Author Topic: Shard Update June 12, 2020  (Read 806 times)

June 13, 2020, 07:32:37 AM

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I know for many the raffle stone stuff will seem out of the blue or also off the path, but it is out of the blue but on the path. 

I have been working on an issue for factions how to have a dynamic event on a facet be tracked and interacted with by a player remotely.  In my mind for factions this is part of how events will run.  I finally figured out how it can work and needed a test dummy.  I had this old config raffle code that someone didn't help me test so decided it would be perfect for this. 

Next step will be for this event system to be shown in the Today System and you can interact with it.  (That will start this week) Then I will take that.. wrap up an auction stone and apply it all once again for a complete test run from A to Z.  This should give me the best piece of code for the factions events.

Version 345

Raffle Stone (Config) Updated:  Completely recoded, the config stores all of the needed information.  It can use just about anything as currency to buy a ticket and next item for raffle is randomly selected from a list.
Dynamic Consumption Updated: Added the final layer as 2 go between functions for the rest of the code.  Only 2 things left for this piece of the framework: Evo Coins and Quest Items
Gargoyle Knife Updated:  Now has increased leather in Fel. (Need to verify all this works)
XML Updated:  Player killed message will be displayed in all facets
Fertile Dirt Elemental Updated: Now drops fertile dirt
Deco Deeds Added: 4 new items from Sayla
Market Gump Updated:  Really bad math determining item location on a list causing detail gump to not display.
Imperial Dragon Updated:  Spelling error.
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