I can still maintain 4 sec bandage timer.

Use the Utilities to Manage your Caps

Use [mystats or the object inspector inside of UOSteam to help with capping stats.

  • 100% Lower Reagent Cost
  • 40% Lower Mana Cost
  • 40% Enhance Potions
  • 4 sec bandage speed
  • 75 HCI/DCI
  • 100% Damage Increase
  • 4 Faster Casting 6 Faster Cast Recovery for Magery, or 6 FC 8 FCR to cap for Chivalry
  • 30% SDI cap for PVP, I don't think there is a cap for PVM
  • 100% Reflect Physical Damage

Download UOSteam Client


Learn the UO Steam program

Create your Profile, there is a great profile posted here on the UO Evolution forums. Once you get comfortable with the program you can create your own macros to tailor to your play style.

Collect Gear/Jewels

For starters there are some great, free, easily obtainable quest gear. Astro Deamon Set, Cursed Pirate quest items, Mirror Shield, Vampire Robe just to name a few. Compliment these pieces with +15 skill Ring/Bracelet, the single skills are normally found cheap. Clothing is a nice way to boost skill also. Shoes, Sandals, Kilt, Skirt, Fancy Shirt, Shirt, Half Apron, Red or Green Doublet, Robe. As your gear progresses you can add more clothing while still maintaining your caps.

Weapons Abilities

The main abilities people look for are, Mortal Strike, Double Strike, Crushing Blow, Bleed, Moving Shot, Armor Ignore, Disarm, Paralyzing Blow

  • Regular Bow. PB MS
  • Crossbow CB MS
  • Repeating Crossbow MovingS DS
  • Hammer Pick AI MS
  • War Hammer Whirlwind CB
  • Executioners Axe B MS
  • Ornate Axe Disarm CB
  • No-Dachi CB RidingSwipe
  • Bone Harvester PB MS
  • Katana AI DS

When I used a weapon I would always go with some sort of bow. Bows can have Parry Damage Kits and Lower Parry Damage Kits applied to them, this alone puts them in a league of their own.. Bows also have another clear advantage over other weapons because they can be balanced. This means you can chain chug pots while keeping shield and bow equipped. The only setback for a mage using a crafted bow is that they will always carry the -29 mage minus. they cannot be crafted with -20.

  • Triple Slash. cap@175 Arms Lore
  • Shield Spike. cap@175 Tactics

Just to name a few.

Skills to Focus on for PVP

  • Caster, Magery, Eval and then...
  • Dexxer, Weapon Skill, Tactics, Anatomy, Parry, Focus, Arms Lore.


  • If in human form, Cast Vampiric Embrace, type [cs angelicfaith (cast Angelic Faith Command), recast Vampiric Embrace to return to human form. This will leave you with a extra +20 in all stats and +20 Healing +20 Anatomy +20 Mace Fighting.


  • Bless, Increases Stats, +Stats and Duration based on Magery Skill

Spell Weaving

  • Attune Weapon, Temporarily Absorbs Physical Damage
  • Gift of Renewal, Heal over time spell. Heals 10hps every 2 seconds for 20 seconds
  • Arcane Empowerment, +10% Spell Damage Increase +10% Summoned Pet Hits Points and also raises difficulty to Dispel, Buff last 20 seconds
  • Immolating Weapon, Adds addition Fire Damage Hit spell to weapon for .10seconds? not sure how long but its short duration
  • Gift of Life, Gives you a instant res available for 10 minutes


  • Sacred Boon, Heal over time spell. Heals around 10 hps every 2 seconds for 20 seconds

PVP Tactics of Fighting

Regardless of which template you choose there are a few things that must be done to be successful. Curse! always use it and always try to keep it up. This is very important. Whether your dex or casting, Curse can make or break a fight. It doesn't matter if you only have 120 Eval, always cast it.

The way to win in a fight is to prevent your opponent from healing. Without some sort of method to prevent healing you will never beat the bandage timer/mini heal. This can be done by using Weapon Abilities such as Mortal Strike, Bleed, Infectious Strike. Using the spell Poison is also another good way to stall healing but in my opinion its hard to top Mortal Strike. There are very few ways to get around this one, especially is you have negative karma. Remove Curse is out the window if you have negative karma. Relying on Enchanted Apples alone is extremely risky due to the cool down period (30 seconds), that being said apples will not only cure Mortal Strike but will also Remove Curse. If you have negative karma and your Enchanted Apples are on cool down the only way to heal is by using Spirit Speak.

Popping Evasion can often save your life when fighting a caster. You will have a chance of evading spells. Hopefully giving you enough time to heal up or this can be used to get off some of your higher cast time spells.

Make PVP Macros

See the UO Evolution Macro Library

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