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Monster Invasion System

The towns of Felucca are under constant attacks by hoards of monsters and their Champions. When the [Town Invasion] alert goes off, players will be called to arms to defend that city. These invasions occur 2 times a day. The town invaded and what type of monster spawn appears is random but be any of these Champion Spawns.

If you are successful in defeating the enemies you will be rewarded with Gold and possibly Power Scrolls.

  • This is a Staff Event in Felucca and there is NO PVP, PK, Looting or Stealing at the invasions event.
  • You must start the event from the beginning when the announcement begins with "the town is being invaded, save the city". The message of the Champion's appearance has been removed to prevent latecomers from ruining the accomplishment of clearing out the monster horde.

Town Invasions

Town Invasions are a custom system in which major Felucca towns will occasionally be overrun by monsters. Each town has its own unique spawns. Some are fairly easy, some are very difficult. To check the status of a Town Invasion approach a Neighborhood Watch NPC which can be found near the bank in major towns. There are two possible messages that they will display. One being "Everything is looking fine at the moment. Travel safe." meaning that there are no Town Invasions at the time. The second being "(Town) is being invaded! The guards have fled! Help save it's citizens!" This means that there is currently an invasion in progress.

Summoning the Champion

When an invasion is in effect, the specified town will be swarmed with mobs all the way into the outskirts. The object is to kill every single creature in the vicinity in order for the Champion to appear. Be forewarned, mobs will respawn over time so if you take an extended break in the middle of defeating an invasion you may return to find your progress lost. When the last bit of spawn is killed the Champion comes forth.

The Champion

Unlike the pre-existing Champion spawn system, these Champions have no altar and being so, do not spawn in one given location. They can spawn anywhere in the town and you may find it frustrating not only in trying to locate them, but finding that other players have beaten you to the punch. Once located, slay the Champion for your rewards and pride in knowing that you have saved a town of Britannia.


  • Town Invasion Champions have an identical drop rate to Felucca dungeon Champions.
  • When an invasion is in progress the town overtaken will not have guards present.
  • Some larger towns like Yew have relatively easy spawn but are considered difficult due to their sheer size and huge area to cover.
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