Author Topic: Shard Update August 14, 2020  (Read 960 times)

August 14, 2020, 07:58:39 AM

Offline Kane

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Thanks to the Market Merchant code and some room to think, I believe I have worked out some of the major hurdles that have been hampering Factions.  Once I get this code finished I will know for sure if the idea will work and how effective it will be at solving my current design problems.  The new Market Merchant is not in yet nor will it be at the moment.  If all goes well I would like to see some serious testing start after the next update.

I know I have a few questions to answer on discord for those who messaged me, I will get to them today.  Sorry about the delay.

Version 352
Deco Deeds Added:  20 Deco Deeds added from Sayla
Item Raffle (Config) Updated:  Issue with how logs are named and stored
Today System - Merchant Updated: The system allows for an item (single or amount) to be sold for any currency the DynamicConsumption framework can handle. 
Market Merchant Added:  This has been created towards solving some issues presented by moving the Task System to v2.  The basic concept is this will use buying habits of the items it has available for sale and determine if the price needs to be adjusted based on that information.