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 “Alright Crim, What do you think?” Cherie said with a grin. She had taken off her mask. Her golden eyes sparkled in the sun, and her golden hair was tied back by some pieces of leather.
Ehh, Its a little...” Crim learned against a tree with her arms crossed. She was in her human form.  Her auburn hair was tied in twin braids. As a Cu Sidhe, she preferred to stay in Cu Sidhe form. She could protect Cherie better that way. She was stronger and faster as well.
Big?” Cherie looked back at her newly 'acquired' home.
I was going to say antiquated, but honestly anything is bigger than where we living before.” Crim rolled her eyes pushing away from the tree, heading in the direction of the new base of operations. “Hopefully it has some ventilation, looks drafty enough”
I don’t know Crim, It wasn't too bad.” Cherie said a bit lost in thought.
Crim stopped and looked at her. “Says the girl who slept on a comfy pile of fur every night. I barely fit into that shack curled up.”
Its not my fault you're so big” Cherie quibbled.
Speaking of, I think you might need to go on a diet.” Crim grinned wickedly and turned walking back towards the house.
Cherie balked and made a pouty face, following behind her. “Why are you so mean to me Crim?”
All I'm saying is... You might want to be a little more considerate of who carries you around all the time.” She said with an equally wicked cackle.
Pft” Cherie threw up her arms.

So what do you think Ms. Gold Fang.” A figure came around the corner behind the two ladies. “Will it meet to your requirements?”
Cherie had been so caught up in the new home that she wasn't being cautious. She grabbed Crim by the elbow and whispered “Did he hear us? You dont think he heard us do you?”
Crim shrugged.
Quickly Cherie shoved her mempo back onto her face and threw her hood up as she  turned to greet the gentleman on a more serious note. “Oh... Hello... Mr. Cauldersteinerbach” Cherie tried a gravelly voice. “I wasn't expecting you so soon”
It's Callistab” He attempted to correct her.
At that Crim chuckled to herself. “I don't know what the point of the hood is or the voice, he's already seen you and heard you.”
Cherie swung her foot back, pegging Crim square in the calf.
Ow” Crim scrunched up her face in mock pain. “Thats animal abuse.”
Cherie held up her hand to the gentleman and nodded slightly and turned in a composed manner to her companion. “I'll show you more than animal abuse if you dont stop.” She whispered furiously then calmly turned back to the gentleman.
When will the rest of your... clan... begin arriving?” He looked around slightly nervous. “That's why we agreed on such a... reasonable price for such a fine property.”
Fine” Crim snorted to herself in amusement.
Cherie swung her leg back again, this time much harder.
Here is the amount we agreed on Mr. Coffinstock” Cherie held out her hand with a bag of gold. That was the last of her money, though she wouldn't tell anyone that.
Its Callis--” He reached out to take the money bag from her. “My you have quite...” He attempted to pull the bag free. “... a grip...” he yanked on the bag again.
Crim nudged Cherie, “You actually have to let go of the bag.” She whispered
Oh, Right” Cherie clenched her jaw, ground her teeth and quickly let go of the bag as if she wasn't holding onto it for dear life.
...My Lady...” Mr Callistab stumbled back a few step as she let go of the bag. “Well I suppose that concludes our business”, he said attempting to quickly shove the coin sack in his bag and back away at the same time.
Cherie cleared her throat and the man stopped. “The deed... Mr Calcibob?”
Quickly he whipped out a rolled scroll and handed it to Cherie. Cherie looked at it and nodded satisfactorily. “Thank you, Mr Callista---” Before she could finish her sentence the gentleman had already recalled away.

Cherie waited a few minutes to be sure they were alone again. Once she was certain, she ripped her mempo back off with a wide grin plastered across her face. “Yay! We have a home now.”
But what was that part about 'your clan'?” Crim raised a brow.
Oh That... I kind of... eluded... to having a large number of dangerous and highly skilled friends.” Cherie offered innocently.
So you threatened him with your merry bunch of imaginary friends.” Crim asked
Speaking of, Maybe we should ya know... make some friends... just to be on the safe side.” Cherie offered
Ya think?” Crim threw her palm to her face.
What should we call ourselves?” Cherie scratched her head.
How about 'The bumbling baddies, blissfully bummed'” Crim said sardonically.
How about...” Cherie smacked her fist into her palm “The Order of Crimson Wolves?”
Whatever.” Crim shrug and walked into the house.

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