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January 07, 2012, 07:33:31 AM

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UO Evolution – Custom Free Shard

*3 houses per account.

*We also have a custom Town House system that lets players rent buildings and shops in cities.

*5 player characters per account. Only one character is needed due to the unlimited skill cap, but role playing the other characters is encouraged.

*300 Stat Cap, 350 Stat Cap with Power Deeds you get from events and champs

*No Skill Cap (Max ALL skills on all characters)

*Original OSI Maps, All Facets Fully Spawned including Ter Mur, Underworld and Stygian Abyss

Custom Crafting *Custom Crafting including Runic Crafting, Enhancing, Skill Points, Sockets/Augments

*Dozens of Custom Resources

5 Custom Ores 7 Custom Logs 7 Custom Leathers Custom Craftable Magic Clothing Custom Craftable Weapons Custom Craftable Furniture [Elven & Gargoyle] Custom Craftable Deco Items

New Systems *Player Leveling System/Skill Points/Ranking *PVP available for consensual players *PVP Point System *Chat/PM system *Spells System including Druid, Avatar, Bard, Ranger and Spellweaving *Bio Engineering System *Animal Breeding System *Gold/Token System with ledgers and Evolution Dollar currencies *Reward Systems for Experience Points, Veterans, and Voting

New Mobiles *Standard and Custom Champion Spawns 24/7 *100′s of Custom Monsters *Dozens of Custom Tameables

Dynamic Custom Quests *We have added many quality custom quests to enhance your gaming experience. We currently have 50+ Custom Quests, 9 Standard Quests, 90+ Mondain Legacy Quests installed on our Shard.

Weekly Staff Hosted Events *Helpful Friendly Community *Experienced, Mature and Dedicated Staff *Role Playing Encouraged (Good vs Evil) *Players are encouraged to run events *Challenging Gameplay from novice to expert

Check out the wiki and the forums for detailed information and how to connect.

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