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Look here first to answer most of the commonly asked questions.


What is the stat cap?

300 is the natural cap, but you may increase it up to 350 with rare stat scrolls. They can be obtained from defeating the Harrower Champion Boss.

What is the skill cap?

There is no skill cap. You can raise all skills to 100, up to 120 with a powerscroll and fighting skills up to 120+ with augments/sockets.

Is there a new player training room?

Yes, it is located in Serpants Hold. It can be found on the New Player Gates

How come some new players have rare and unique items?

All items can be earned in game, but may be very difficult to obtain. Some players choose to donate and can select from a list of items on the Donations page.

What is the "Fast Start" option?

Players can choose to donate and skip the grind of raising their skills and stats. There are skillballs and stat balls that can help you develop a veteran character quickly.

I only recommend this to players that have been on other shards and are true veterans. New players should attempt to work up your character the "old school" way which will enhance your overall game experience.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes BUT, your IP address is restricted to one account. You may request another account for a family member by contacting the Admin. An Admin is the only person that can create and verify an additional account. There is also a donation option to get a second account so you can have additional house slots and be able to breed pets without a partner.

Can players run events?

Yes, as long as it is fair to all participants. Events like a scavenger hunt, fishing contest or find an object are all encouraged. Also see the PVP Challenge System for ways that players can easily organize in game events.

Is there "Player Killing"(PK) or "Player vs Player"(PVP) in on this shard?

Yes, but is limited to the following:


Trammel - No PK, No PVP

Ilshenar - No PK, No PVP, No Marks

Malas - No PK

Felucca - PK/PVP is allowed, No marks

Tokuno - No PK

Ter Mur/Holy City/Underworld/Stygian - No PK

Player Killing(PK) is allowed in certain areas so beware. "Griefing" is not allowed. Please do not res kill! Allow for players to recover after a defeat. You may PVP with consenting guildmates/foes in the privacy of your homes. Challenges are allowed and is the preferable type of PVP on this shard.

Use the command [checkpoints to bring up your PVP gump and to challenge other players to duels and games

Never PK or PVP at staff run events, no matter the facet

How can I get a player vendor?

You can create a player vendor at Trinsic Bank. There is a mall manager that sells a deed. Click the deed and target one of the white vendor tiles. There are also players that run private vendor houses. You must contact the owner of the house

How do I talk in public chat?

Type [c YourTextHere and hit enter.

How do I use guild chat?

Type [g YourTextHere and hit enter.

How do I use IRC chat?

Type [i YourTextHere and hit enter.

How can I send someone a private message/PM

You can send a message one of two ways, either type [c and press the blue gem next to the person's name that you want to send a message to, then click Message, or type [pm Name.

How do I contact staff if I have a problem?

On your paperdoll press the help button, pick a topic and enter your message with as much detail as possible.

Am I allowed to train skills while I'm away from my keyboard?(AFK)

Yes, training skills while AFK is perfectly acceptable. Being AFK to train a pet, gather valuable resources (such as wood, ingots, fish), level a weapon, or killing any kind of spawn is not allowed.

What is the FC/FCR cap?

6/8, if you have Protection enabled that subtracts 2 FC.

What are pet leashes

They are used to shrink your pets. You will need to have at least 75 in animal taming in order to use them, if your taming is lower than 75 then you can use shrink potions.

Why won't my pet listen to me?

Animal lore is just as important to raise as animal taming (and much easier to raise). If, for example, you have a pet that requires 50 in animal taming you will also need to have at least 50 in animal lore in order to get the pet to actually follow your commands. Also remember to feed your pets if their Loyalty Rating is anything but Wonderfully Happy (which you can see when you lore them).

How do I get powerscrolls?

Powerscrolls are the prizes obtained by defeating a champion spawn. You may also find them for sale on vendors at the local market. We also have powerskulls, which give you a choice of the type os scroll you wish to receive.

Why can't I reach my characters stat cap?

You must defeat the Harrower to get a random Stat Power Scroll (range +5 to +50). The only other way to increase your stats to the shard's cap is to donate for a Stat Power Scroll.

How do I see how many Tithing Points I have and how do I add more?

To add tithe just go to any ankh, click once on it and select 'Tithe Gold'. Note you must have gold in your backpack. To see how much you have tithed, just open up your chivalry book and it will tell you right there.

How can I start up my own guild?

Look on your player paperdoll and select "Guild" from the buttons on the right and follow the prompts

How do I dig up treasure from a treasure map?

When you are in the area shown on your map you need to double click the shovel and select the map. Then it will start digging up your treasure.

Why isn't this quest giver giving me the quest to do?

Either one of two reasons. You may have just done the quest, in which case you need to wait a while before you can do the quest again. Or you are in the middle of another quest which you will either need to finish or just click once on yourself and select cancel Quest. Several quests will only allow you to complete the quest 1 time.

How do I add someone to party?

You can either type in /add and select the person, or double click the 2nd scroll in your paperdoll and go from there.

How do I see how old my character is?

Either double click the first scroll in your paperdoll, or type in [account.

How do I get a Druid Spellbook

The Druid SpellBook is very powerful and is meant to be a rare item. The only way to get a Druid Spellbook is to buy from a player, at auction or Donate.

How do I find out how many murders I have?

Say "I must consider my sins".

What does it mean to lock your karma?

When you lock your karma (at an ankh), you are setting it so that it will not raise any higher. You will still lose karma, you just won't gain it back until you unlock it.

Where can I get beehives?

Beehives (along with hive tools, wax pots, etc) can be purchased from the vendor stones. Honey and Slumgum are valuable commodities and can be used to purchase rare items from the savages.

How do I plant a flower seed?

Buy a bowl from a provisioner, double click the bowl and target a patch of dirt on the ground. Using a water pitcher, water the bowl (two times) until it says "Bowl of soft dirt". Secure the bowl somewhere in your house, then double click one of your seeds and select the bowl to plant it in.

Where can I tame Mules?

Mules are the mounts that Master of the Arts Champ Boss (MOA's) ride, so once you defeat the MOA you can begin taming the mule.

Where can I find a Royal Steed?

Royal Steeds are rare and can be found in the wild. Most Royal Steeds cannot be tamed, but occasionally you may find a rare one that can be tamed with 120+ taming/lore skills.

There are several random locations that the steeds spawn. They will not spawn in the same location, so look everywhere for them. Each spawn has a very rare chance of making a tamable Royal Steed once a month.

This spawn is intended to be Ultra rare, so please don't ask the GM's to increase the rate or show where they spawn. Enjoy the hunt!

How do I Patch?

Read the following section How to Connect

Where do I download the game?

Read the following section How to Connect to UO Evolution free shard

What is Res Killing?

A player has a safe timer, to leave/escape a pk encounter. if you decide to stay and re-engage you can be killed again. For example, if you stay and curse or smack talk at the person that killed you, expect to die again...if you stay in the area after you have been killed at a champ spawn and continue with the champ, a pk might kill you again. This is called pvp/pk and is legal in Felucca

If you are a player that has been killed, you should quietly leave the area. If you are pursued when attempting to leave or escape and are killed again and again, that is considered res killing and a form of griefing

How do I adjust the Size of the UO Game Window?

To force the game size window, follow these steps:

1. Close all clients
2. Open Razor and login to the character that I want to change the resolution for
3. Verify in Razor their profile is active
4. Verify the settings in UO are 800x600
5. Check the "Force Game Size" within Razor and set it to 924x700
6. Log out of UO
7. Log back into UO, no resolution changes
8. Uncheck "Force Game Size" within Razor
9. Check "Force Game Size" within Razor
10. Log out of UO
11. Completely close UO client
12. Launch Razor
13. Login to UO and select appropriate character, no resolution changes

How do I Donate?

If you would like to donate and help support this server, please follow the directions on the Donation section of the wiki. All of the options are listed there.

We do offer incentives and rewards for donating, see the monthly options.

Most items can be earned in game, but may be very hard to obtain. Some players choose to donate and can select from a list of items on the Donations page.

How do I get Double Evolution Dollars?

How do I get Double Evolution Dollars for a donation?

1. If you make a monthly subscription, you get double ED each month!
2. Donate using Bitcoin, you get double ED for a limited time
3. Donate over $300 and get double ED!

Note: Many guilds and friends pool their money to make a large donation as a group to get the double ED and to get the higher tier free bonus items and then split!

Contact Dante for help or details

How do I donate with Bitcoin?

We are still experimenting with taking Bitcoin as a donation. If you would like to do this please contact Dante. Here are the steps to donate using Bitcoin:

1. Go to www.bitcoin.com and create a wallet
2. Fund the Bitcoin Account with a credit card or bank acct
3. Send Bitcoin to UO Evolution's Bitcoin wallet

Send to this Bitcoin Account: 15Kj7oFpqnd9K4CCBNP4RU75Few2exLTQ4

4. Contact Dante in-game with the details and amount. This transaction can take from 10 minutes to an hour to be received

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