Author Topic: UO steam screwing with me  (Read 902 times)

August 01, 2020, 02:52:57 AM

Offline warwick

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Hi folkes. Back after some time off, RL happens, anyway, since my laptop had some isues i reseted it from 0, and reinstalled more or less everything. hitting the UOS icon i first got the infamus message cant find the msvcr100.dll file  :-\ , ok managed that one fairly easy, probably screwed something up in that process, but UOS seemed to be ok with it anyway, BUT next problem comes instead. Cant start the program correct (0xc000007b), click the ok to shot down the program. im not a progarmer so i have no idea what this code or message means, i hope someone else do.
For the moment im using razor, but im not friend with this program, i want to paste a prewritten macro to use when hunting, but so far i cant find any info or tutorial of how to do this in Razor, hence i want to get UO steam up and run again.
Many thanks in advance