Author Topic: Spring House Deco Contest!  (Read 1334 times)

February 07, 2020, 11:41:12 AM

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Sayla Yesterday at 3:36 PM
Spring House Deco Contest! Time to get your houses ready for Evo spring!

The best design and most creative houses will win the prizes! Deeds can be used and 2 first place winners will be selected - One with deeds and one with less than 5 deeds (the same player cannot win both categories). If all entries have more than 5 deeds, one first place winner will be selected. Read the rules carefully.


1. Any size house can be entered however, please deco it in its entirety. If you have 4 joined plots – you must decorate all 4 plots unless they are clearly separated by docks or property. If they look like one property, they will be judged as one property.

2. Must be Spring themed. Please do not enter grass plots with various items locked down.

3. Do not enter a house with vendors unless the entire plot and vendors are decorated and in the Spring theme.

4. Custom addon deeds are allowed for the Spring contest.

5. I reserve the right to refuse your house entry if I determine that there is a lack of effort.

6. The winners will be determined by the staff. To submit your entry, place a rune to your house with YOUR NAME on it in SAYLA'S mailbox (pink mailbox) located at NEW Rune Library.

Send Sayla a PM in game or on Discord to let her know you are entering the contest. Entry Cut off: April 4th Winner Announcement: April 5th GOOD LUCK and Have FUN!