Author Topic: Shard Update April 10, 2020  (Read 526 times)

April 10, 2020, 08:01:21 AM

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While the event this week ran well code and config wise it has come to my attention the drop table for loot was not correct for the current phase of crafting most players are at.  I am going to do a new event for the weekend, this will be just iron coins and iron crafting supplies.
Notes on the Minter's Hammer:  Since the Minter's Key combines presses I felt it would be silly to simply duplicate a function it handles perfectly well.  So I took some creative liberties with it.  A little trend I am pushing as you will notice with the Artifact Grinder soon enough where tools are more then just tools.
I also got some work done on the Item Leveling foundation needed for Factions, in fact the basic framework is in place now and starting to work on the main gump.
This week I plan to test a few more systems:  Magic Resist, Crafting System, Gear Key and Artifact Grinder.  As I do them will then setup either configs or dates for shard wide testing.  (Example my goal for MR is next Saturday turning it on for the day).  Then going to start some of the recode needed for the Task System to be changed over and back to the Item Level code.

Version 335
BaseWeapon Updated:  Added new naming features to allow for some additional customization.  This will be in testing on the weapons first, then will move to armor and jewelry.  You may see a few things change regarding this like with engraving and sockets displayed on the mouse over.
Deco Deeds Added:  16 new items from Sayla and Domino
Market System Updated:  Vendor areas will give a message if the market is closing in an hour and in 15 minutes when you open the gump.
Vecna Minter’s Hammer Added:  This hammer can be used to combine multiple coin presses together.  You can also level it up using Iron Vecna Coins to increase the max uses combined and a chance for bonus uses being applied when used.