Author Topic: Love, respect and peace :)  (Read 1643 times)

November 24, 2014, 03:17:22 PM

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Hi everyone , ı would like to start my topic as thank you for everything kind staff of  evo and kind players of evo:) This is the first shard ı have ever donated ı usualy enjoy working hard and gainig items or money that gives me joy  inside the game but  best thing at this shard is our evo community and our beloved staff. I cant say how much i am glad to see custom quests, custom items ,custom events. I really appricate about how kane works hard to create new systems and upgrades, how expo doesnt let me play  against  his hally  :D, how  joker makes very funny events and personality, how dante take cares of his shard to grow and make it still free for all, how zoe communcates and welcomes us :) . I would also like to open an another window for players too such as angel Domino, brother Eyesenish, Master Bill The Cat, Master Cal-El :) they were the first ones helped me and make me love this community and shard at the beginning and ı would like to write more about everyone in game ı really like too :) I talked too much ı know ı am going bye :DD   

Love,respect and peace Evo :)