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Custom Artifacts

Artifacts are separated to several categories. You can go on many adventures on UO Evolution and search for a specific Quest Artifact or treasure. There are also Special Artifact items with unique names that can be obtained by various means: using the Stealing skill to pilfer them from disparate locales, through specific monster drop systems, and during events associated with game-wide fiction where you can collect Monthly Event Items, or last by crafting them using rare ingredients.

UO Evolution has created some unique artifacts, only found on this shard

Items using the Evolution System

Evolution Cloak

The Evolution cloak starts off as a regular base cloak and will gain experience points over time with use. You will earn 5 spend points per level to a max of 500 points.

You can right-click on the items to open up a gump and select abilities to improve your cloak, similar to the weapon leveling system.

The cloak can gain up to 100 levels

This item can be obtained by completing the Peerless Monsters Quest

Evolution Ring

The Ring of Evolution starts off as a regular base ring and will gain experience points over time with use. You will earn 5 spend points per level to a max of 500 points. The ring can gain up to 100 levels.

You can right-click on the items to open up a gump and select abilities to improve your ring, similar to the weapon leveling system.

This item can be obtained by completing the Peerless Monsters Quest

Evolution Earrings

The Earring of Evolution starts off as a regular base earring and will gain experience points over time with use. You will earn 5 spend points per level to a max of 500 points. The ring can gain up to 100 levels.

Items using the Multi-Stage System

Belt of Tokuno - Black Belt System

This Black Belt System is exclusive to UO Evolution. It is a very powerful system and is designed to be an end-game item. The Belt IS intended to to take months of challenging game play to create!

Enjoy the journey, grasshopper!

Crafting the Blackbelt

The Belt of Tokuno (Black Belt) is crafted using the Tailor skill (100+) and 12 Ancestral Cloth

Ancestral cloth can be obtained from killing Ancestral Spirits, and are located at ruin locations throughout Tokuno

Sieging the Temples/Dojos

Several fortified temples/dojos are located in the lands Tokuno. You must find the temples and defeat the special temple dwellers to be awarded points toward your belt.

Tokuno Dojos

Dojo 1 - Mount Sho
Dojo 2 - Fandancer
Dojo 3 - Undead
Dojo 4 - Bushido
Dojo 5 - Bridge
Dojo 6 - Garden
Dojo 7 - Forgotten Desert
Dojo 8 - Abandoned

There are some unique defenses including fire traps, breakable doors, and hidden foes that you must strategically defeat!

Note: You must use force and "attack" the doors to break them down

Tokuno Dojo Defenders You can only earn points from the following:

  • Sohie (Temple Guards)
  • Yamabushi (Temple Guards)
  • Temple Samurai
  • Temple Monk
  • Temple Priest
  • Temple Archer
  • Temple Warrior
  • Temple Weapons

Emperor Seals

The beginner levels are relatively easy to achieve, but as you progress the Emperor requires a seal to prove that you are worthy before you move on to the Orange belt and above.

You must craft a special colored Emperor Seal before you can obtain the next belt level

Emperor's Seals are crafted with the tinkerer skill (100+) AND Bushido skill (100+). The materials required vary depending upon the color.

After you craft the correct colored seal for the Emperor, he requires you to collect 10 minor Treasures of Tokuno (ToT) artifacts as tribute to his greatness! After you collect the 10 minor artifacts, double-click the seal and add the artifacts to the seal. Once this is accomplished you can advance to the next level belt.

Note: You cannot use the Heirloom Chest as a minor artifact

Belt Stages

As your belt increases in power, the belt color will change at each stage as follows.

Stage 1 = White
Stage 2 = Yellow

Emperor Seal Required

Stage 3 = Orange
Stage 4 = Green
Stage 5 = Blue

After stage 5, the belt becomes soul-bound (permanently attached to your character)

Stage 6 = Red
Stage 7 = Purple
Stage 8 = Brown
Stage 9 = Black

There is a great post on the forums that describes a walk-through of the black belt system

Emperor's Dragon Talisman

The Emperor's Dragon Talisman: Staged Talisman that gains experience by killing Temple Samurai. Base chance for experience point is 15 + luck bonus. Talisman will end up with 2 +10 skills from the same list as Mark of the Travesty.

Possible skill combination for the Emperor's Dragon Talisman

  • Anatomy & Healing
  • Animal Lore & Animal Taming
  • Archery & Tactics
  • Bushido & Parrying
  • Chivalry & Resisting Spells
  • Discordance & Musicianship
  • Evaluating Intelligence & Magery
  • Fencing & Tactics
  • Mace Fighting & Tactics
  • Necromancy & Spirit Speak
  • Ninjitsu & Stealth
  • Peacemaking & Musicianship
  • Provocation & Musicianship
  • Swordsmanship & Tactics
  • Stealth & Stealing

There are 2 completed talismans at the black belt display room

Britannia Dragon Cloak

This item is crafted by tailors, there are a few requirements needed for crafting the cloak. The skill required for making it is Tailoring 100-175. The higher the skill, the better the base cloak.

Using a runic sewing kit increases the chances of making a better cloak. There is a display in Serpents Hold that shows the 4 types of base cloaks that can be crafted. These were made with no runics. If you want to see the display of the "perfect" set of cloaks made with runics, you can look at the display in the donation room in Trinsic.

The ingredients to craft the base cloak are:

  • 12 Leather or Hides,
  • 50 black dragon scales,
  • 1 captured essence, and
  • 10 corruption.

This item increases power in stages (1-4) The cloak has stats that can be seen when you mouse-over the item and keeps track of your progress

  • Stage 0/4
  • Points 0/500
  • Ancient 0/6
  • Gem 0/7
  • Unique 0/2

These cloaks require a specific amount of points to advance between stages. The dragon cloak gains a point by killing certain dragon type creatures that do not serve other masters (No Champs, no summoned, no tamed, no animated etc). The % chance for points and number of points is determined by the difficulty of the creature killed and your luck.

Once you have obtained the number of points to advance a stage the cloak will no longer gain points until it is soaked with the Dragonic Elixer (see below). With each stage the cloak will increase in properties until it reaches stage 4 and the quest is complete.

In addition to the points, there are a series of quests you can pursue, which must be completed prior to stage 4. The quests will add new abilities to your cloak that will be revealed when it reaches stage 4. Whenever you slay one of the Unique/Named creatures (Ex. Gem Dragons, Ancients, Spirilix, Magi, etc)that are among the quests you will receive a message stating you have unlocked one of the secrets. There are some Unique Dragon Bosses you can kill that will actually increase a cloak's property immediately without reaching stage 4.

For Example: Rikktor awards a fire resist bonus (you will have to learn what each dragon bonus is)

Once your cloak reaches stage 4 the magic will reveal all of the accomplishments that you have achieved while wearing it. Based upon what you killed and the difficulty of those creatures, some of the skills might be +10, those that take upon the most challenging beasts can be rewarded with skill bonuses as high as +20. There are also 4 different types of cloaks: warrior, mage, thief and necromancer.

Everything you do while wearing the cloak is used to determine the results of the cloak at stage 4.

Note: The cloaks are socketable, but...only a completed cloak can be socketed!

Note: There are many versions of this cloak that can be made. By using runic sewing kits, having high skill level and high luck will make the stats vary. Also note that depending on the type of dragons you kill to complete the cloak, can alter the final type/stats.

Dragonic Elixer

You will need to soak the cloak in this magical fluid before it can go from one stage to the next. You will get a message when it is needed. The elixer is crafted by alchemists, skill needed 100-150

Ingredients needed to create the potion:

  • 1 dragon blood and
  • 5 blackrock

Sash of the Pit

The Sash of the Pit is a powerful artifact you can craft with the Tailor Skill (100+)

You need the following ingredients:

  • 5 Scourge
  • 5 Red Scales
  • 3 Fire rubies

After you create the item, you will need to travel deep into the Shame Dungeon and battle the monsters that dwell in the darkness!

As you kill the beasts, your Sash of the Pit will gain 2 tiers and advance 6 stages to become a very powerful artifact.

When the sash levels up a stage the first time, it will change to another item piece. Each stage the item will get a new random property to include increasing the max stage of the item and the new properties. You can only wear one of these items at one time when attempting to add points. This is your chance to create the most unique set of mining gear any shard has ever seen.

Crown of Champions

The Crown of Champions is a rare artifact found on the corpse of the Harrower There are 3 types that can be found; the "Crown of Deadly Champions", "Crown of Fallen Champions", and "Crown of Merciless Champions"

Crown of Deadly Champions (base item starts with these stats)

Dex Bonus 2
Stamina Increase 2

Stage 0/6

[Ghost Champions Destroyed]

  • Baracoon 0/6
  • Lord Oaks 0/6
  • Mephitis 0/6
  • Niera 0/6
  • Semidar 0/6
  • Rikktor 0/6

Crown of Fallen Champions

Strength Bonus 2
HP Increase 2

Stage 0/6

[Ghost Champions Destroyed]

  • Baracoon 0/6
  • Lord Oaks 0/6
  • Mephitis 0/6
  • Niera 0/6
  • Semidar 0/6
  • Rikktor 0/6

Crown of Merciless Champions

Int Bonus 2
Mana Regen 2

Stage 0/6

[Ghost Champions Destroyed]

  • Baracoon 0/6
  • Lord Oaks 0/6
  • Mephitis 0/6
  • Niera 0/6
  • Semidar 0/6
  • Rikktor 0/6

The crowns can increase in power by gaining points by killing the Ghost Champions that may spawn randomly after completing a regular Champion Spawn

Blood Ring

Blood Ring:
A Healing base ring with 31 stages. Stages can be increased by applying a blood diamond to the ring. The ring will display the base chance of increasing when you run your mouse over it, you will also get a luck bonus and bonus from the specific kind of blood diamond applied that will NOT be displayed.

Each stage has an equal chance of applying 1 to 2 points of the following groups: Primary Skill, Secondary Skills, Primary Attribute, Secondary Attribute and Resists.

The first time the skill groups are selected the ring will determine which group will be applied from that point forward.

Primary Skills

Primary Skill:
Healing/Anatomy - Veterinary/Anatomy

Secondary Skills

Secondary Skills:

  • Magery/Eval Int
  • Parry/Tactics
  • Bushido/Tactics
  • Animal Taming/Animal Lore


Primary Attribute:

  • Bonus Dex/Bonus Int/Bonus Str

Secondary Attribute:

  • Bonus Hits/Bonus Mana/Bonus Stam

Tertiary Attribute:

  • Regen Hits/Regen Mana/Regen Stam

Resists: All

Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds Added:
The item used to increase stages in the Blood Ring. There are different versions,

some offer a bonus to the chance for the blood ring to increase when applied.

  • Simple [+0%]
  • Common [+5%]
  • Uncommon [+10%]
  • Rare [+20%]
  • Legendary [+30%]
  • Mythical [+100%]

Blood Diamonds can be found by doing certain tasks, achieving your daily task goal, milestones and a few other events/ways that will be announced during the month.

Items using the Leveling System

Weapon Leveling

See the section Weapon Leveling System

Other Custom Artifacts

Wizard Robe

Wizard Robe

Vecna Collection

Skull of Vecna

Imprisoned Soul of Vecna

Battle-Worn Arms of Vecna
Battle-Worn Gloves of Vecna
Battle-Worn Legs of Vecna
Battle-Worn Shroud of Vecna
Battle-Worn Chest of Vecna

Kas Collection

Battle-Worn Cloak of Kas
Battle-Worn Arms of Kas
Battle-Worn Gloves of Kas
Battle-Worn Neck Guard of Kas
Battle-Worn Chest of Kas
Battle-Worn Shroud of Kas

Chest of Kas
Cloak of Kas
Arms of Kas
Legs of Kas
Gloves of Kas
Robe of Kas
Helm of Kas
Gorget of Kas

Archeology Tomb Artifacts

See Archeology System

Burial Mask

UOE Artifacts

Enchanted Ethereal Mounts - Zero Slot with Luck
Boots of the Soul Walker
Boots of the Trinsic Knight
Pickaxe of Ages
Warrior's Ring of Luck
Emerald Pearl Earrings
Emerald Pearl Necklace
Black Pearl Earrings

Standard Artifacts

Doom Artifacts

Dark Father Wrappings

Treasure of Tokuno

See Treasures of Tokuno

Global Drop Artifacts

UOE has a golbal artifact drop system. You have a percent chance to get an artifact off of any creature you slay. The harder the creature and the higher the luck you have, the better chance to get an artifact to drop. See Global Artifact List

Paragon Artifacts

See Paragon Artifacts

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