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April 29, 2013, 04:04:41 PM

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Publish Notes:
Publish #02 - April 29, 2013

  • Druid Spell Changes:
  • Druid Spell Blend with Forest spell cast delay is now 3 seconds -> up from 2 seconds.
  • Druid Spell Blend with Forest spell no longer squelches players for random periods of time. *bug fixed*
  • Druid Spell Restorative Soil no longer places a tile, it now imbues the soil of the targeted area. *bug fixed*
  • Druid Spell Enchanted Grove mana drain and health drain ticks have been reduced by 70%. [Including healing]
Note: The enchanted grove cast times has been set back to normal, it will take effect at the next restart
  • Misc Changes:
  • Mithril Dragon Arms now have 255 durability (max) -> down from 1000+
  • Removed Honey from sales list of Baker's and Cook's.
  • Fixed bug with jail rock mining that allowed players to leave the jail prior to finishing mining the required amount of rock.
  • Cleaned up multiple region controlled areas, to reduce shard/server crashes.
  • Removed Trash4Tokens backpack.

  • Publish Notes: (Doom Release)
  • The Doom Gauntlet now drops "Doom Scrolls" which can be used at the doom vendor to purchase items.
  • Doom Gauntlet spawns have been given a slight buff and increase to hit points.
  • The Doom Quest Giver has been added in place of the demon bone quest giver "Victoria" - She will provide you with a quest to gain access to doom.
  • Doom Warriors have been added to the "Doom Dungeon" and surrounding area.
  • Roaming Pirate ships have been corrected and are now sailing the sea's seeking out player boat's to hijack and plunder.
  • Pet of month: "Fairy Companion" has been added to the pet database.
    **This pet heals itself and its master and is also able to cast a variety of magery spells to aid its friends and damage its foes.
  • Deco: Sleepable beds have been added.
    **Players can double click these special deco beds and their character will fall fast asleep on the comfortable bed.
  • New quest giver has been spawned in Doom - this allows players to collect "Doom Pendants" as a means of getting into doom as opposed to farming 1,000 daemon bones. The choice is now yours.
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I was one that was in there with Grump when it all happened and it was screwy to say the least  :P .
But as far as working on the shard to make things better than they are now, Kyn ur doing a fantastic job so keep it up dude, just dont go letting urself get burnt out in the process.
Thanks for all that you have dane, are doing and will be doing. I could only guess what this place would look like if you werent working on it like you have been.

Thanks guys, myself and Dante have been having 12-14 hour days working on this for the last week. We've got a lot of great fixes in the works and a ton of balancing changes to come. I really think that if everyone holds on tight - the changes they see when the dust settles will be fantastic and fun for everyone.

May 10, 2013, 02:44:35 AM
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Maybe there is some problem but drop rate of doom scroll is terrible.Im 8 runs on gauntled  last night i got only 1 scroll.Why do u remove the Hag for bones and bone daemon .Its big part of the game and doom is not the same without there a way soon to be possible pve ppl to raise somehow justice.