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Champion Spawns

The concept of a champion spawn is to kill hoards of monsters and to summon the champion. As monsters are killed the spawn will level up to more powerful foes, and eventually the champ will appear.

The Champion Spawns are marked with a stone platform and a red pentagram symbol in the center.

The champ spawns drop powerscrolls from 105-120 skill cap increase. You must collect these to increase your skills past 100.

There is a total of 24 different traditional locations where you might find a Champion Spawn. 4 in Ilshenar, 5 in the Dungeons of Felucca, 12 in the Lost Lands of Felucca, 2 in Malas dungeons, and 1 on the Tokuno Islands.

The Champion Spawns are all on random timers and can be active at anytime.

You can use Evolution Coins to trigger any champ at anytime, click on the champ skull idol, the cost is 50 coins to activate.

We run daily champion spawn events at noon and 7pm for everyone to participate

Please read the Rules and etiquette regarding Champion Spawns.

Classic Spawns

Abyss Spawn

Level 1 - Imps and Greater Mongbats
Level 2 - Gargoyles and Harpies
Level 3 - Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles
Level 4 - Daemons and Succubi
Champion - Semidar

Arachnid Spawn

Level 1 - Scorpions and Giant Spiders
Level 2 - Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors
Level 3 - Dread Spiders and Terathan Matriarchs
Level 4 - Poison Elementals and Terathan Avengers
Champion - Mephitis

Cold Blood Spawn

Level 1 - Lizardmen and Snakes
Level 2 - Lava Lizards, Ophidian Warriors, and Ophidian Enforcers
Level 3 - Drakes, Ophidian Justicars, and Ophidian Zealots
Level 4 - Dragons, Ophidian Avengers, and Ophidian Knight-Errants
Champion - Rikktor

Forest Lord Spawn

Level 1 - Pixies and Shadow Wisps
Level 2 - Ki-Rins and Wisps
Level 3 - Centaurs and Unicorns
Level 4 - Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons
Champion - Lord Oaks and Silvani

Unholy Terror Spawn

Level 1 - Ghouls, Shades, Spectres, and Wraiths
Level 2 - Bone Magi, Mummies, and Skeletal Mages
Level 3 - Bone Knights, Skeletal Knights, and Liches
Level 4 - Lich Lords, and Rotting Corpses
Champion - Neira the Necromancer

Vermin Horde Spawn

Level 1 - Giant Rats and Slimes
Level 2 - Dire Wolves and Ratmen
Level 3 - Hell Hounds and Ratman Mages
Level 4 - Ratman Archers and Silver Serpents
Champion - Barracoon the Piper


These Original Felucca facet champions drop special colored skulls which allow you to summon The Harrower Harrower super boss, which drops the rare max stat increase scrolls.

The Harrower is one of the most evil creatures to appear in the land of Sosaria. His strength was so great that he can strike down an unprepared adventures in a single blow! Only by defeating the 6 champion Spawns and obtaining their special skulls can he be summoned.

Defeating the Harrower grants stat scrolls, which increase the maximum total stats a character can gain. The highest-level stat scrolls are +50s, and the lowest are +5s.

We have also added some custom content, loot and quest to the Harrower Boss Encounter. One of the most sought after artifacts is the Crown of Champions and can be a rare find on the Harrower's corpse

Ghost Champion Quest

The Crown of Champions artifact can be found sometimes on the corpse of the Harrower. The item has 6 stages and 2 tiers. The first tier involves killing the Ghost Champions, when a champion is killed outside of Felucca it has a chance to turn into a ghost of its former self. There are three crowns; Fallen, Deadly and Merciless. Each crown has a specific stat assigned for it and also determines how the skills will be applied.

An example on one of the crowns the first ghost champion killed and awarded a point for will determine the properties and skills assigned while increasing the stages. Each champion has a specific set of properties and skills. Given time and experimentation you will be able to figure out how to get exactly what you desire.

The following skill sets are available; Bard, Necromancy, Thief, Tamer, Magery and Sword

Samurai Empire Spawns

Sleeping Dragon Spawn

Level 1 Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings and Lizardmen
Level 2 Deathwatch Beetles and Kappas
Level 3 Lesser Hiryus and Revenant Lions
Level 4 Hiryus and Onis
Champion - Serado the Awakened

Emperial Dragon Champion Spawn

UO Evolution has just added another challenging custom Champion Spawn to our Samurai Empire Expansion in Tokuno. It has challenging new monsters, a unique new engine, and traps during the spawn. The Boss is also new and drops rare items

Level 1 Sisi, Asian Beetle, Exploding Rune
Level 2 Okami, Shaman Beetle, Exploding Rune
Level 3 Longma, Tianma, Tekkai, Exploding Rune
Champion - Emperial Serpent Dragon, Komodo Dragon, Exploding Rune

The Boss has a random chance of dropping a storage key, including the master key.

Mondain's Legacy Spawns

Minotaur Spawn

Meraktus the Tormented Minotaur is the Champion of the Labyrinth. Meraktus spawns with four Tormented Minotaurs in the large building, deep in the Labyrinth.

Both Meraktus and her escorts have a "ground stomp" attack which deals area effect damage dependent on how close you are. The amount of damage seems dependent on the number of objects attacking Meraktus. The more players the greater the area damage of the "ground stomp".Even while wearing a suit offering the maximum possible resistances, you should still expect 20-90+ damage.

Corrupt Spawn

Level 1 - Plague Beast Spawn and Boglings
Level 2 - Plague Beasts and Bog Things
Level 3 - Plague Beast Lords and Interred Grizzles
Level 4 - Fetid Essences and Pestilent Bandages
Champion - Ilhenir the Stained

Glade Spawn

Level 1 - Pixies and Shadow Wisps
Level 2 - Centaurs and Dryads
Level 3 - Satyrs and Cu Sidhes
Level 4 - Feral Treefellows and Raging Grizzlies
Champion - Twaulo of the Glade

Stygian Abyss Spawns

Abyssal Infernal Spawn

Stage 1 - Horde Familiars and Chaos Daemons
Stage 2 - Stone Harpys and Arcane Daemons
Stage 3 - Pit Fiends and Molochs
Stage 4 - Archdemons and Abyssal Abominations
Champion - Abyssal Infernal

Primeval Lich Spawn

Stage 1 - Gore Fiends and Vampire Bats
Stage 2 - Flesh Golems and Dark Wisps
Stage 3 - Undead Gargoyles and Wights
Stage 4 - Skeletal Drakes and Dream Wraiths
Champion - Primeval Lich

Custom Champion Spawns

In addition the traditional Champs, we have added these Custom Champ locations

Mithril Dragon Spawn
Bio-engineer Spawn
Ancient Blacksmith Champ
Crafter Champ
Emperial Dragon Champ
Pirate Champ

There are several special champ spawns that drop rare items. The mithril champ is part of a quest, the Blacksmith Champ drops weapon level deeds and the Bio Champ drops organics.

Champ Spawn Locations

The Champs are all on random timers, set for about 4 hours between respawns.

2 in Stygian Abyss, Abyssmal Infernal and Primeval Lich
1 Undead in Malas at the Doom Stadium
1 Vermin Horde located in Sanctuary
1 Cold Blood at cave pyramid in Ilshenar
1 Vermin Horde located in the valley next to Wind caves in Felucca
1 Abyss Champ located in the Palace of Paroxysmus in Trammel
1 Ancient Blacksmith Spawn in the Orc Caves in Trammel

  • Spirituality Champion Spawn - Northeast of Spirituality Moongate

Coordinates: 45o 21'N 22o 38'E (X: 1645 Y: 1108)

  • Humility Champion Spawn (Random)- Northeast of Humility Moongate

Coordinates: 61o 20'N 60o 32'W (X: 462 Y: 926)

  • Valor Champion Spawn (Random) - Southwest of Valor Moongate

Coordinates: 113o 49'N 66o 1'W (X: 329 Y: 384)

  • Twisted Glade Spawn (unofficial name) - Inside Twisted Weald

Coordinates: 31o 59'N 62o 22'E (X: 1260 Y: 2210)

  • Abyss Spawn - First Level of Fire Dungeon, inside the back tunnels

Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 1351 Y: 5814)

  • Arachnid Spawn - Northwest corner of Terathan Keep

Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 1605 Y: 5189)

  • Cold Blood Spawn - First level of Destard, towards the back near the shrine

Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 837 Y: 5259)

  • Unholy Terror Spawn - Third level of Deceit, towards the center

Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 708 Y: 5178)

  • Vermin Horde Spawn - Second Level of Despise, on the old Ogre Lord Island

Coordinates: Sextant Inoperable (X: 826 Y: 5557)

  • Bog (Random Spawn) - At the center of Hoppers Bog, Southeast of Papua

Coordinates: 31o 54'S 1o 15'E (X: 3475 Y: 5954)

  • City of the Dead (Random Spawn) - North of Delucia

Coordinates: 48o 58'S 51o 11'W (X: 3635 Y: 5208)

  • Damwin (Random Spawn) - Southast of Marble Island Passage Exit, North of the City of the Dead

Coordinates: 22o 30'S 49o 55'W (X: 3368 Y: 5282)

  • Desert(Random Spawn) - West of Fire Dungeon entrance, Northwest of Papua

Coordinates: 17o 13'N 21o 5'W (X: 2916 Y: 5636)

  • Forest Lord Spawn - Northeast of Delucia, Southwest of the exit to Vesper Cemetery Passage

Coordinates: 56o 41'S 26o 31'W (X: 3757 Y: 5559)

  • Ice East (Random Spawn) - Northeast of Wyvern Isle, Use the teleporter East of Delucia to reach

Coordinates: 62o 34'N 7o 10'E (X: 2400 Y: 6038)

  • Ice West (Random Spawn) - Northwest of the Lost Lands Lighthouse, Use back exit of Ice Dungeon to reach

Coordinates: 66o 5'N 29o 52'W (X: 2360 Y: 5511)

  • Khaldun (Random Spawn) - South of Khaldun Dungeon, Southwest of Minoc North Mines Passage

Coordinates: 67o 40'S 3o 14'E (X: 3882 Y: 5982)

  • Marble (Random Spawn) - East of Marble Island Passage Exit, West of Terathan Keep Entrance

Coordinates: 5o 11'S 47o 10'W (X: 5265 Y: 3171)

  • Oasis (Random Spawn) - Southwest of Lost Lands Lighthouse, West of Ophidian Lair

Coordinates: 41o 29'N 27o 12'W (X: 2640 Y: 5549)

  • Terra Sanctum (Random Spawn) - East of Fire Dungeon entrance, Northeast of Papua, Only accessable by Boat

Coordinates: 14o 51'N 6o 57'E (X: 2943 Y: 6035)

  • Tortoise (Random Spawn) - Southwest of Khaldun dungeon, Northwest of Temple Island Teleporter

Coordinates: 77o 15'S 14o 15'S (X: 3991 Y: 5724)

  • Sleeping Dragon Spawn - South of the Fan Dancer Dojo, Northwest of Mount Sho

Coordinates: 104o 45'N 26o 22'W (X: 432 Y: 948)

  • The Minotaur Spawn (unofficial name) in the Labyrinth dungeon, has no altar

Coordinates: 27o 9'S 66o 9'W (X: 1933 Y: 382)

  • Pestilence Spawn (unofficial name) - Under the cemetery in Bedlam dungeon

Coordinates: 0o 26'S 80o 47'W (X: 1629 Y: 174)

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