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Treasure Chest system

Dungeon treasure chests now drop evolution dollars, restorative goo, magic cloth, level deeds and better loot - you need high lockspick skills and high luck for better chances of discovering special loot items. These New treasure chests can only be found randomly in Felucca dungeons

Puzzle Box System

We have also added some puzzle treasure chests. Each chest has a random chance of having special loot inside. The puzzle is similar to the game "Mastermind" and must be solved before you can open the chest

Puzzle Boxes

Custom Puzzle boxes are unique treasure chests that require you to solve a puzzle (like the game mastermind) before you can get the loot!

Luck is taken into account, as is lockpicking and remove traps. Special equipment can help as well. The more times you fail, the higher the damage.

The loot table for these boxes can be updated in game during game play, so look for frequent changes as we attempt to create a fun new system for players to enjoy.

  • Facet Location System: First let me say thank you to Domino, she stopped playing for 3+ weeks in order to create a file that has over 4700 locations, by facet and location type. I really can't thank her enough on this one. This system will be used not just for puzzle boxes and other events but also Secret Vendors, Treasure Maps, Treasure Chests, Tomb Raiding and a few other new things we have on the list.

Toy Puzzle Boxes

You receive a random reward when clicked, this uses the Puzzle Box reward system which allows me to update in game. You never know what you might get...

Lockbox System

This custom lockbox system allows you to create a lockable chest and a matching key to secure items and is only accessible to the player with a key

Lockbox Crafting

These chests can be locked down at your house, they do not interact with normal house security. Special keys can be crafted/found that you can give to people to permit access.

Lockbox Key

These keys are used for the Lockbox's, they are specific to a player and lockbox. (Recipe available for crafting):

Lockbox Brush

You can use the brush to clear/reset a Lockbox, all current keys will no longer work after used. It can also be used to take ownership of a box if you have one from another player. (Recipe available for crafting)

Daily Reward Chest

A player can earn keys to unlock daily reward chests. You get Virtual "keys" by doing tasks/events and for participating in staff events(Pet Wars, Hunger Games, hide and seek etc. You can also earn "keys" by visiting the market place or completing your daily task goal which rewards you with a virtual key for the chest.

Your reward chest will increase in level the more "keys" you accumulate and use on it.

There are rare rewards in the chests that will only be found in this system.

Use these commands to open up the system gumps and earn keys:

[market = for the market gump [event = for the task system gump

The Reward Chest is located inside Britain Bank vault, just click on the chest to open the gump!

Mystery Chests

There are many types of Mystery Chests. Each chest drops a random artifact related to the type of label on the chest

  • Augment
  • Task
  • Kas
  • Magi
  • Pirate
  • Storage
  • Talisman
  • Alchemy

There is a display, in a room, at the gate of Britain Castle

Artifacts for Lockpicking

  • Kas Treasure Chest - Gives a random piece of Kas gear when opened, you have a 33% chance of getting a rare "battle-worn" piece of armor
  • Grey Mouser's Lockpicks - Special picks that have a skillbonus when used.
  • Gray Mouser's Toolkit - Having one of these in your backpack can help prevent some damage when doing puzzle boxes (Recipe available for crafting)
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