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Golem Crafting

Released in Publish 10 of UOEvolution, Golem Crafting was expanded and the Iron Golem was the prototype developed by Kane the Developer and then exploited and released into the world by Balathustrius, the Demented Tinker.

The custom Golem Crafting system allows players to create and control an Iron Golem to assist them in their mining endeavors. There are many ways to customize your Golem, including leveling, resist types, adding sockets, and selecting the type of AI. The materials you select, skill level and luck directly effect the traits of your Golem while Special Abilities are based on its level. More Golems of different resources are in development!

How to Create a Player-Crafted Iron Golem

I've been asked about this a few times so makes sense to just post a walkthrough

Tinkering should be high-if tinkering is not high enough you will not get a golem that can smelt ore. Using the tinkering menu go to customs and build an Iron Clockwork assembly. You will need the following materials in your bag:

  • 1 Clock Part
  • 1 Spring
  • 25 Iron Ingots
  • 5 Blackrock

Once your Iron Clockwork assembly is made double click it. The following items must be in your pack:

  • 10 Power Crystals (from Exodus dungeon)
  • 7500 Iron Ingots
  • 3750 Bronze ingots
  • 50 Gears

Congrats! You have just crafted an Iron Mining Golem!

Requirements to Craft and Control

  • You need a minimum tinkering skill of 100+
  • Read the "Advanced Golem Crafting" book (not required atm)
  • The higher the tinker skill, the more traits and better abilities unlock
  • Skill over 200+ will have a chance to lower how many slots the Golem may require
  • More luck=better traits and abilities
  • Your Golem will have levels ranging from 10-100, depending on materials, luck and skill level

Golem Crafting

  • Collect the proper wood and ore materials
  • Collect the special items needed to determine specific traits
  • Collect items to determine AI - Disabled atm
  • Combine with gears etc
  • Feed your Golem metal ingots to bond

Types of Custom Golems

Iron Golem
Materials: Iron 1500 Ingots, smelt=4500 Ingots, 3 slot=7500 Ingots
Special Ability: Mines all ore types based on user skill
Special Defense:
Min Skill Required: 100=basic, 160=smelts, 240=3 slot Commands: "Start Mining" and "Stop Mining"
Special Requirements: Place a normal shovel in the Iron Golem's backpack so it can mine

Note: The Iron Golem is the only one available, other Golems are in development.

Golem Sockets

There are many Augments that can be added to your custom golem with the Sockets/Augments System

How to Feed your Golem

You must feed your Golem metal ingots in order to keep it functioning. If you fail to feed it, the golem may not function and may need reanimation

How to Resurrect your Golem

Note: Disabled atm

Upon the death of a Golem, it explodes and causes massive area damage to anyone in the area

If your Golem dies it may need repairs and reanimation to make it function again

Advanced Golems - Donation Version

Advanced Iron Golem
Aprox Stats:

STR: 475+
DEX: 590+
INT: 45+

Hitpoints: 1200+
Stamina: 500
Damage: 10 - 15
Pet Slots: 3
Required Taming: 71.0

Tactics 90+
Resist 90+
Blacksmithing 120
Mining 150

The ultimate mining machine, this golem will auto smelt the ore is finds. It has the best chance of finding granite and gets a ore bonus as well. Immune to Poison and at this time the largest backpack.

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Basic Golem Crafting

Note: We are updating the details of this system

Tinkers can create a special "pet" called a golem that can be transferred to other players. In essence, a golem is an amalgamation of machination and magic. They are created much like any other tinkered object by using various parts and tools; however, they will also follow pet commands.

In order to create a basic golem, you will need to be at least a Tinker with 100 tinkering skill, and you will need the following components:

  • A Clockwork Assembly
  • A power crystal
  • Metal ingots
  • 5 gears

To create the golem, double-click on the clockwork assembly kit. If you have the required components, a golem will appear beside your character. If you are missing any of the components, you will receive a message that will inform you of which component(s) you need.

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