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February 05, 2016, 12:21:13 AM

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 Hello lady's and gentleman I have been here for about 15 days now and want to write a small something to thank you. I have staffed on other shards before but no where as big and populated as UO Evolution. I had myself convinced that being a staff member here was going to be very difficult and stressful but I was proven wrong, this being said I would like the thank my fellow staff members for being so helpful with any questions I may have and all in all just so welcoming to the staffing roll.

I do understand this is where we compliment the staff and shard but most of all I would like to thank each and everyone of the players on Evolution for being so warming, patient and understanding with me. I am looking forward to the days to come and helping everyone of you. Ill do my best to make it a great and fun experience of all.

Thank you again.