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Custom Dungeons

New player Dungeon

This custom dungeon was built to teach new players the basic game mechanics of fighting, killing, movement, etc. There are many encounters here that range from easy to hard

There is an easy collection quest to get new player armor and gear in the new player dungeon. Collect the green gems dropped from the green colored monsters and then return to the green vendor stone to redeem for the LRC gear.

You can enter the dungeon from the moongate, Britain castle or in Serpent's Hold.

Demented Tinker Dungeon

This dungeon was released with the introduction of the Iron Golem pets and is the only area to acquire +Tinkering gear. Not your typical dungeon, there are strategies that adventurers must use to progress further into the Demented Tinker's lair. New monsters, new items, new artifacts and a villain unlike any other.

"Although the original Golems were created for sinister purposes by Exodus and his minions, some of the more intuitive Tinkers of Britannia were able to manipulate their programming and achieve control over the behemoths. The classic runic coding system used for the Golems was developed by a brilliant and methodical Tinker by the name of Balathustrius.

Having earned notoriety for this as well as his service to the Tinker's Guild of Britain, Balathustrius acquired enough gold to purchase the Tinker Shop just north of Britain Bank and began a lucrative business of repairing and selling golem supplies.

Wanting to meet the constant demand of the public as well as furthering his own obsession of understanding how these hybrid beings could function to their highest potential, Balathustrius descended further and further into his studies, intent on maximizing his profits and patents. Nystul, the Royal Wizard of Britain, held only a few more than he, but this new boon of technology would solidify Balathustrius' name in history... or so he believed."

Blackrock Dungeon

This dungeon is closed

This dungeon is located in Trammel and can be accessed by finding the chasm and entering by climbing down the rope ladder

The Shadowlords can be found here on rare occasions along with Blackrock Elementals

Search the caves to find the Blackrock Vendor Stone

Tokuno Dojos

Dojo 1 - Mount Sho
Dojo 2 - Fandancer
Dojo 3 - Undead
Dojo 4 - Bushido
Dojo 5 - Bridge
Dojo 6 - Garden
Dojo 7 - Forgotten Desert
Dojo 8 - name

Shame Dungeon Quest

This is an original custom quest, created in the Shame Dungeon. The objective is to create a powerful artifact called Sash of the Pit, and collect all of the rare loot

Sash of the Pit

How to craft the base Sash of the Pit?

You must craft the base Sash of the Pit with the tailor skill, then wear it while adventuring in the Shame Dungeon. The item will then "evolve" as you kill/collect points in the dungeon

This is a staged item for this quest, there will be many ways to add points as we develop the Shame storyline.

This event will be based in the Shame Dungeon, at the moment we will focus our efforts on Trammel however you will notice you that you can get points in Felucca Shame as well.

When the sash levels up a stage the first time, it will change to another item piece. Each stage the item will get a new random property to include increasing the max stage of the item and the new properties. You can only wear one of these items at one time when attempting to add points. This is your chance to create the most unique set of mining gear any shard has ever seen.

You will probably see changes taking place constantly as we build the quest and add new elements to it each week.

Shame Quest Monsters

Lord of the Pit: Shame Dungeon Boss, only mob to have a chance to drop elixirs related to the Shame Dungeon

Thrall of the Pit: Minion of the Shame Dungeon Boss, can drop special loot related to shame dungeon. Lower quality elixirs

Shame Quest Treasure/Rewards

  • Iron Forge Gear
  • Shame Blacksmith Gear
  • Mining cart of Shame (East/South): Will give a few points each day to 1 Pit item worn, can only wear 1 item
  • Elixir of Tinkering: Increases the skill cap by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Blacksmithing: Increases the skill cap by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Mining: Increases the skill cap by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Granite: Increases the Granite Bonus property by +1 based on the quality of the elixir
  • Elixir of Veins: Increases the Vein Increase Chance property by +1 based on the quality of the elixir

Shame Quest Rare Augments

  • Augment Added - Broddr Rune: An improved spiked shield augment that requires 3 sockets from the Lord of the Pit
  • Augment Added - Pit Lord Magma: A damage bonus for Hit Fireball, bonus is based on the To Hit percentage from the Lord of the Pit.

Dungeon of Sin

This is an exciting new dungeon that will challenge even the bravest of adventurers!

Sin Treasure

  • Shield of Sin

Sin Monsters

  • The Fallen Champ
  • Avatars of Sin
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