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UO Housing Guide

Housing is one of the most unique and exciting aspects of Ultima Online. You are able to own and control a piece of property in-game. To date, no other MMORPG has implemented a system quite like it. The ability to place, decorate, and customize your own home is one of the greatest features of this game.

If you are new or need detailed information read the Housing Guide

You can build and customize your own house on UO Evolution Shard!

Make sure you pick a legal spot to place your house. DO NOT block entry/exits, caves, dungeons, valley, champs etc, please use common sense or page a game master for help.

Make sure you are at least 2 screens away from champs, event areas, custom building and dungeon entryways. Do not build in the courtyards or areas in from of the main dungeon caves!

Do not build next to other player homes with the intent to grief them or crowd their yard. Try to be respectful, there is plenty of land to place your house.

Make sure you refresh your house by entering it every 3 months or it may be dropped!

Buy A House

You are able to buy a premade castle or create your own custom design! You first need to purchase a House Placement Tool from an NPC Architect in the city. Once you have the tool, find a large, clear area where you'd like to place your house. Now you can double-click the tool to bring open the menu of houses premade houses.

The gump lets you choose from,

  • Classic Houses/Castles
  • 2-Story Customizable Houses
  • 3-Story Customizable Houses

Click one of the three choices to bring up a list of the houses in that category.

The gold to pay for the house will be deducted from your bank. The limit is 3 houses per account, although more can be purchased by donations or with Evolution Dollars(ED).

UO Evolution allows Special Housing!

You can also buy a custom made House on the Water, a House in the Mountains or House in the Stars created by a GM. This is a special house you can get from donations.

You may not combine 2 accounts or combine any houses from multiple accounts. Max houses combined is 4

You can connect houses by docks, walkways or custom deco

Location is at the discretion of the GM

House Commands

"I wish to lock this down" - To lock an item down.
Warning: Every item in your house needs to be locked down or secured or it will decay

"I wish to secure this" - To secure a container, which means you can safely add and remove things from the container without having to use the lock down command each time. This command can also be used to 'lock' a single item down.

"I wish to release this" - Used to unlock/unsecure an item.

"I wish to place a trash barrel here" - You place a trash barrel directly where you are standing. Use an axe to chop it down when you want to get rid of it.

"I ban thee" - Used to ban someone from your house.

"Remove thyself" - Kicks someone from your house.

"I wish to place a strongbox" - When said by a co-owner it places a secure strongbox where the co-owner is standing and can only be accessed by the co-owner.

How To Move/Adjust Items

You will need to buy 'An Interior Decorator Tool' from an Architect NPC. This tool allows you to move/nudge items that are secured/locked down with the following commands: 'Up' 'Down' and 'Turn'.

Demolishing Your House

If you decide to demolish your house, click the option on the house sign. You gold you used to buy the house will be refunded.

Demolishing your house is permanent and all of your items will drop to the ground! Make sure you remove all your items and secure them before you drop your house.

If you can't seem to demolish a house, check the moving crate on the house sign gump and make sure it is empty.

In Danger of Collapse IDOC

Every year we do an IDOC event and remove all the old accounts that have had no log ins for over a year or low play time. We do this to clear the old house plots for new players. It also reduces the item count and lag. To avoid the loss of your house, make sure you log in at least one time every 6 months to refresh the account

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