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Item Caps

Faster Casting (FC) 6
Faster Casting Recovery (FCR) 8
Lower Mana Cost (LMC) 40
Lower Reagent Cost (LRC) 100
Reflect Damage (physical) 100
Damage Increase (DI) 100 from items/300 max
Defence Chance Increase (DCI) 45
Spell Damage Increase (SDI) -PvM- No Cap -PvP- 15
Hit Chance Increase (HCI) 45
Hit Point Increase (HPI) 50?
Hit Point Regeneration (HPR) 18
Stamina Regeneration (SR) 24 Cap
Mana Regeneration (SR) 18
Swing Speed Increase (SSI) 60% or 1.25

I need to update this list to confirm the stats marked with a question mark (?)

Note: diminishing returns has not been tested in this field

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