Author Topic: Shard Update Mar 27, 2020  (Read 555 times)

March 27, 2020, 09:30:42 AM

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Version 333
Vecna Loot Settings:  Altered the loot table based on some user input, this will take some further adjustments before it is close to being correct
Regions Updated:  Added area for Battle Board
Char Creations Updated:  Verbage change for initial messages new players get.
PlayerMobile Updated:  Checks for trait augments
New Command Added: [SelfRes should allow you to bypass the Help/Page gump
Today System Updated:  Added new ResourceItem type event
Today System Updated:  Added the ability to reward traits
Today System Updated:  Event can now change what is expected for turn in based on the number of turnins by the player.
Deco Deeds Added:  29 new items from Sayla
Dynamic Checking Updated:  Tweaks for validation threshold
Trait System Updated:  Added new trait (Twin Souls).  This will give a luck bonus and a bonus to the max hit points a player can have.  There are 3 tiers.