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August 25, 2014, 03:42:43 PM

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   Thanks Dante, Kane, Codex, Zoe, Expo, and any other staff member, for taking time out of your day, month, year-- life-- to bring something enjoyable to the gaming community.

  The recent anger, hostility, and player departures, due in part to the latest patch, is something to remember; but not in the negative. Change can bring out the worst in people. It seems to be human nature to be afraid/fearful of the unexpected. Someone else is often to blame, besides the person/persons who are truly responsible for the change or changes taking place.

  Keep your heads up Staff, especially you Dante. You are not like the rest my friend. There are many UO free shards out there, but there is only one who is lead by you. There is, also, only one free shard owner/administrator who has the loyalty of so many. Dante!

  Community first--and that can mean a lot of things to many people-- but here it means everyone is included; even the 1 minute newbie's. Dante and crew began a community here with fair rules, built upon that foundation with a balanced player economy, and now have shown us all that exploits have no place in our small free shard community. That to me should flip a switch in all of us who play here--Loyalty [On]-- if nothing else.  Why? Because it shows that they care for all, rather then just a few. When I refer to "a few" I'm not even talking about community players, I'm referring to themselves.

  This point brings me back to where I began. All that occurred recently: should be remembered positively. Why?

  Negative = Shard had a major error causing a major revert back in time.
  Positive = Dante stood firm against the storm. His realm was dying, and instead of cutting his loses he came back stronger then ever. He told us not to worry, and asked us to log in, make a new character and give him time to make things right. We trusted him and did what he asked, and he was true to his word. He asked us for lists of our 10 favorite items, gave us gifts beyond our worth, and refunded all donators with ED's.

Legal Notice: Donations are considered gifts to the shard and are not for any tangible items or merchandise.  When you are donating to the shard you are giving money to support a hobby gaming site, not purchasing anything of value.  "Excerpt from the WIKI"

  He brought us Kane, who instead of just borrowing content from RunUO, actually writes code!!!! What Kane has done so far is only the beginning, and any words of praise by me will never due his work thus far justice.

 Negative =  New players could make the best gear right out of the gate.
 Positive = Kane and Dante reworked all of the crafting systems in order to make them fair and functioning with a balanced economy in mind. Now new players have to work hard in order to make the best stuff. I.E. new players have to earn the right to be called veterans, before they reap the rewards due to that statues.

 Negative = The animal taming/breeding content on EVO was over run with corruption and mass amounts of Exploits not easily fixed.
 Positive = Kane and Dante created a new breeding system, and sterilized all the current breedable pets on the server in order to sterilize the exploit issues.

 Final positive = Dante, Kane, Zoe, Expo, Codex and others have always done one thing for the EVO Community. They have given us their best, their hearts, their laughs, their kind words, their cookies [freshly baked], and much more. So please keep all of this in mind before you post your next post. Make sure you have taken enough time to think about what you want to express. But most of all remember what they, the staff, has done for us. What have you done for them? Your donations do not pay them, you're donations pay for everyone who plays here.

  Have you thanked you EVO Staff today?


  P.S. Dante don't let the haters bring you down, its what haters do. They have to hate, because they can't be like you. Taking the side of right is never easy. I thank you one last time for being the best. It is truly why I play here, for the people, but mostly because the staff is the best, PERIOD.

August 25, 2014, 07:51:18 PM
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Thank you very much for the kind words and compliments to me and the staff, it really means alot to me, especially when I have to make an unpopular decision to make the shard better, and don't get community support:)

August 25, 2014, 10:16:43 PM
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Yea... I really appreciated that post Sturger and it kind of pumped me up...