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January 23, 2020, 12:46:45 PM

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>>>UO Evolution 9th Anniversary Schedule of Events<<<

24th Friday - Shard Content Updates, 9th Anniversary events
House drops will start on Friday the 24th at 7pm cst

25th Saturday - UO Evolution 9th Anniversary!
House drops will be onSaturday the 25th at noon cst
Meet at Britain Bank for a screenshot, then we will run the IDOC events

26th Sunday - Special Housing Auction at noon (This auction will be rare house locations)
Sayla will be running Hunger Games

>>>Special Estate Auction<<<

The staff will be holding a special auction, specifically for real estate
You can preview the houses by going to the auction hall and entering the individual
gates, make sure you look at the property and description before making a bid

Some houses will be sold for gold and some for evolution dollars (Yellow gates=gold,
white gates=ED) Mouse over the gates to see the starting bids

Make note of the name and starting bids of each property you are interested in, so you
don't need to view the properties during the auction
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