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Pet Breeding

Tamed pets have a limited number of breeds (0-4) determined randomly upon taming

Pet breeding is based on averages of the parents.

The formula for making a baby pet is mother's current max level + father's current max level / 2 = baby

For example:

a max level 10 parent plus a max level 30 parent will create a max level 20 baby.
a max level 30 parent plus a max level 30 parent will create a max level 31 baby.


1. Pets must be raised the max level before they can breed
2. Pets must be a male and female and both must have at least 1 breed left
3. Cannot be donation, crafted, or evolution pets

Also see Animal Trait System

Pet Breeding Updated:

When you breed your pets and succeed you will be given the parents in your backpack shrunk. If you look on the display you will notice the mating delay date, the item is locked until that has expired. Please note I did not change the times dealing with breeding success or failure but will in the future.

Success to breed is now based on both breeders Animal Taming, Animal Lore and a bonus from their luck.

The chance to breed is calculated based on the Taming Score needed for the pet modified then by generation of the pet. This modifier is directly linked to a DNA stat all mobiles have on the shard.

Pet Leveling Updated: Ability Points awarded are based off the DNA score of the pet.

Pet Levels

Pets can be trained to increase their level. Pets gain spend points at each level to be used to improve the pet's abilities.

Pets may be found in the wild and have a random max level between 10-30, all donation pets start at level 30. If you wish your pet to increase from 31-40 you will either need to breed them up or use the +1 pet level deeds.

A pet will become old/sterile at level 41 and will not breed

If you wish your pet to increase from 41-50 bonus levels then you will need to use +1 pet max level deeds.

Your pet may breed at anytime during this process as long as the current level of the pet is the same as the max level of the pet.

A pet may gain Traits at each 5th level of training/leveling


Wild creatures begin as generation one. When you breed two pets, the babies are current parent generation +1.

Each owner will receive a claim ticket for the baby that can be redeemed in 3 days(72 hours). Both parents will have delays of 6 days(144 hours) before you can use them again.

You cannot breed if the pet is at generation 10, even if the display says you have breeds left, the pet becomes sterile

Luck does factor into the breeding success, especially at higher levels

You can't breed pets by yourself. You must use a second account or a friend to pet breed with.

To initiate a breed left click the pet, click NPC info and if you are able to breed the pet there will be an option to do so.

Hard Stat Caps

Max Str = 1200
Max Int = 2000
Max Dex = 300

Max Resists = 75
Max Breeds = 4

Pet Slot Hard Caps

Pets have control slots which dictates the max hit points a pet can attain

1 slot = 500 Max Hit Points
2 slot = 1000 Max Hit Points
3 slot = 1500 Max Hit Points
4 slot = 2000 Max Hit Points
5 slot = 2000 Max Hit Points

Pet Repair

Also see the Animal Repair System

Donation Pet Breeding

Donation pets are never breedable! If you discover a way to breed or exploit this system, please report it immediately to a GM

Animal Trait System

See Animal Trait System

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