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Lady Soaryn

High Princess of the Silver Wisp Elven clan, She was first Hand maiden to the High Princess Sasheen but usurped the throne upon the murder of the princess. The Princess breathed her last cradled against Soaryn's heart. The final words gurgled through blood "Lead... our people... to victory. my Crown... you.. must....." The warm crimson liquid ran through her fingers as she laid the Princess down on the grass. Soaryn removed the crown from her Lady's head and placed it upon her own. Her blood smeared hands lifted the silver sword, the jeweled handle fit in her delicate hand like it was made for her. She turned to the black unicorn to her right, the massive mare stood stamping her hoof as if beckoning to the young girl. Gathering her skirts she ran and swung into the side saddle. gripping the reins she urged the mare into a wild gallop toward the roar of war.

The elven clan was steadily losing ground to the masses of undead that pressed on, led by the necromancer Dioni. The Elven army looked toward each other knowing that they soon would fall to the brutal attacks. And with the princess dead, was there any reason to fight on? A knight's shout of "LOOK!" would turn the tides of the war...

As Soaryn and the unicorn mare crested the hill overlooking the battle ground the undead army stretched as far as the eye could see, her people were fighting a losing battle. Raising the sword in her left hand she pointed the tip skyward with a yell. The unicorn reared and lightning arced from the tip of the sword to the horn of the beast. The rider and horse thundered down the hill. Soaryn held the sword firmly and screamed "DIONI!!!" His face froze as the princess thundered toward him. Soaryn lowered the sword as Dioni shouted "No! No! You're dead!" Soaryn snarled "Think again!" as her sword and the Unicorn's horn ran Dioni through. With a hiss the undead army dissolved into grave dust. Soaryn took the vial from her neck andswiftly scooped a bit of grave dust and Dioni's blood into it. With a quick chant she sealed the vial thus sealing Dioni's fate to for ever be defeated, she immediately became faint. As the Elven army reached her the Captain grabbed her up before she hit the ground and a flash of white hot lightning rendered her numb and blind.

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