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June 18, 2016, 09:48:24 PM

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Fier/agni is a smart and sassy miner with a love for adventure, and a knack for getting into trouble.. be it stealing the treasure from an Ancient dragon he thought was asleep only to find out, it was not, falling in love with a fey princess only to generally annoy the crap out of her, to irritating the Gods themselves. He typically wears a shadow black robe to hide all the dust and dirt from his mining and a kasa to keep the sun from his eyes. He always carries a lantern and extra fuel, because he may spend 2-3 days at a time in the mines, and he never leaves home without his bow and trusty pickaxe. As a boy, he was an apprentice to Uzeran the mage, at the request of his mother.  Uzeran adored the Young Fier, even though he was an annoying little runt, and taught him all about casting spells and the general virtues. set with his skills as a mage and a thirst for gold and adventure, Fier entered the realm of Evolution!