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Monthly Event Items

Each month we create new event artifacts. You can follow along with the new content by looking on our development logs on the wiki. These items are rare and are usually initially sold at auctions. We then add the items into the game by a quests or tasks and as a donation bonus selection. These are also the items that are included in our Global Market System.


Cloak of Evolution
Belt of Tokuno
Boots of the Soul Walker
Boots of the Trinsic Knight
Red Tunic
Green Tunic
Phase Spider Silk Skull Cap
Phase Spider Silk Robe
Phase Spider Silk Wrap
Phase Spider Silk Gloves
Mirror Cloak
Nystul's Magical Shirt
Nystul's Apprentice
Belt of Fortune
Dr Doolittle's Wilderness Shirt
Sxeh's Ancestral Shirt: 6 different skill sets with the chance of 1 or 2 skills
Britannia Dragon Cloak
House Shoes
Swamp Boots
Armored Swamp Boots (can be socketed)
Hakama of the Ronin: Random Stats
Hakama of the Shogun, Random Stats
Hakama of the Emperor: Random Stats, Armored
Fancy Shirt of Fog Added
Pants of Fog
Sash of Fog
Cloak of Fog
Shirt of Tseramed: Archer Flavor
Wizard Robe
Dark Father's Wrappings
Sash of The Pit
Mother's Belt
Mother's Cloak
Mother's Eyes
Shipman's Dress
Batwing Sandals
Nimble Feet


Anniversary Talisman
Talisman of Fortune
Lich Totem
Talisman of Osgood
Talisman of Nature
Talisman of ThreeFingerJack
Red Dragon Talisman
Silver Dragon Talisman
Blue Dragon Talisman
Black Dragon Talisman
Fire Dragon Talisman: Special Feature is Mage Fire Spell Damage Bonus of 10%. This gives a 10% bonus to any fire spells cast when worn
Talisman Of Tseramed: Archer Flavor
Talisman of the Full Eclipse
Talisman of the Eclipsing Flame
Talisman of the Eclipsing Moon
Talisman of the Rose
Talisman of the Blade
Talisman of the Beast
Talisman of the Spell
Talisman of the Corpse
Talisman of Invidia
Talisman of Acedia
Star of Champions
Saffron Ranger Talisman
Hallows Talisman
Dark Hallows Talisman
Talisman of Nimble


Shield of Sin
Bracers of the Serpent
Shield of the 1st Sword
Legs of the Royal Guard
Helm of the Royal Guard
Elemental Shield
Helm of Brilliance
Chest of the Hallows
Helm of the Dark Father
Shield of the Dark Father
Gloves of the Minoc Mines
Legs of the Hunt Armor set
Mask of the Hunt Armor set
Gloves of the Hunt Armor set
Dacil's Armor Set Quiver, Arms and Sandals
Shame's Iron Forge Tunic
Shame's Iron Forge Arms
Shame's Iron Forge Leggings
Shame's Iron Forge Gloves
Chest of the Hardworker
Legsof the Hardworker
Arms of the Hardworker
Helm of the Hardworker
Gloves of the Hardworker
Kas Armor Set
Battleworn Kas Armor Set
Vecna Armor Set
Battleworn Vecna Armor Set
Witch Hunter Resolve
Witch Hunter Armament


Poacher Blade
Soul Cleaver

Storage Keys

Augment Key
Evo Key
Peerless Storage Key
Mystery Chest - Storage Keys
Time Master's Key
Blood Beaker Key
McTavish's Adventurer Boot Key
Plant Codex Key
Druid Codex Key
Seedbox Key
Three Finger Jack Pan Key


Ring of Iuz
Grizzled Clasp
Ring of the Elemental Lord
Emerald Pearl Earrings
Emerald Pearl Necklace


This is a list of the NEW custom Items we have added:

Bank Crystal
Pickaxe of Ages
Enchanted Ghost Steed
Tailors Needle
Enchanted Ethy Charger
Lucky Zero Slot Ethy Mounts
Imprisoned Soul of Vecna
Personal Dye Tube
Uni Dye Tub
Uni Pet Dye Tub
Dragonic Elixer
Dad's Fishing Pole Added (Starts at 15, you can find deeds to increase to 75)
Dad's Fishing Pole +5 Deed
Yard Confucius
Terracotta Pots Added: (Yard item) Will reward home owners will random rewards
Dr DooLittle's Life Potion Recipescroll: To use the scroll you will need alchemy 120 and vet 125
Cornucopia of Blessing
Blackrock Compendium
Parry Damage Tool (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
Parry Cap Tool (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
Parry Damage Tool: Donation version
Parry Cap Tool: Donation version
Forge of Anger
Phase Spider Thread
Goblin Trash Keg
Goblin Treasure Keg
Goblin Throwing Mug
Goblin Throwing Keg
Dragon Glass
Game Warden Lens
Mystery Chest - Talisman
Mystery Chest - Pirate
Mystery Chest - Kas
Mystery Chest - Magi
Mystery Chest - Augments
Mystery Chest - Alchemy Garb
Powder of Kas Bone
Powder of Acedia
Powder of Invidia
Powder Crafting Min Intensity
Powder Crafting Max Intensity
Powder Crafting Failure Reduction
Powder Crafting Failure Damage
Dr Doolittle's Protection Powder
Alchemy Powder Vial: Used with powders based on Alchemy Crystals
Alchemy Crystal
Augment Grinder
Pet Power Skulls

Consumable - Magical Blessed Bread
Consumable - Mother's Breath
Consumable - Iron Milestone Sand
Consumable - Iron Task Sand
Consumable - Iron Shield
Consumable - Bronze Shield

Vecna Essense Fragments
Vecna Essense
Vecna Scribe Rune
Vecna Soul Slice
Chip of Vecna's Soul

EverLasting Spellweaving Focus
Everlasting Bandage - Enhanced
Everlasting Bandage - Magical
Everlasting Bandage - Druidic
Everlasting Mandrake Root
Everlasting Pig Iron
Everlasting Pick

Valor Glyph
Anger Glyph
Halloween Glyph
Glyph Deed
Christmas Glyph

Voice of Champions: Bonus to being awarded points when killing Ghost of Champions
Crown of Champions

Enhanced Potion Cap Increase

Improved Hit Fireball Resist Trait
Increased Healing Trait


This is a list of the NEW custom deeds we have added:

One-Handed Weapon Deed
Self Repair Deed
Balance Bow Deed
Velocity Deed
Greater Magic Cloth Deeds
Magic Cloth Deeds
Level Deeds
+100 Luck Deed
+300 Luck Deed
+400 Luck Deed
+500 Luck Cap
+1 house slot deed
Velocity Deed +60: If a ranged weapon has 50, it can be increased to 60 with this deed
Gender Change Deed
Jump to next stage Deed
Crown of Champion Kill Deeds
Increase Max Pieces Deed
Pet Healing Trait Deed
Increased Healing Trait Deed
Increase Max Stage Deed (Alchemy Garb)
Jump Next Stage Deed (Alchemy Garb)
Raffle Ticket Deed
Greater Weapon Level XP Deed
Pet XP Deed
Luck Cap Increase Deed
Mystery Chest - Event Deeds
Black Belt XP Bonus Deed
Increase Backpack Deed
Increase Bank Deed
Mage Weapon Deed
Necro Weapon Deed
Fire Intensity Trait Deed
Fire Explosion Trait Deed
Time Deeds
Task Skip Deeds


This is a list of the NEW custom augments we have added to the socket system:

Glimmering Feluccian Ruby Added: +5 Tailoring
Glimmering Feluccian Marble Added" +5 Tinkering
Glimmering Imperial Topaz: +5 Bushido
Glimmering Black Jasper: +5 Ninjitsu
Glimmering Scoria: Remove Trap Augment
Glimmering Shale: Lockpicking Augment
Glimmering Crystal Quartz
Glimmering Smokey Quartz
Glimmering Dark Jade
Glimmering Blue Sapphire
Glimmering Flint
Glimmering Basalt
Music augment
Provocation augment
Discordance augment
Pit Lord Magma
Glacial Ice Augment
Enhanced Candy Cane Augment
Rhaegel Scale Augment
Energy Vortex Augment
Viserion's Heart Augment
Rhaegel Claw Augments
Mythic Amber
Ancient Amber
Legendary Amber
Tiamat's Decree
Broddr Rune
Rite of Exorcism
Summoning Card

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